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  1. I see the "missing Ap and Pe markers in career mode" bug that was introduced in 1.12.0 still has not been addressed. Awesome.
  2. Little late to the party, but just downloaded 1.12.1. Thanks for an amazing run, KSP.
  3. Returning to the game after a brief hiatus. Last version I played was 1.9.x. Now trying out 1.11.2 and immediately noticed that when I use the fuel slider on the Flea SRB to adjust the amount of solid fuel in the booster, it is now moving the slider in chunks of 14 rather than one at a time. It looks like they changed from the old slider that was percentage based to a new slider that takes out pre-determined quantities from the total fuel amount. For example, the slider now starts out with 140 units (instead of being at 100%). When I grab the slider to start removing fuel, instead of counting down 139, 138, 137, and so on, the slider now just jumps to 126, then to 112, then to 98, and so on, removing fuel in chunks of 14. I assume this is the same for all the SRBs and probably liquid fuel tanks now too? I'm sure there are totally logical and worthwhile reasons why this change, which is why I want to know if it is possible to go back to the old way? Is there a setting or something that can revert it back or am I stuck with doing it this way now?
  4. My typical career mode starts off like this: Mission 1) atmospheric launch to about 7500m, splashdown in Booster Bay. Should get me 54 science and about 134k funds along with rewards for the first 2 basic contracts. Mission 2) launch into high kerbin orbit. do EVAs and other science and return to kerbin. Mission 3) launch a 3 kerbal spacecraft into Mun orbit; do various science and EVAs and return to kerbin. Mission 4A) launch a "spaceplane" to do a 2 kerbal rescue mission for a scientist and engineer so I have 2 full crews. Mission 4B) launch a probe/satellite to do at least 3 satellite contracts on a single launch (4 if possible). Preferrably leaving the satellite in orbit around the Mun to act as a comms relay for future missions. Mission 5) launch a single kerbal lander to the Mun. Land at Armstrong Memorial. Plant flag, do science, and return to kerbin Mission 6) launch 3 kerbal, Apollo style CSM/LM to Mun using "prime" crew (Jeb, Bill, Bob). Do multiple landings on different Mun biomes using all 3 crew in different configs. return to kerbin Mission 7) launch 3 kerbal, upgraded Apollo style CSM/LM to Minmus using "prime" crew. Do multiple landings on different Minmus biomes using all 3 crew in different configs. return to kerbin Mission 8) launch 3 kerbal, even more upgraded Apollo style CSM/LM to Minmus using "backup" crew (Val, 2 rescued kerbals). Do multiple landings using all 3 crew in different configs. Then go to Mun and do multiple landings on Mun using different crew configs. return to kerbin. Mission 9) launch 3 kerbal, fully upgraded Apollo style CSM/LM to Duna using "prime" crew. Do multiple landings on Duna and Ike. return to kerbin. This is usually where I lose interest in my career and start over. Once you get to Duna, you can pretty much get anywhere in the kerbol system, and at that point I've unlocked pretty much the entire tech tree and I'm sitting on a ton of funds. For me, the fun is in the buildup to get to this point. As far as the original question asking for tips: career mode doesn't have to be super grindy. learn to work with what you have available. As other posters have said, you can do a lot with the basic parts from the first few tech nodes in the tree. A lot of people slam career mode because they think you have to spend a ton of playtime grinding for science on/around kerbin or keep doing contracts over and over for funds/science. As you can see from my mission plans above, I'm orbiting the Mun on my third launch without grinding away on contracts and I'm landing on Duna in less than 10 launches. I spent a lot of time playing this game using the basic/low level parts and learning how to get the most out of them. It also showed me how to be a better pilot and to be more efficient in my flights and missions and also in my rocket/ship designs. Building up those skills helps you overall become a better player and less reliant on things like MechJeb, which I feel a lot of early players use as a crutch. I personally find myself having a lot more fun when I'm actually playing the game instead of sitting back and watching a mod play it for me, but I'm digressing now.
  5. Fair point. I missed that as I was only looking at the floating one on the right.
  6. I think you're making "one giant leap" by assuming its chocolate in those wrappers. The bars are simply labeled "snacks" and the color of the wrapping doesn't necessarily imply chocolate. They could be granola bars, or energy bars, or even simple crackers. It could be something like taffy/toffee or even bars of that freeze dried ice cream (blech) that real Astronauts eat.
  7. Surprising that there is no love for EJ_SA in this thread so far. I'll add my voice to the Macey Dean chorus. I enjoyed his stuff a lot, and I don't usually go for the role-player kind of content. Sad that he's abandoned it, though I do understand why. Actually, its sad so many of the OG KSP Tubers/Twitchers from years past have moved on from the game. I enjoyed a lot of that content and I honestly don't feel like the stuff being done today quite measures up. Such is life; oh well. I know this will probably trigger a lot of you, but I've never really been impressed by Scott Manley. I don't dislike him or his content; it just never resonated with me for whatever reason.
  8. I never claimed it to be "clean". However, as other people have pointed out, "locking down your hosts file" only works as long as they don't change the servers they are phoning home to. By also removing the DLLs, you're gaining some additional protection by not allowing them to even run in the first place (assuming they contain the "phone home" code).
  9. When you set up your game, under the Advanced difficulty settings, there is an option called "Resource Transfer Obeys Crossfeed Rules". You need to disable this if you want to transfer resources through a Klaw. You can change this setting in your game by bringing up the Settings menu, selecting the Difficulty Options button at the top, and then selecting Advanced settings. ETA: if you disable this setting, you'll find that resources will now also transfer through your docking ports (the ones attached to structural beams that you are having trouble with in the first place), thereby eliminating the need for your tanker vehicle with the Klaw.
