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  1. Me too, I hope that Whitecat can get this up and running. I wish I had the background to help him out with it.
  2. Yes, I should have been more clear that it was development help. I don't see anyone besides Whitecat working on it, which is probably why it is taking so long to update the mod.
  3. He put in a request for help on Github to help with the update: I also hope he is able to get this done. I love this mod.
  4. Agreed, I really liked this mod!
  5. Do you have Deadly Reentry installed? If you do, there was a change whereby parachutes will cut or burn up if your speed/heat is too high.
  6. Just want to say to the creators of this mod, thank you for all you have done. I know you have some RL issues preventing you from updating this mod officially, but your work is still appreciated and I can't wait for the update.