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  1. This is my escape pod system for my stations. While the actual pods are fairly plain, I like the way the module came together. The KSS has capacity of 11 Kerbals and this module carries 16 pods for visiting crew and rescue contracts. Each pod has about 600dV and can reenter fairly aggressively without heatshields. Once the frame is empty, it is deorbited and a new one is sent up to replace it.
  2. My first intentional Eve landing. Been putting this planet off for a long time, going to start the groundwork for the crewed visit. This probe actually encountered Eve twice, I forgot to set an alarm for the mission and had to use the rest of my fuel to get another encounter the second time around. Luckily, my Jool Drop Probe just needed an inflatable shield and it was good to go for direct descent from the flyby intercept. Drop Probe craft file in my kerbalX sig.
  3. Made a 500t payload SSTO rocket. I'm not great at space planes and my conventional rocket plans ended up dropping too much $$$ in the ocean. So, I just added more vectors and kept all the side cores. Now it costs me less to operate than my more conventional 275t launch vehicle, about 200,000 funds net cost. Joolian V craft file in my kerbX sig.
  4. No problem, don't want to resurrect an endless debate. I looked in to stuff like the old Titan II/Gemini style hypergolics that left similar short trails. They do fit the games features when it comes to fuel storage and engine restarts. If this is something someone brings up every few pages, maybe throw in a few lines about it in the OP. Thanks for the great mod and the new info!
  5. I checked the OP and the last 3 pages of this thread and didn't see an answer to a question I have: Why do the liquid rockets not leave a smoke trail? I see solids make a nice big column and I think jet engines do too, but all the normal rockets don't. I get a smoke plume at the launch pad trench, but that is it. Is something wrong on my install? 1.2.2 x64, Stock parts, mod. man, smokescreen, RP all installed through CKAN, other big gfx mods are SVE,SVT, scatterer, reentry particle effects Or is this intentional? I've tried removing/reinstalling smokescreen and RP and manually checking gamedata to ensure CKAN did a full removal and reinstall. EDIT: I made a test stand with every engine: Only the SRBs get that thick smoke that lasts longer than the exhaust plume. Aren't the liquid engines supposed to have something like that too. I know there is a particle limit, but running just one engine at the time gives the same effects. It's like the engine configs don't get smoke.
  6. Here is my little rover. It's been basically the same since .23 with little updates as science parts changed. I pack about 2 or 3 of these in my landers and even developed a deployable clam-shell for skycrane-ish drops. While it lacks the 1 shot experiments, it's great for rover contracts once the crew has departed. I once drove one from equatorial Ike to it's North Pole to find an anomaly. Went about 30-35m/s at 2x speed and could handle the jumps and hard landings thanks to the roll cage and SAS power. Craft Fie: Here is the original version on my first Duna landing: I'm quite proud of this, it feels very Kerbal to me:
  7. This is my Kerbal Space Station. I use various modules as needed, from engine to escape pods, to take this layout anywhere and do anything. Even landed it on Ike on the LV-N modules once for a contract. The station gets tough on my machine as I keep adding more modules, I think about 1000 parts and 1000 tons is my record.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I knew there must have been some reason, but I'm not a web dev. so that kind of issue with google is interesting to see how it affects ranking. I don't see as many people cross linking everything together in the description box often, so I'm being a niche issue. I did already know how to change the thumbnail (and be patient for it to update) before that issue was found. As for updating via the website, basically it came down to no documentation that I could find. Adding a bullet to the about page would fix that.
