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  1. Ooh, shiny! For me, it reminds of trading stations from Exploration Enhancement Mod in Space Engineers.
  2. I've just installed CKAN, but I already have a packed GameData folder with many mods. 3/4 of them support CKAN, but were installed manually. Can I somehow get the CKAN to recognize CKAN-capable mods in my GameData, or I have to remove mods and reinstall them from CKAN?
  3. Look like in 1.0.2 the mod is bugged. I can't attach anything at the bottom of any engine from the mod.
  4. Having stock Mainsail engine with "power rivals that of entire small nations", KSPI power levels should rival the power that of entire big nations, isn't it?
  5. Outsourced R&D (5%), Appreciation Campaign (5%) and Recovery Transponder Fitting (100%). And, if this helps, that's my Gamedata: ActiveTextureManagement ADIOS Asteroid Recycling Technologies ContractPack ScanSat CrossfeedEnabler DMagicOrbitalScience Engineer Extraplanetary Launchpads (Karbonite adaptation) FAR Firespitter (only firespitter.dll) Hangar (orbital hangars mod) KerbalAttachmentSystem KASA (Spacedocks for EPL) KJR NearFuturePack (Propulsion, Electrics, Solar, Spacecraft) Philly Klaw (got this part from Asteroid Cities mod, analyser module removed) PreciseNode ProceduralWings ProceduralFairings RadialEngineMounts RemoteTech2 RMM ScanSat ScienceAlert ShowAllFuels SmartParts SoundtrackEditor StationScience TarsierSpaceTech TechManager ThrottleControlledAvionics TACLS Trajectories (doesn't work, however - even the latest version) USI (FTT, Karbonite, Karbonite+) UniversalStorage WombatConversions (another folder for EPL->Karbonite) and ModuleManager2.5.8.dll of course.
  6. I've found a bug. When I ordered RM supply to my shipyard, I have got not only funds subtracted, but also got my Science and Reputation lowered (Science got to -171 from about 193). The amount of subtracted science and rep seems to be roughly equal to my strategies (for Science, that's 5% commitment, so for my supply ship which costs 255K it goes like 255000*5%/35=364, that's the amount of science I got lost), so maybe there's where the bug is lying. KSP 0.90 x86, RMM 009, I can list my whole GameData if this will help. P.S. Sorry if my English is bad - I'm from Russia.
  7. With NearFuture Tech this mod smells like a cheat. Can you make a mod version where Jump Drive consumes not only Electric Charge, but Electric Charge with Karborundum (from Karbonite+ mod) or any other unobtanuim to make the Drive less cheaty?
  8. Can this mod handle ship teardown by EPL recycle bins? I have a supply mission for my orbital shipyard with RocketParts, fuel, food, etc. Can i make a return mission that will make my supply ship approach a recycle bin on my shipyard and be disassembled in more RocketParts, or i'll have to recycle the ship by myself?
  9. I found a bug. When jumping from launchpad with launch clamps kraken appears after teleport. However, doing so is really hard (until you use mod legs), because the super-heaviness of the jumpcharge rips the drive from joints, so idk is this worth fixing?
  10. Kethane to Karbonite converter anyone? For those who had (and still keep) a few kilotons of Kethane in orbit before mod was broken.
  11. Great mod, but IMHO it needs some Russian weapons as opposite to NATO - GSh-30-1 fighter cannon, for example (yes, it's a bit OP compared to GAU-8, but it's really awesome).
  12. Great. Simply great. But, IMHO, the mod really needs some CSTO weapons as opposite to NATO - for example, the GSh-301 fighter cannon (yes, it's a bit OP against GAU-8, but it's worth it) and so on.