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  1. Gotcha. After looking at it more closely it's only the UNLOCK prices that seem way too low (which only became relevant in .25), although I will review stock carefully to make sure I'm comparing it to the right thing. I know NFT opts for extremely expensive unlock costs for the advanced stuff which I am a big fan of. Seems to me like anything that can potentially generate unlimited resources (drills especially) ought to be decently pricey. I'll give it a review against stock and see if I come up with a recommendation via a patch.
  2. You might be looking for OnVesselCreate() which is called every scene load for each vessel in the world. The addon I am working on has been all event tracking so I've been mucking with the order of events as well!
  3. This is a long shot, but it sounds like your issue is with ConfigNodes which are pretty notoriously fickle. Here's something that I discovered: You cannot serialize an object to a ConfigNode unless it contains a zero-parameter constructor (or no constructors at all). So if the VESSEL is your own object and it has its own custom constructors, try adding in one with zero parameters and see if that helps.
  4. I am curious if the current R&D unlock costs as well as the part costs in your current release are intended to be final. I'm in my .25 career and I've noticed that many of your parts seem a bit too inexpensive. If this is something that's still a to-do, I'd love to submit a patch with my shot at it, but I don't want to waste my time if you're already happy with where they are
  5. This was super fun. Now if I can just finish the darn thing
  6. This happened to me as well, although in my case I strongly suspect the culprit being that I ran out of disk space while KSP was running, causing Toolbar to fail a write and nuke the file.
  7. Yessss thank you! Spent hours today getting my new .25 career all set up, and KCT is the only one missing now
  8. Planetshine can be spoken aloud much easier so go with that!
  9. Man I am REALLY tempted to get some friends together and do a LARPy livestream of this.
  10. I understand the ramifications. Ideally I'd love to flag resources as having no value upon recovering. Perhaps a plugin project in the future! Anyway, is the answer to my question that you have to override the resources with a new definition? Or is it possible to do with ModuleManager? Don't worry; I'm not going to go and stomp all over your unification efforts - I think they're one of the most important projects out there for a mod addict like me. I'm just trying to fact find for how to execute an idea I have for my own project. Edit: I suppose the RIGHT way to accomplish what I want would be a plugin that adds a surcharge for including certain resources on a rocket. That way the "costs" of the resources are not ever modified, except that trying to launch with a bunch of pre-filled resources will cost you a big fee to do so. That would fix the recovery issue and not touch the CRP. Hmmm... I might explore this avenue further!
  11. Well, I wouldn't be looking at distributing the modifications as part of a mod, but rather the modifications would be the mod itself. I would like to create a mod that greatly ups the cost of parts and resources that are currently in the "might as well toss this on to my ship" category. So let's say food for example: I don't mind that you can easily bring a 3 years of supplies for a single ton, but I want to make that expensive enough that you will actually think twice, and quite possibly use the tweakables to only bring as much as you need. Unrelated to this topic is the fact that I would do the same thing for parts that have potentially huge career mode ROI - so things like science parts would be 10 or even 100 times as expensive as stock. No longer would you just toss a few thermometers on to a vessel "because why not?" I think it would have the possibility of creating a pretty fun and different career mode experience. This would be created for my own fun factor but possibly distributed if the licenses involved permit it. Anyway, I'm also just doing some fact finding in to how all this modding stuff works in KSP, as I'm about ready to dive in to developing a few original plugins.
  12. Hey RoverDude - If I wanted to make a modmod that modified the costs of several CRP resources, would it be possible to do so in a modulemanager file? Or would resources need to be completely redefined to change one of their parameters?
  13. I would LOVE this. I like that this conversion uses the MKS model for the workshop, but wish that it integrated with the MKS rules, such as efficiency and need for replacement parts and whatnot.
  14. Hey there - Thanks a bunch for this mod! I'm using it in my livestreamed career on KSP-TV and my own channel. Just got my first mining base finally set up! I did want to report a gigantic bug. If I put 6 kerbals in the orbital workshop, the next time the craft is loaded only 2 of them will be remaining. They get flagged "MIA" and then eventually "Dead". This also happens when recovering the vessel on the surface of Kerbin. I haven't tested yet to see if this is caused by a combination of mods I am running - let me know if it doesn't happen for you and I'll see if I can narrow it down. Steps to reproduce: 1. Build a vessel that is an orbital workshop, a fuel tank, and an engine. 2. Launch the vessel with 6 kerbals inside. 3. Lift it a few inches off of the launchpad and then set it back down. 4. "Recover Vessel" 5. Notice that four Kerbals are now marked Missing In Action in the barracks. If in career mode, the summary screen will also show that only 2 kerbals made it back.
  15. I just wanted to stop in and say thanks for this mod. I absolutely adore it. I've been featuring it on KSP-TV, Squad's official Twitch channel, as it is one mod in my long list of mods. Everyone was super impressed by it