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  1. Anyone know the work of this Tiger company?
  2. Already have that, does not work. I do have an Beam in the middle, and it helps. Thanks to everyone who replied, i think it is doable now. Thank you all.
  3. Aight. I can put something between wings (root piece) and mount the other fuselage. The problem is that the radial attachament fuselage-wing (in this order) only goes in some places, I cannot freely choose where to put the wing. Anything let me know.
  4. The fuselage on the left side. The tank in which the wing connectors are attached goes wrong if i try to do it on the other side.
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA Just don't get what are these multi use bla bla bla that you're talking about.
  6. Yes, same team delevoping both. But this can deliver 6 tons to orbit. While SpaceShip can "deliver" an 3,6 orbit payload consisted of only humans. This thing could deliver a complete Soyuz up to space.
  7. So, my life dream is to work with this. If it works out in real life space x would basically only serve for extreme payloads. But, while that does not happen we could have a mod, so that a mission like this could happen in KSP. Anything similar already developed?
  8. I am a experienced KSP player. First time in forum through.
  9. I do think that ion engines are ok, but nothing more than that, such as reactors and extremely enormous engines.
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