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  1. I have seen others here post problems with Kopernicus causing craft to run out of EC. I found a partial solution that I found elsewhere and I wanted to share it here. Disclaimer: Entering High timewarp (>x1,000) will still kill Kerbals on loaded craft. What this fix did for me, was it made solar panels work for non-loaded craft, even at high time warps (though I have not tested extensively). Paste this into a .cfg file in your GameData folder: @PART:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleDeployableSolarPanel]]:FINAL { useKopernicusSolarPanels = False } Source: https://forum.k
  2. I was using the 1.3.1 patch to play in RSS v12. Is there any hope to get my save working in RSS v13 with some save file editing?
  3. I'm doing a play through on my YouTube channel playing on KSP 1.3.1 with RSS, principia and other mods. There is a complete mod list in the description of the videos with the version of each mod. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFM26SxOYgO5VQ1VRZPOhaA In a nutshell, I started with a fresh version of 1.3.1. (start it and exit before installing mods.). I installed RSS and got it working next. This involves updating kopernicus, using a RSS 1.3.1 patch, and using a specific version of mod manager iirc. Next, I installed RSSVE. Reading through the RSS and RSSVE forums were essential t
  4. That helps, thank you. I'll let everyone know if my tinkering yields any results.
  5. I have encountered an unexpected behavior in my RSS campaign and was wondering if anyone here knows, or perhaps had a suggestion, what is causing it. My resources concentrations are exactly the same across an entire biome. Different biomes do have different concentrations. The orbital scans and the concentration map behaves as expected with varying concentration independent of biome boundaries, but the yield of my drills and the readings on the surface scanner module are always the same no matter where I drill in a biome. I am using KSP 1.2.2. Relevant mods are of course RSS, SCAN
  6. I think I set up scanSAT wrong. My drills get the exact same concentration of a resource no matter where I am in a biome. Different biomes have different concentrations, but it's always exactly the same yield in the same biome. But the resource scanners show varying concentration independent of biome boundaries. How do I get actual concentration to match the info I'm getting from my scans? I am using scanSAT with RSS, all of the USI mods (Kolonization etc), EPL, and other mods. Any suggestions appreciated.
  7. Yes, TCA was indeed set to VTOL Assist. Thank you. This solved my issue, though I think Valentina will be disappointed. She seemed to like recklessly zooming back and forth just above the Moon base. Cheers!
  8. TCA keeps switching itself from 'Vertical' mode to 'Stop' mode mid-flight. How do I keep it from switching modes on me? Or is there an easier was to do a short, controlled hop on a large lumbering rocket? Long version: I use TCA's Vertical Speed Control in Vertical mode on the Moon to launch a rocket a few meters up, bring it to a hover, scoot over a few meters and then set back down. Vertical mode lets me gently nudge the nose in the direction I want to go. It fights me to keep the ship vertical, which is what I want. However, sometimes TCA switches itself into Stop mode while I mo
  9. Yes! That is exactly what happened. Thank you. I'm just starting a game so losing my first two planes is no big deal. I love easy fixes.
  10. I just started a game with KCT and the KSC Switcher mod (among others). Whenever I switch the KSC to a different location I lose all of my stored rockets/space planes, even when I switch back to the location they should be stored at. Is this normal behaviour?
  11. Tip: If your generator is over 1% load even when not needed, try flipping it upside-down. This way you can keep the generator on in sunlight and not worry about wasted Karbonite. If you have a Karbonite drilling rig with a generator and a LFO converter, you can ensure the generator draws Karbonite first by placing it on the correct end of the generator. This is important if you don't have enough Karbonite coming in to satisfy the demand. This will keep the rig running electrically at night and use the surplus Karbonite to generate fuel.
  12. I have a few questions about a annoying bug I have been encountering. First some background: I figured out by trial and error that probe cores don't work right if it isn't the first part placed when designing. For example, when I place a cockpit as the initial part and then attach a probe core to it, I get a bug: loading the game with no Kerbals in that ship, it will act like there is no connection even though I get a green calculator and I'm clearly in omni range. My questions: Is this the root part bug? Is there a way to avoid this without the probe core being the initial part, like make
  13. I have to change the configuration for my joystick every time I switch from flying spacecraft to aircraft to invert the pitch axis and swap from yaw to the roll axis. Is there a way to swap input controls without exiting to the main menu? Or is there a way to enable throttle control when in docking mode? (I always dock in staging mode) Or am I missing something more obvious?
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