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  1. Awesome! I was going make a request for this because it would be great to migrate my kRPC stuff to KSP2. Glad you're working on this. Keep it up!
  2. Hey, this seems pretty useful for what I'm hoping to accomplish... I'm curious of the second screen has to be the map view? I assume it's just a fully usable KSP so it could be any view? I'm looking for a mod that would let me have views out different windows of the cockpit open on different monitors. Also hoping for support for this in KSP2!
  3. Why? For more realistic simulator setups. I'm building a "cockpit" that I want to be able to use with KSP or other space simulators. What does it accomplish that can't be done by rendering multiple views on the same device? Well, I suppose it's possible to build one computer that can render views of out 5 windows and the control display while also doing the physics, assuming the game even supports that, I just figured it would be easier to have two machines and network them. This is commonly done in big flight simulators.
  4. I would like to have KSP networked on multiple computers to show different camera views on different monitors. For example, I might have one monitor that shows the view out a window from inside the cockpit, and another monitor that shows another window's view, and they might need to run on separate computers. Some flight simulators can do this. I would appreciate the capability in KSP and/or KSP2 -- with mods would be fine.
  5. Have there been any clues as to whether KSP2 will still use the .mu files or something else for model files?
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