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  1. Val and Tom rescued 11 kerbals from the Island using an amphibious jet. How does one upload a screenshot?
  2. Awesome work, this is very impressive. I have a question about your metalwork... How did you get the black colouring inside the engraving on the metal panel? Is that a service that your metal company provided? If so what is the method called that they used to put the black colouring in there? Is that an epoxy-based ink or something? It looks amazing.
  3. When you see a road and wonder "why is this runway all bent and hilly?"
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-38257445 Sadness.
  5. Me too, exactly as you describe. Looks to be toggling the camera's position each frame. My framerate is limited to 60Hz. Not only on crashes though, I have seen this happen once or twice when simply moving the camera around. Seems worse when using a SpaceNavigator 3D mouse in camera mode.
  6. When you think you can fix your car's flat tyre without leaving the driving seat.
  7. PSA: The European Space Agency will get all hostile if you if you use KSP screenshots to explain why their latest Mars lander mission failed and how they should have done it (using your KSP youtube videos as "evidence"). Also, they don't like it when you use "SPLAT!" to describe the loss of a high value spacecraft. I think someone was being a little closed-minded and frankly a little bit stressed out, just sayin'. So, yeah... tread carefully and just avoid showing Kerbals in what is supposed to be a serious presentation. Although their security guards were very nice and polite and only threw me in the mud instead of onto the hard pavement.
  8. I can't tell what it's made of but it sure does seem to be desserted. ...like, cake and stuff. Oh forget it.
  9. When you run head-first into a large boulder expecting no resistance.
  10. It sounds like a heavily Autotuned Celine Dion ballad mixed into a panpipe homage to the Braveheart soundtrack. Put into an industrial shredder, burned, composted and then forced to make a full, written apology to each of its victims' families before being sealed up in a barrel of sadness and abandoned as hazardous waste in the deepest, darkest and loneliest chasm of the Antarctic waters. It'll grow on me I'm sure.
  11. So the question is... What would be a strong, imaginative and stimulating set of incentives for KSP players to derive the most enjoyment from? The incentives we currently have: Freedom to get to any location we want to go to (varying difficulty applies) by any means at our disposal (moar boosters). Realism (ish, within game universe rules, that's fine). Freedom from that same Realism (no real consequences! Waaaaay moar boosters). Being able to understand very complex physics and USE it with confidence to solve a HARD problem - this is awesome! I can interact with previous missions (e.g. multiple launch missions or rescue stranded kerbals and other stuff). The incentives we don't yet have: I just spent $9999999999 getting to a planet with NOTHING on it worth a damn. The science incentives are constant regardless of the efforts you undertook to retrieve them. I just built a 400 Kerbal mega-colonial superstation and flew it to Eeloo and landed it perfectly without losing any lives and conquered all biomes and made a permanent ground base there with mining, nuclear power, a hotel, a 12 screen cinema complex and a Starbucks. But I only earned enough science to buy another plane wheel that I don't need that has no steering anyway. Then when I got back home the contracts menu had a brand new contract to "plant a flag on Eeloo" for $10000 but no science. Really, didn't you get my postcard? Content that DOES exist already: The Fan Fiction forum on this very site. There is a lot of spectacular work on there by some very talented people with a good grasp of KSP lore and while some of it may not be canonical content, it is always in the spirit of the game. So what am I getting at? -- Integrated Fan Fiction! I'd pay money for a decent mod that allows fan fiction to be incorporated in an event-driven manner into KSP. Text based content would be good enough. It's not rocket science that hard surely. Take a bit of fan fiction that is well liked and popular, massage it into some format (XML?) that can be easily interpreted by a simple event-driven KSP mod. Then do that for ALL the fan fiction and then make a mod that can deal with that. And don't write any bugs into it. "Simply just" do that p.s. I just wrote all those millions of words because I love KSP utterly. There are no other games I'd ever think about so much :).
  12. @Streetwind Point taken. Actually I should make it clear that I have no objection to the actual (stock) planets themselves, they are beautiful and varied in their design. But they are totally devoid of actual features!
  13. Been playing KSP for a couple of years now and I am struggling to find a reason to actually go to any of the other planets. I'm not one who has used a lot of mods apart from KER in the past so I'm hoping that there are some good ones out there that add some actual incentives to go places. Are there any storyline mods or mods that give you a reason to explore?
  14. Jeb would find a way, let the plushie do it. I presume that a corporeal incarnation of Jeb would immediately be imbued with all the powers of the real one, perhaps with powers diminished as a function of the square of his distance from Kerbin.
  15. The internet demands a photograph. :)
  16. Oh, now I understand. Thanks for the update.
  17. Are there any plans to get this into the CKAN repositories? I notice the old version is in there.
  18. That may be the best sentence I have ever witnessed.
  19. When you see a real-world fuel truck and wonder why it hasn't got a KLAW on the front.
  20. I just noticed that my newly constructed heavy rover vehicle has what appears to be realistic looking differential steering. Am I imagining it or is KSP really doing that? It's a bit tricky to measure the angles of steering on each wheel accurately. It looks seriously awesome anyway, but the thing that really blew my mind was the fact that it does it on all of my steering axles! It looks and behaves just like a real-world truck would... KSP is now smart enough to do this be default! I love this feature. Is it new in 1.2.0 or have I just never noticed it and it's been there for ages? Also, does anyone know if these new steering angles provide more efficient traction for KSP in-game wheels?
  21. This ship reminds me of the "Golgafrinchan Ark B" ship. Make sure all KSP site telephones are clean before departure though.
  22. This is very much like getting a 1201 error a few hundred feet above untrodden regolith. KSP players: "Steely-eyed missile men" every one.
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