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  1. I just came here expecting the usual "its going to take some time until we can update" thing that comes with every update, but this was fast, did you have prior access to 1.1 btw?
  2. I was going to suggest some spaceplane parts, but it seems like those huge rocket parts might be enough to put whole space stations in orbit, good work with this mod!
  3. Sorry, didn't know there was one.
  4. This mod seems very nice, i'm downloading it now, and are you accepting suggestions? if you are, i think this end-game mentality would work well with some efficient SpacePlanes.
  5. The fuel tanks come from SSTU, the crew parts come from Near Future Spacecraft.
  6. Hey, i know this is a bit strange, but i made a video using some of your parts and thought you might like it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uu3QwziD-5I
  7. First time coming to this thread after the forum update, did you remove the poll for future features? also after you finish the probes you should really do the Falcon X and Falcon X heavy, these would be awesome =D
  8. Haven't read the whole thread, but why don't you base your Duna Infraestructure on the one from The Martian, the movie will come out in a few months and the book describes a pressurized dome + 2 rovers and some other things...
  9. Don't know if this has been sugested before, but i just noticed that the main ISS trusses look a lot like yor mods' parts, maybe you could make something like it?
  10. Tygoo, shouldn't you restart the poll or something? i think there could be people that didn't vote on the original
  11. I have a base with the old version on Duna right now, should i update or rescue them first?
  12. I too am very excited for the IVA, and by the way, you could definitely put some of the storage parts from KIS inside the unpressurized trunk thingy.