  9. Thanks for this site! I just bit the bullet and uploaded a lot of my craft after someone on r/KSP asked for a craft file. Here is my impression from adding 39 items in the span of 2 weeks: I found myself using the numerical addresses( instead of the named URL( when linking craft in my descriptions for future proofing. For example, I misspelled my first upload and needed to change the filename. I believe I found one more craft with spelling errors and had to change that one too. I'm glad I used the numerical URL and I don't have to worry about updating my craft name breaking links in other crafts descriptions. Sadly, that URL is hidden behind the edit page. If there was a public "Share" link like in the edit window, others could use this as well as making crosslinking craft faster and more reliable. I can't say I see any reasons why you couldn't offer that (security or simplicity maybe?) but it could go next to the "add to hangar" at the top bar. If this is already available and I missed it, my bad. It would have saved a lot of clicks going in to edit mode. The reverse of that, is that "add to hangars" isn't in the edit page. More than once I forgot to add to hangars as it drops me in to edit mode after I publish. I tried uploading directly from the mod in game, but found just doing it from the website better as I had easy access to the other tabs with imgur and craft I intended to link to the new craft's description. This was while using fullscreen for the game on a single monitor. Windowed mode or multi-monitors would have changed my situation. The mod is great for updating a craft. I don't know if there is a way to update a craft without it. What would happen if I dropped a craft in the website with the same filename as a current craft? Does that update it? I don't know. I didn't see anything about web based updates on the site, so that is why I had to install the mod. I also didn't find the main mod on CKAN. The part picker mod is there, but not the uploading one. That might be a CKAN issue. I have one craft with a youtube video and somehow that video became the auto thumbnail even though it was the last thing I added to the page. I changed it to the first image uploaded, but I wasn't expecting that. Most popular craft I've seen in my short time since I registered don't use the video as main craft thumbnail. Again, thanks for a place to share, showcase and backup our creations! I know my uploading blitz might not be the average user experience, but that was my experience.
  10. No problem, it's not hard to just plop down some fuel lines and remove them in the mean time. Thanks for all the work!
  11. I got a bug and checked the last few pages and didn't see it posted so here it is: It seems like engines attached through some radial docking ports don't calculate fuel from the other side of a docking port pairing. I have a station core with tanks, no engines itself. For this example I use LV-N and LF, but same bug appears with LFO engines and tanks. I use the merge or subassembly tool to add 2 engine modules to the core. The KER readout in VAB and in flight won't add the fuel stored beyond the engine modules docking ports in this configuration. If a fuel line is added, it calculates correctly. If I re-root the engine module to use the top port, and attach it to the bottom Sr. port (ignoring how wrong that feels) it calculates everything properly. If I take that nodal top port and put them on the radial core ports, it works fine. If I take the default radial root port of the engine module and attach it to the sr. port it usually won't work, but sometimes it does and further testing hasn't revealed to me why it sometimes gives different results. Port crossfeed and tanks access are open in all cases. I also have another older screenshot of a post Jool injection where the total dV reads 0, but fuel is available. However, that stack of craft has all kinds of stuff going on in staging and isn't an isolated example of the bug. Here is a link to the album. Here are links to the craft files: KSS - Core NEMO - LV-N Engine Module Note: the stations tanks in the file default to not drain, you will have to enable the LF flow to see the bug. If I missed something small or this is a known issue, my bad, please let me know. Thanks for everything, this is my most critical mod for KSP!
  12. I just got to Gilly for the 1st time ever and here my thoughts as a new visitor: The low "space near" still being a danger zone gives some challenge to Gilly. I like that it's the opposite of just about every other world in that you need to be constantly aware of how close you are or will be once that mountain comes around. It's a different kind of challenge There are only 3 biomes, so not like you need to spend more than 1/2 an orbit getting all the "space near" results in triplicate. On the other hand, Gilly is tedious and dreadfully boring to orbit around while 8km and under. The 8km warp barrier needs to be brought lower (maybe 7km?) and the max warp limits moved up a notch. Spent way to much time at 4x physics warp and still felt like the 1st warp range was slow once I got to 8km. I ended up just rocketing around at 50-100m/s manually adjusting my heading to get where I wanted to go in a reasonable time. EDIT: Also the size of map view Gilly and physical Gilly not matching was frustrating. The map mode Gilly is way smaller than the real one.
  13. I put "Relay Power Flowers" on highly eccentric orbits around each Kerbin pole, each has 16x of the big stock relay. I'm sending 2 of them to Jool to be put just outside of Tylo's SOI and canted opposite of Bop's inclination. Each Joolian moon is getting 2x relay probes with 1 big dish a piece for farside coverage. Here is the MIRV I'm sending there to deliver it all: Each of the MIRV "warheads" has 2 of the relay probes and a polar scanner in the base. The big booster on then end and the core truss get ditched in to Tylo with some tiny SRBs.
  14. I don't have anything against part mods or really any types of mod, most of my mods are gfx or QoL mods. However, my own playthroughs are with no new parts or autopilots. I'd love to learn kOS and might "graduate" to RSS/RO once I feel done with stock. I have things like KER and RPM, but use them partless or just don't research the optional parts. I like being able to just resume playing after an update and the shared experiences with the greater community. If I just got in to the game, I'd probably start with FAR for the better atmosphere.
  15. Thanks! Didn't want to just start deleting lines without knowing what they do.