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  1. ok, admittedly, i was wrong on that part. there are no longer any ads. when i last went on there, it was prob about 9 months ago. they have since then removed the ads, and so i stand corrected. but i do think that it was very nice of the person to run KS as long as he did, with no help.
  2. i would just like to state my opinion of curse and thank SirCmpwn. granted, while curse is a large website and has many users, it has many ads. this is very annoying for people with slow internet, and can make downloading a pain. also, sometimes it won't accept an upload, and i believe that is the main reason that KS was bigger and more popular than curse. it is hard to upload onto curse, and sometimes hard to download. and i would like to thank SirCmpwn for the time and effort that he put into KS. i understand his reasons for leaving the job, and thank him for the time that he did put into the website to make it great while it lasted. thank you for taking your time to read this, Jaddbo
  3. looks like duna to me, thin atmo and kinda brown ish he (or she) has a real talent for art. that looks almost like a picture that someone touched up to look like a painting it's so good! (im not trying to imply that he faked it, it just looks amazing!)
  4. is there a way that i can set that to my ksp folder??
  5. see you guys next year
  6. grats on the milestone! cant wait to see what we get!
  7. she is very good also, i think you made a typo in the title
  8. yay! i just got an email a few days ago, was going to post on it! you guys beat me to it. congrats on the award!
  9. i might give this a go -jaddbo
  10. Good luck kasper! I cant wait for the new update! Congrats on goin to the white house, KSP is really getting big. -jaddbo
  11. why do i keep getting notified on this thread? this happened oct 7th!
  12. i got a friend of mine vaos (link) who has a yt channel, but his computer is down, so he can't fill it out. how long will this be open or can he submit a late entry due to technical difficultys?