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  1. Hello Maja, I'm using the optional Decaying RTG in Near Future Electrical. It replaces the "ModuleGenerator" module for RTGs with its own module named "ModuleRadioisotopeGenerator". Could you possibly also support this module? It would make it more realistic. For now, I'll disable the decaying RTG. The file responsible can be found in the Near Future Electrical zip download under "Extras\DecayingRTGs". For RO users, I don't know the patch in RO but just do a text search in all .cfg files for someting like this: !MODULE[ModuleGenerator] {} I beleive that's the patch that disables
  2. [Off topic] Hey congrats, man! I've been playing KSP since my kids were babies still (2014)! I love your mods, get some sleep when you can!
  3. On 1.9.1 here with RSS, KIS, KAS. I have a base on Mars with KIS parts connecting the modules together. On scene load, my base jumped in he air and landed on the side and destroyed my Near Future nuke reactor. This mod saved my base, thanks!
  4. Woohoo! That was the last mod I needed to move my game from 1.8 to 1.9!
  5. I'm not sure that this contract pack is compatible with 1.9, since Contract Configurator doesn't work in 1.9. @nightingale seems to confirm this here: No word since.
  6. Programmable probes! Onboard computers! Command queues! Safe mode! PID loops! Are you guys integrating KOS? Woohoo!
  7. Kerbals are little green Von Neumann probes in and of themselves.
  8. I need to make a correction here: Wrong. The exhaust plume, if a result of hydrocarbon or hydrogen combustion, already contains a lot of moisture. We see cloud-like trails when the exhaust gas cools down and the moisture condenses. If the atmosphere is very dry, then the moisture won't be able to condense because the dry air will dissolve the moisture and the trail will disappear. If the atmosphere is already humid, then the exhaust moisture will saturate the air and that is when condensation happens and we see a trail. Attaching the picture of a plane contrail passing through a p
  9. Oh wow, I haven't thought of that! I agree!
  10. Just saw it. Brad Pitt in the role of Jeb Kerman. Steely eyed missile man. Some spoilers. -Jumping over crater edge in rover going super fast on the moon and somewhat landing on all four wheels and regaining control. The huge number of quickloads it took me to make it happen is not even funny. -Taking manual control of a rocket landing on Mars at interplanetary speeds after magic gamma ray burst EMP shuts down auto-landing sequence. Landing precisely on the pad. -Climbing on a launching rocket, entering the airlock while said rocket is staging, all crew accidently killed tr
  11. I had to look at my calendar to make sure it wasn't April first. I couldn't believe it. Please make it be real. I'm dreaming here: I would like stock: no clear atmosphere limits, background station keeping, orbit decay and lagrange points! Difficulty levels: life support optional. Fuel settling with ullage motors an option. Realistic engines optional (difficulty settings for minimum throttling, number of restarts). Realistic fuels in option. Parametric engine design and type (gas generator, pressure fed, staged combustion, etc). Closed loop maintenance syste
  12. I made my own one-third size RSS starting from full size RSS and down-scaling by one third using Rescale! It works fine in 1.7.0. I'm just waiting for Kopernicus to catch up to 1.7.2.
  13. I've had the same problems, but: 1-Connected living space has an option that disables it on the fly so you can move your kerbals anywhere in the station without regards to parts connected or not. 2-In the CLS config, you can activate optional VAB PAW buttons with which you can activate "surface passable" or something. Haven't tested that option yet. Will do soon. 3-No need for Hyper Edit when you have the built-in alt-f12 cheat that lets you put anything in orbit from the launch pad.
  14. NEVER MIND! I was confused about the 30 degrees part. No I haven't even unlocked this part yet. So it was probably a random kraken glitch that exploded my station and after editing that part it didn't happen. I mismatched the name. I thought the hub was the PTD-6 Star module. Sorry about the confusion. Never mind. Move along, nothing to see here.
  15. Still, I reverted the following line from sspx-hub-125-1.cfg: node_stack_top03 = -0.214, -0.1448, 0, -0.5, 0.86602540378, 0, 1 to its previous state: node_stack_top03 = -0.1448, -0.2106, 0, -0.5, 0.86602540378, 0, 1 And lo and behold, my station doesn't explode on loading anymore.
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