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  1. I don't know what that code is for, but this mod is not in that list. Is the mod throwing errors in the log file?
  2. Download Thank you for this. I like it a lot better than that fire icon i got off of google .
  3. Can you add the ability for the heading control to target waypoints from this plugin?
  4. I can look into the blizzy toolbar and add this to it. It seems like the mod that the person below you posted does this automatically, but I can see if I can adjust the threshold for the stock temperature gauge. It should not negate it. Looking at the source code for it they should not conflict in any way.
  5. I'm afraid that I can't move it over to the contracts window because I cannot draw over the contracts window. I will however make it possible to disable the suggestions window. And I can add a slider or a box to enter the time delay between rejections.
  6. I know that it tells you that and I am currently working on showing parts on your craft that are about to reach their max temperature. Thanks for telling me this. I will look into this.
  7. I am converting because i think temperatures in Celsius would be easier than kelvin.
  8. This is a release but it is also a work in progress. I do think I will add a slider for configuration that. Thanks and I will try to round it off to 2 or 3 decimal points.
  9. A simple plugin for Kerbal Space Program that will automatically add a part's temperature to its right click menu. Features: - Adds the Temperature of parts to the parts right click menu as well as their maximum temperature. - Tries to change the stock temperature gauge threshold - Highlight parts that are over a user specified percentage of their max temperature - Option to switch between Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin Kerbal Stuff (Download) Github (Source) License: This plugin is licensed under the MIT license. View the full license here. Changelog: Images:
  10. Ill do both just to make it easier. Also sure I can add the value filters. I can also make it so that if you press the accept button it will ask you if you want to auto accept. If I don't find a better solution I will probably just make it decline bad contracts every so often instead of when they are generated.
  11. Ill see what I can do about this. As far as I can tell it should be possible.
  12. I won't say that the problem is performance but the problem is the fact that the Mission Control gui won't respond unless the contracts are all generated. That probably will be a better way to get around the problem though. The hacky way seems like it wouldn't work that well.
  13. That won't work for me because I need to remove contracts not only on type but also on text and funds. I thought I had a solution, but it doesn't seem possible to actually override the ContractSystem.
  14. I can try to see if this is possible, but I do not believe it to be. EDIT: I may have found a solution