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  1. Tried this with the boarding ramp retracted so I wouldn't fall away, was not able to trigger it. When I exited the airlock I saw the option for a half second before I fell down the ramp, which makes me think the object to trigger it is behind the mesh of the wall/floor and too far away to properly interact with. Edit: Found where the collider is while in space, may still be hard to hit while in gravity but now I know where it is
  2. Also I may have found an actual bug, I cannot re-enter the J Inline Boarding Ramp. No option to grab or my kerbs are stuck outside
  3. Been playing around with the H fuselage and made a pretty neat TSTO. I totally agree about any size adapters for the H fuselage but I totally get that they're meant to attach to other things.
  4. Heh, thank you both for the quick response and sorry for not seeing it myself. I'm loving the update so far!
  5. Question: Is the H Fuselage FuelTank supposed to carry fuel? I'm seeing the fuel switch options for the H Mounted Fuel tank but no way to make a pure H plane at the moment.
  6. What I'm asking is is there a way of fitting these parts together other than what is shown in the OP?
  7. Will there be a use to these parts other than fitting them together to make the Tachi?
  8. VMC may be a professional testing company but they're also the butt of a lot of jokes (I work for another testing company in the same area).
  9. Took a short break from No Mans Sky and made a quick update album. Imgur albums on the forum appear to be experiencing difficulty, so here's a link. A lot of parts are still pretty blocky (engines, engine mounts) but the general shapes are there. Not shown: Communication, radiators, radial bridges.
  10. Seems like a pretty simple fix to a pretty common problem, currently it seems like every third post is asking about the fuel tanks.
  11. Is it not possible to update the version of firespitter bundled on spacedock?
  12. I see what you're talking about. I'm currently planning on keeping the Hex and 2x1 cross sections symmetrical in top/bottom and left/right so that they can be used to make ships in either portrait or landscape orientation equally well. The Thex and Ahex sections will only be symmetrical in left/right so they'll look more like your sketch. I actually got a decent amount of work done last night so I should be replacing the album in the first post that lists all the parts I'm planning. Soon
  13. I'd love to see a sketch of what you're thinking about! Symmetry gives me a bit of a headache, I want to keep all the base parts symmetrical so that the center of mass will keep in line with thrust but a lot of the Homeworld ships I'm looking at lose the up/down symmetry. Really strong reaction wheels could make up for some of this but I'd rather not make something that I know is going to be difficult to balance. The Thex hull drives me crazy because I like the asymmetric shape but dislike faking where the center of mass is for gameplay reasons. I may eventually phase it out and replace it with something else like a triangular hull cross section or an "I" shape. One thing that I think about a lot when looking at scifi ships is that in the future there may be enough technology laying around to allow you to make an asymmetrical ship with off center thrust and counter it with some sort of handwavium, but what sort of engineer would do that instead of a simpler design that requires a smaller budget for handwavium?