  10. For what its worth, I've done some testing and found that you can remove the following DLLs and still get the game to load and run (at least as far as the main menus): Unity.Analytics.DataPrivacy.dll Unity.Analytics.Tracker.dll UnityEngine.CrashReportingModule.dll UnityEngine.CrashReportingModule.dll.mdb UnityEngine.PerformanceReportingModule.dll UnityEngine.PerformanceReportingModule.dll.mdb Looks like it does require these 2 DLLs to load up and run, though: Unity.Analytics.StandardEvents.dll UnityEngine.UnityAnalyticsModule.dll ETA: I think combining this with host file blocking/DNS redirecting should keep your game pretty well locked down, even for the most analytically paranoid among us (myself included).
  11. Many moons ago, when KSP was but a young lad, SAS was a mighty force that would hold a craft straight and true. Then the “moar realism!” crowd started screaming and complaining and SAS eventually got gimped into the weak, pathetic, almost useless feature we have today. The ironic thing is that most of the people who complained about SAS being “too powerful and not realistic” also use MechJeb to fly their craft for them. So, they never really used SAS in the first place (just substituted MechJeb for it), but they made darn sure to screw it up for everyone else by whining and complaining about it until they got their way. Yeah, I’m a little bitter. How could you tell? :)
  12. Scroll to the bottom of that article. "This article was last updated on 5/30/2018" So, it was last touched about 2 months after the whole "KSP is spyware! Oh noes! Redshell!1!!!1!eleventy!!1!" nonsense started and subsequently died off. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  13. I started playing KSP back in early 2013, and I've never modded it. I happily play 100% stock to this day.
  14. But you did answer the questions; you like them a lot. I think you’re trying too hard. The questions ask if you “like the new look”, which implies “better than the old look.” Also, neither question is asking about perfection; simply if you like the new skins and to gauge your like/dislike along a silly 5 point scale. Not everything in life needs to be spelled out explicitly. You’re not under oath here and I seriously doubt any answer you give here will come back to haunt you someday. Its just a silly poll for fun.
  15. @Snark: thank you for the suggestion. I have added the polls with my own flavor for choices.
  16. The only thing I dont like about the look of the Skipper is how the edge bleeds through a similar sized tank when you clip it up. It has always done this and I’m kinda surprised it has never been addressed.
  17. Having played for a couple weeks with the redesigned engines in the latest update, I have to say I'm really not a fan of the new look for either one. The reskinned Terrier now looks too generic and plain; it lacks the character the old look had. The reskinned Poodle just looks bad. I really don't like the double engine bell look at all. If it was a lifting engine, it would make more sense. But the Poodle seems to be more of a landing engine than a lifter, and the double bell look is just out of place in that scenario to me. The more I've tried to use it in my designs, the less and less I like it. And yes, I did read the dev notes where they explained why they went this route with the Poodle; it doesn't change my opinion. I'm sure there are fans of the new looks and thats fine. I'm not saying anyone is right or wrong for what they like. Just expressing my opinion of why I don't like these two particular changes.
  18. Now that the Fallout 76 beta is officially closed and there is less than a week until launch, I'm curious to hear people's thoughts if they've been able to play the game and if their opinon has changed (good or bad) from when the game was announced. Personally, I am a huge fan of the series and I was not a fan of the idea of Fallout 76 when the game was announced. In fact, I think I even commented in the earlier thread here about it saying I was not excited for it at all. Having spent quite a bit of time in the beta (once it was made available to me), I can say that my opinion has completely changed and I'm very much looking forward to the game's release so I can play it more. I think a lot of the initial backlash against the game when it was announced actually shocked Bethesda, and for once, they listened to people's complaints and criticisms. There were a lot of changes and improvements made in the last couple months that addressed most of the things people didn't like about the announced game. And those changes are a big part of the reason for my change of opinion from mostly negative at announcement to mostly positive now. Also, any PS4 players looking for someone to team up with next week (and beyond), feel free to message me with your gamertag and we'll try to hook up in game. I've played mostly solo, but I can see how the game experience would change with multiple players actually working as a team and I'm curious to try that out.
  19. If you are playing career mode, resource transfer is also tied to upgrading the R&D building to level 2.
  20. I hate to be “that guy”, but there is a significant difference between “multi-cpu” and “multi-core”. The terms are not interchangeable, although they often are (incorrectly) used that way.
  21. First, I'm happy to report that 1.5.1 has addressed the aero issues I was having. My planes actually glide again as they did in previous releases. Just throwing my 2 cents into this discussion: I play 100% stock. No mods whatsoever; pure as Colombian snow. Thus far, I have not noticed any performance issues. That said, I also am not using the new burn calculator (which apparently causes some performance issues if I'm understanding other posts in this thread correctly) and I haven't really started using big ships with hundreds of parts, etc. I'm still in the early stages of my career game, so my ships are generally small with low part counts. Everything seems to be running smooth for me thus far, especially with the aero fix now in place.
  22. Thank you. I’m well aware of how to turn on the overlays. :) However, I was not aware that basic fuel tanks and round structural fuselages now generate lift. The MK2 tank parts clearly state the lift they produce whereas the regular round ones (ie: FL-T200) dont show any information about producing lift.
  23. Okie dokie. Unfortunately, I wont have a chance to patch and test until tomorrow, but I will follow up in this thread if this hotfix addresses my issue Thanks
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