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  1. Movie reference: Remember what happens to him?
  2. Granted. You are paid with work experience. (Woo! Hoo!) I wish I could communicate with animals.
  3. Just keeping it warm for you sir! Waiter, there's a hair in my soup! *dun**dun!**DUN!*
  4. [drama] I am but a pawn in the game of life. [/drama] What art thou?
  5. Granted, but the pane of glass causes you lots of pain. Wew! Look at me! I'm a comedian!! I wish appliances used wireless electricity.
  6. Granted, the water is portable, but the glass isn't. You can't pick it up, and don't even have a straw. I wish water tasted better.
  7. ^ (okay, that is political) ^ [no image]
  8. Granted. It's a romantic story line (and it's not a better love story than Twilight). I wish I could shape-shift into whatever I want.
  9. I am the way, the light, and the truth. What might you be?
  10. Granted. You get the first ever portable camera, and you can't sell it. I wish I was nocturnal.
  11. It's called a 'bonsai' tree actually. Waiter, there's anarchy in my soup.
  12. Bill, and Jeb on the Mun after I overloaded my game with graphics mods. (the mods are gone now because it was crashing my game every hour or so)
  13. Granted. You have the time to do it, but you're just too lazy. I wish I wasn't so lazy.
  14. Granted. To demonstrate it, you fire it on yourself! I wish the force of gravity was 1m/s less.
  15. Granted, but you have to write out every single one of them without using scientific notation. I wish for a rusty spoon.
  16. Since when were the Kerbals in the Wehrmacht?
  17. Day 1-whatever: Kill all 12,510 people in my town. Day whatever-end of apocalypse: Face trial for the murder of over 12,000 people.
  18. Granted, you gain 15 pounds... of body-weight. I wish Dean Martin would come back from the grave.
  19. Granted, you get lots of cupcakes... with raisins, and nobody likes raisins. I wish for losta muffins.
  20. Granted, it tries to peck out your eyeballs. Too graphic? I wish for a combustible lemon.
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