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  1. Hello again everyone, I recently went back and rebuilt my gantry system to be an all in one refueling, integration, and storage facility. I'm thinking about stress testing this system by integrating a simple payload over and over again until it breaks. I will update you all when I have managed to break it (hopefully it surpasses my previous record as posted here last year). See you all soon.
  2. This is from the og k-prize thread, the next post has the mission logs. I think by the time I stopped posting I had hit 15 missions. Edit: guess I didnt read the full header. This refueled after each mission, so I guess it'd be a gatecrasher lol
  3. Can I still crash this challenge? I didnt read anything prohibiting the use of KAL controllers. This is 2 junos and 70 tons.
  4. Main post has been updated with a link to the craft file. There have been some minor updates, but none that change the overall aesthetic
  5. so youre telling me that 100 extra parts for each srb and 1100 just for a launch pad is too many for a craft? lol
  6. As long as you keep youre transverse rates really low you shouldnt see much wobble. Im talking like 1 or 2, not like 10
  7. You can stack hinges and strut them to the moving part to make stonger hinges. Thats how I made this heavy crane Since autostruts only work through locked robotics, you could throttle down at SRB sep unlock the hinge, move it and relock it to make it less wobbly. That or you could do the same thing that i mentioned above. It sounds like youre having a lot of issues with docking ports. If you use a ball joint at either the end effector or the shoulder it would fix that since you'd have 2 vessels. @4x4cheesecake posted a link to my arm earlier. I ac
  8. I wanted to test a plane and see if I could get the altitude record. Is escape trajectory legal? Ah, sorry forgot the stuff lol Name: Deep Space Its never coming back lol this is purely for the altitude record
  9. So if everything I integrate into the bay isnt released as payload it counts as a different variant?
  10. The arm module counts as a unique config? There was no modification to the flight characteristics of the vehicle. The Fuel tanks was a dummy payload with all its tanks locked. Just for future reference, what counts as a unique config besides fuel usage and engines? Cause at the end of the day this flight ended up no different than any previous one
  11. Should I keep you guys updated with future missions? It takes me a very long time to design, integrate and fly payloads, let alone complete large multilaunch missions, so it won't be all that often. For example, I did end up testing that arm I showed off in a previous post last night on ESF-14. I had to actually integrate 2 payloads, deintegrate both, then reintegrate them since that initial arm I showed didnt fit like I wanted it to. Ended up taking me about 5 hours in total for the whole mission. Heres the initial integration: The mission log:
  12. Also my full mission log for this thing. Ive been keeping the reciepts: ESF:ST-1: Crew: Jessen Jebney Joe Wilski Payload: Spacetug 2 (flight 1), 2 Kerbnet sats Mission: Add 2 satellites to polar orbit in the main Kerbnet constellation Conclusion: Full success Notes: When landing try to line about 10-15 ground km away from the runway. Don't want to risk having to roll into position like on this mission. ESF-2: Crew: Jebeny Jessen Wilski
  13. 1. I would give you a better name, but as a joke the actual craft file is titled "_________Skylon" cause I needed to drag it to the top. It was never actually at the top and now my spaceplane hanger's craft list is a huge excrements storm of "__________________________________________________untitled space craft". Or you can just call it explorer since I renamed it after I put it on the runway the first time. 2. I started flying this back in December. If I remember correctly it has landed at the runway every time. The previous version started at the normal cape then fly over to the desert
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