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  1. Hi all thanks for trying to help me. I know there was not a lot to go on. I ended up going through each of my mods removing them one by one and testing what mod was causing the problems. I discovered it was DMagic Orbital Sciences. When I took out the mod everything worked fine again. I think that something in the mod must have broken though as I downloaded the mod again and installed it and there seems to be no problems now. I hope this helps anyone who might have a similar problem in the future.
  2. I don't have a quicksave... but when I try to run missions on much older saves the same issue comes up
  3. When I start a completely new save actually there are no problems, even without removing any mods. I can launch and recover missions without any issues. I guess somehow in the process of installing new mods I've broken the saves?
  4. Also here is the Player log.
  5. Thanks for replying. Here is the link to the KSP log: I have tried to remove the mods that I suspect caused the problem but that did not help. Attempting to recover from the tracking station was unsuccessful as well. I've tried that a number of times. After clicking on the recover button in the menu, the mission summary pops up. When I click done, I can still see the vessel in the tracked objects.
  6. I completed a mission and tried to recover the vessel. The screen takes me back to the space center but the vessel just stays where it landed. This is occurring now with everything I send out, manned and unmanned no new vessels can be recovered. I have tried restarting the game many times to no avail. Has anyone else experienced this issue before? A list of my mods for your reference. I believe it started happening after I installed Mission Control 2 or Fine Print. All the mods are the newest available versions as I just updated them recently. Active Texture Management Chatterer CrewXfer Distant Object DMagic Orbital Sciences Kerbal Engineer Enhanced Navball Environmental Visual Enhancements Fine Print Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Kerbal Shuttle Orbiter KSPRC KW Rocketry MechJeb2 Docking Port Alignment Planet Shine Procedural Fairings Real Solar System Station Science Tarsier Space Tech Texture Replacer Kerbal Alarm Clock Mission Control 2 Fine Print
  7. Hi sorry this is probably a very stupid question but I have installed Kerbal Engineer and I can see the Kerbal Engineering System chips and computer in the build menu but I can not click on them or attach them to the ships (they are greyed out like I can't access them for some reason). Is there something I need to do in the system to activate them or have I not installed properly? Thanks
  8. Hi I just wanted to say hi and thanks for making such an amazing game! I just got KSP a couple of days ago and I can't stop playing it. It really is an awesome game and I love how I am learning about orbital mechanics as I go. After college I was choosing between designing satellites and job in finance and i eventually took the finance job but this lets me see how much fun I could have had! Thanks!
  9. Hi I just got KSP and realized there are a lot of mods that can be added. However I can't seem to figure out how to find mods for Mac OSX. Do they exist or are the mods only available for the Windows version? Thanks