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  1. granted but you no longer exist i wish i had a planetary anihalation wallpaper and gamma edition soundtrack
  2. is ther a crew loader like the stairs u get at airports when boarding a plane ik we can load crew from the sph and vab but im doing a cinematic and dont rly know how to build one that works
  3. granted they are take by the cia on supicion of ALIENS ! XD
  4. granted you shoot yourself with it i wish all pc disk games would run intantley with no install (it gets boring just watching a green bar climb
  5. granted you are now married to it i wish i was king of the internet
  6. granted, it goes corrupt and mows you down I wish to not be adictied to tic tacs
  7. cmj2003

    Ban the user above you!

    banned for having a signature and being in exile
  8. cmj2003

    The user below me...

    false the user below me wants to go to the moon
  9. cmj2003

    Steam has begun ruining my life!!

    note this is off zero punctuation! this is ben yatzze croshaw
  10. granted but it corrupts your computer and deletes history i wish i could animate
  11. i cant get it to launch with mechjeb side case it just autos it to the ground
  12. cmj2003

    The Ctrl+V thread!

    dell xps 720 h2c
  13. cmj2003


    new to teh fourm and i am thinking about makeing utube vids of ksp
  14. cmj2003

    Where is YOUR Jebediah Kerman?

    cuuretly at home unemployed cuase my saves got wiped
  15. cmj2003

    EVE mysteries

    my point exactly