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  1. Can you change my name to DD_Bigfoot please. Not sure why I never did this I use it everywhere else except here. lol
  2. Been having a problem with ckan for awhile and have tried to fix it myself with fresh installs and all I could think of and as of yet haven't found a solution. I've had ckan for quite some time but as of late I am now unable to add any new ksp installs to the program whenever I go into my folders I only get the option of open rather then select as I use to. In the command prompt for ckan it shows this line of text. 159 {1} WARN CKAN.KSPManager (null) - KSP_win64 (0) at C:/Users/SeanS/Dowloads/ksp-win64-1-2-1/KSP_win64 is not a valid install No longer have this install as I deleted CKAN a
  3. Saw KottabosGames show this mod off knew I had to get it instantly!
  4. Awesome definitely getting some :-)
  5. Good luck everyone been planning on buying one of these but I'll wait and see if I win it first even if I do I'll probably buy another one soon......
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