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  1. Just tried KSP with one monitor. Still has the issue. Not an issue of KSP starting inbetween monitors.
  2. Even if you set both to the correct resolutions, the game still crashes above a certain resolution.
  3. Running a 1920x1080 and a 1600x900 monitor here.
  4. What settings did you change? I found a funky work around to get OpenGL working on fullscreen windowed borderless. Start the game in 1680x1050 (or lower), once its open, go to task manager and find KSP. Right click it, minimize, then maximize. Puts it into fullscreen windowed borderless. Edit: Forgot to mention, the workout is really sub-optimal. You have to go into regedit and manually change the resolution back to 1680x1050 every time you restart KSP.
  5. OpenGL works if the game is set to play in fullscreen mode, but that brings its own problems (most noticeable problem being that the game freezes when trying to access the settings menu)
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