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  1. While we can agree to disagree on that single point, I would say that these fall in the same category. Infinitely more useful things for the devs to be doing with their time.
  2. Out of the NUMEROUS things that need to be made stock (life support, dv readout, radar altimeter on the main screen, center of pressure indicator, simulation mode to name a few) this would be very, very far down the list.
  3. I still have yet to ever see loading hints on my computer. Seen it when other people play, never on mine.
  4. The sun is defined (as in, written in the dictionary) as "the star around which earth orbits". So until Kerbin becomes Earth, the star in KSP is, by definition, not the sun.
  5. You are running into the same problem Elon is going to in the next 5 years.
  6. I am still on 1.0.5. Too many mods I use aren't updated, the text is difficult to read and UI scaling is way off in 1.1, and gears/landing legs are still iffy.
  7. Not sure if this is what you were going for but: Any time I attach SRB's (or separating, radial boosters of any kind) i put the decoupler at the top of the booster, instead of at the middle and attach a strut at the bottom.
  8. Does anyone else listen to music while playing KSP? I had an awesome moment today when I had Jeb coming in from Duna (my first manned interplanetary return on this career save) and right as I was coming in for reentry, Titan Spirit came on. Lead to the most epic sounding mission conclusion I've ever had in KSP. Do any of you listen to music while playing KSP or is the stock soundtrack good enough for you?
  9. Anyone else having an issue of the parts being in the tech tree, unlocked, but not being in the VAB?
  10. For anyone wondering, you have to actually be in flight to edit the FlightUI elements, it can't be done from any of the other settings menus.
  11. For those who have the issue of the 1.0.5 version of the mod not seeming to be installed (despite it being in your gamedata folder) change your version of modulemanager to 2.6.13, that worked for me.
  12. Anyone else not able to use the 1.0.5 version (1.6.9) at all? No antennas, no flight computer, nothing. It's like I don't even have the mod installed.
  13. Well remember that many people already get to play it, so it doesn't matter to them whether or not it gets officially released.
  14. Midway? So still planning on 2 weeks? That means next Tuesday for 1.1? HYPE
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