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  1. To me, this is basically a combination of the Bobcat and Caribou series' and I LOVE IT! I EXACTLY LOVE IT!
  2. That's because KerbalStuff is dead... Like, permanently shutdown. #RIPKerbalStuff
  3. Oops! I just realized I've been using my half-brother's E-mail, since he was the one who created the forum account (he is also obsessed with KSP, probably because it's the best physics based game that I've ever played, although Space Engineers is a close second)! I realized this when I checked for any new messages, re-read the last message from Ted, and realized that he said 'Jack' and not 'Val' (which is kinda ironic, as the female 'Badass' introduced in the 0.90 update's name is Valentina, Val for short), I'll probably change the info to mine, as Jack uses another account (I forget the name).