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  1. I managed to fix it! I dropped another vessel with a spare capsule as close as I could (about 4km away), ran him over to it, got in the capsule, recovered the vessel, and my Science was recovered! Hope I don't have to do that again...
  2. On reentry to Kerbin, I realised that my capsule didn't have any parachutes. Whoops! No worries, I can hop out, grab my science data from the capsule, parachute down. I reached the ground, grabbed a Surface Sample and an EVA report, double checked that I had the data on the Kerbal (Screenshot in link, not sure why it won't embed), and Recovered him. My mission summary showed that I had gained no science data, neither the stored stuff, nor the extra experiments I did, and my science value didn't increase at all. Is this a bug? Any way I can save like 300 science points? Screenshot
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