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  1. I love the beauty of your probe quietly slipping into orbit around a planet on 1080p UltraMax Settings. Nothing is more epic.
  2. So that's why my quad core desktop was running even worse than my dual core laptop...
  3. Is this game Single-Threaded or Multi-Threaded? I am trying to design a budget PC that can run this game acceptably well.
  4. When I put a decoupler on a spaceship, the little puff animation repeatedly plays while in the VAB. This same thing happens with engines, but the engine fire comes out of the bottom of the rocket and to the left of the engine of you are looking out the door. What is wrong? Help please. I also don't see the staging on the right side of the VAB either. - - - Updated - - - I seriously need help. I am lagging when building a 17 ton ship because of this.
  5. He sounds just like me on my first day in the Kerbal Universe. Heck, I couldn't get out of the atmosphere, but I was just having a blast seeing the fire come out of my creations as they boost into the air. Just wait until he learns how to travel to other planets.
  6. I would like to request a mod that disables the debug menu on Career or Science mode, but allows it in Sandbox mode, so you can't cheat with infinite fuel or anything.
  7. It turns out I had gotten that error because I had a sticky note open. It works now that I closed it. Thanks!
  8. I seem to have a really bad crash whenever I try to load any kind of Active Texture Managment to 0.90. Error folder download is below. Can you please check it out? I can barely run KSP on the worst graphics without ATM. The Error Folder: https://mega.co.nz/#!ScsXxLzB!pIsuEXs3hlKp1I_a-cWsu5cq0i6ywJStNeFwldnczu0
  9. Whenever I have tried to load KSP 0.90 with the x86 Aggressive Version of Active Texture Management, the game loads about halfway, then crashes and gives me an error that I am unsure how to fix. Please assist me in this! I have to run on the worst of the worst graphics settings to make KSP playable without ATM, which really ruins the experience. This is the error I receive:
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