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    1.05 Delta V map

    Thanks for sharing this.
  2. Upon further testing with two labs on one station I learned the data banks of the second lab can be filled after the first lab is filled if the second lab is the only one current manned. If you have two labs on one station with four scientists, two manning each lab, all the data you process will go the the lab closest to the command module, or the first one placed in the VAB/docked if they are both the same distance from the command module. Let's call this the primary lab. In order to get data into the next lab you have to unman the primary lab. If you don't have another crew compartment these two scientist can move to, you'll just have to send them both on EVA. Then you can precess more data and have it fill the databanks of the second lab. You could have as many labs as you want on a station as long as you don't have any full labs manned when you want to process more data. Once you're done processing all the data you have, you can then man all the labs again and start doing the research in all of them that have data and are manned.
  3. @op Do you mean the first 2 tiers you can unlock, which is 6 techs total or are you counting the initial tech as a tier making it only 3 techs total?
  4. Don't bother putting 2 labs on the same ship. All the data you try to process will go to the lab closest to the command module. There is no way to get any data into the 2nd lab. Therefore if you want a space station with more lab capacity, make sure each lab module's section of the station can undock from the rest of the station. Then you can undock whichever lab doesn't have data, dock the lander to it, fill it's data banks, undock the lander and redock the lab to the main station. repeat for any other labs until they are all full. My plan for a multi-lab station, after learning the above, central core with a main engine, Lf-O fuel, monoprop, RCS, power generation, batteries and habitation. The core is for refueling operations. Lab modules with monoprop, RCS. Every section will have a probe core and docking ports, both regular and Jr. Landers with a Jr. The core will have also have a Claw for missions to build a station onto an Asteroid. Labs will dock to the core with the regular docking port and the lander can dock to the labs with the Jr docking port. The I can just undock the lab after the lander docks, fill it's data banks, redock the lab/lander combo to the core, refuel the lander. Then repeat with the other labs if I still have data to process.
  5. Rightclick on the SA icon to bring up the settings. Then go through all the experiments and change the alert type from Unresearched to Not Maxed. That will then have it give the alert for every experiment you can still get science from in the current biome.
  6. Please have these contracts specify which class the Kerbal is. If I already have 20 engineers, but only 5 scientists and 5 pilots, I don't want another engineer. If the contract told me it was another engineer, I could decline that contract.
  7. Here's a save with the biome mismatch bug. The ship is "Lander 2", which is currently landed on the Mun in the Northwest Crater. Science Alert says it's in Midlands. The mods I'm currently running are Toolbar, Active Texture Management, MechJeb, Contract Filter, Kerbal Alarm Clock, KAS/KIS, Kerbal Engineer, Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, Mission Controller EC, Docking Port Alignment Indicator, Science Alert, Serious Kerbal Business, Stage Recovery, Stock Bug Fixes and Temperature Gauge Killer.
  8. The other mods I'm running are Toolbar, Active Texture Management, Contract Filter, Kerbal Alarm Clock, KAS/KIS, Kerbal Engineer, Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, Mission Controller EC, Docking Port Alignment Indicator, Science Alert, Serious Kerbal Business, Stage Recovery, Stock Bug Fixes and Temperature Gauge Killer. That text didn't show up until today. If it's not related to this bug that's fine. I wasn't sure since both this text and the bug with MJ started today. I was using MJ when the bug started. I removed this install and reinstalled the dev build. This solved the problem with execute next node on the ship that it stopped working on. I suspect the bug is something that changed between the 460 dev build and the current release build. The reason I went back to the 460 build is it was the most recent dev build I had downloaded prior to the latest release build. @ autumnalequinox I've never used the antenna range mod and this bug happened on a manned ship that was just carrying 5 tourists and rescuing 3 crew. It was a very basic manned rocket.
  9. I had the same thing happen with a new ship I launched today. However, ships I launched yesterday have their MJ working just fine. I didn't add or update any mods before the problem started. I tried removing mods, but that didn't fix the problem. I even removed and reinstalled MJ mod, but the problem persists. I don't know if this is related to the problem, but I also noticed some orbit and biome info text in the lower right corner of the screen, right were we get the quicksave notification text. This text appears no matter which ship I'm flying even if I don't have the MJ part installed on that ship. Here's a screenshot showing the weird text.
  10. I just saw this and my first thought was NASA should play KSP. Then I thought, the inflatable "aerobrakes" would be a cool addition to KSP.
  11. I'll try to remember to make a save for you. Thanks for mentioning the EVA thing in the cfg file.
  12. I've been noticing some biome errors with SA. I was landed in Badlands on Kerbin and it thought I was in Highlands. On the Mun it thought I was in Midlands when I was in East Crater. There are other examples, I just don't recall them. Every time one of these errors crops up it keeps telling me I have experiments I can do even though I've already maxed them out for the biome I'm actually in, if I haven't maxed them in the one it thinks I'm in.
  13. All you have to do is land near the refinery and have a ground vehicle that can transport the fuel between the refinery and ship that needs fuel. The Kerbal Attachment System mod helps with this. With a fuel truck you don't even need to be close enough for KAS's fuel lines to reach.
  14. Has anyone figured out what drag coefficient to plug into get it to be more accurate in 1.02?