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  1. It just really sucks when I have a kerbal strapped to a robotic arm trying to build a satellite in my shuttle's payload bay and I cant attach small engines that cant be surface attached
  2. So after messing around all night, I've noticed that the node attachment system for the EVA construction doesn't work once the kerbal is beyond a certain distance from the root part. Even if said kerbal is right next to the part you want to attach too, if the kerbal is too far from the root it wont work. I tested by: translating a docking port close to the root with kerbal near root, node attach worked translating a docking port far away from the root with kerbal near root, node attach showed up but couldnt reach with the part (as it probably should be) translating a dockin
  3. Aerodynamic control surfaces have had this feature for a while, and it's only gotten better as time has gone on. Why shouldn't engine gimbals have this too? It would be perfect for craft that often have their COM change due to additional payload or fuel drain without having to manually change their mounting angle in the VAB.
  4. Slight modification to my design. The big change is the placement of the props. I know the OP says "no extreme clipping/offset" so I don't know how you guys would classify offsetting the blades just enough to remove their rotational drag to remove the need for overclocking. Also, to answer your question: The motors themselves are the only things in the fairings. The propellers are not. Minor speed update:
  5. I got you beat by about 8m/s. 12 blades per rotor, 4 rotors, each clipped inside a fairing. This was also with the torque overclocked significantly.
  6. Hello again everyone, I recently went back and rebuilt my gantry system to be an all in one refueling, integration, and storage facility. I'm thinking about stress testing this system by integrating a simple payload over and over again until it breaks. I will update you all when I have managed to break it (hopefully it surpasses my previous record as posted here last year). See you all soon.
  7. This is from the og k-prize thread, the next post has the mission logs. I think by the time I stopped posting I had hit 15 missions. Edit: guess I didnt read the full header. This refueled after each mission, so I guess it'd be a gatecrasher lol
  8. Can I still crash this challenge? I didnt read anything prohibiting the use of KAL controllers. This is 2 junos and 70 tons.
  9. Main post has been updated with a link to the craft file. There have been some minor updates, but none that change the overall aesthetic
  10. so youre telling me that 100 extra parts for each srb and 1100 just for a launch pad is too many for a craft? lol
  11. As long as you keep youre transverse rates really low you shouldnt see much wobble. Im talking like 1 or 2, not like 10
  12. You can stack hinges and strut them to the moving part to make stonger hinges. Thats how I made this heavy crane Since autostruts only work through locked robotics, you could throttle down at SRB sep unlock the hinge, move it and relock it to make it less wobbly. That or you could do the same thing that i mentioned above. It sounds like youre having a lot of issues with docking ports. If you use a ball joint at either the end effector or the shoulder it would fix that since you'd have 2 vessels. @4x4cheesecake posted a link to my arm earlier. I ac
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