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  1. Nooblet68

    Problem with jet powered rockets

    No path for fuel or no air to the engines.
  2. Nooblet68

    Problem with jet powered rockets

    Jet engines run on fuel alone; it's the rocket engines that need the oxidizer that's only in them tanks. The problem is the fuel flow - connecting the tank to the engines with a fuel pipe should fix it.
  3. Nooblet68

    Land Speed Record.

    And yet the wheels didn't pop.
  4. Nooblet68

    17 x 9 px Flags of the Solar System

    Or the pixel-phobic.
  5. Nooblet68

    due to budge cuts at NASA

    Ah, you can always rely on Monty Python.
  6. Nooblet68

    What type of music do you listen to?

    Rock. I'm actually listening to some now.
  7. Nooblet68

    The KSP Community My Little Pony Megathread

    I watched the first half; not the second half. Also, wow. How many pages have been deleted in that DDoS attack..?
  8. It handles pretty well; although that's only from 2-ish minutes of flying. I spent more time trying to fly the four-engined predecessor, which seems to have problems with lower thrust levels. EDIT: Started a successor to it following the same design principal. Don't plan on pressing that green button with a rocket on it anytime soon...
  9. Nooblet68

    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted, but she doesn't recognise the difference between a tooth inside the mouth and one outside, so takes them all. I wish for cake.
  10. Nooblet68

    This or That?

    Plane Potato or Turnip?
  11. Anyway... After seeing the size of some of the entries here, I don't know why I even tried; but this is my largest plane - Eyclasa;
  12. I don't think there's any reason to bother trying to pass it onto the leaderboards... Is a large plane, though.
  13. Nooblet68

    Skydive from "Edge of Space" (120,000 ft)

    Well, congratulations to him.
  14. Nooblet68

    Ooooh the lag, ... Let it stop!

    The Alti-meter breaks a lot when dealing with heavy lag. I don't know why, but I've observed it happening a lot.
  15. I feel a sense of overkill in that design...