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  1. The burst screenshot feature is also still useful.
  2. PorkJet sent us the source for the new MK2 meshes, but its going to take several weeks before we release an update that converts to that.
  3. You don't need it with 0.25 any longer, if you're only using the supersampling functionality. Open settings.cfg and set "SCREENSHOT_SUPERSIZE" to whatever you want.
  4. Yeah, you copied a modified fuel hatch .cfg for the crew hatch, but you forgot to the change part.name Also, add it to the DRE config - copy the Fuel hatch bit and change its name to the new part name.
  5. Oh that. The stock engines curves do it too though (badly) so I'm not sure how you never noticed before
  6. Works for me with MJ2. B9 sabres often wont switch mode like the RAPIER, because they have different air usage parameters and MultiModeEngine can't be tuned in how it decides to switch.
  7. Plenty of examples in the wheels, but essentially you pass the PartModule a GameObject name to rotate and one it needs to look at, and repeat for every single GO that needs to be constrained that way. It'll rotate around/point to the origin of each. Porkjet is working with that too (I hope its ok if I post this):
  8. bac9 packages the releases, i guess he forgets to remove the deprecated file. the mode switch is a black box from the stock module we cant affect, nothing I can do about that. No issues getting into orbit with it, though - in FAR/NEAR obviously. Climb to 22-23k, hold until speed tops out (~2000m/s?, mach 5.6), pull up to 15-20 pitch and switch mode at 26-28k.
  9. Currently intakes in FAR don't create drag. That's likely to change in FAR 0.14.2, ferram4 has been doing research into it.
  10. If you're interested in the /correctness/ of it w.r.t a real rocket engine, ask NathanKell. Other than that ... looks good to me. Remember to model for a possible change in gimbal angles to more realistic values - the RD-180 used on the Atlas III and V have a gimbal range of 8 degrees, for example. Also, real engines don't gimbal at the nozzle - the whole assembly moves. Example (SpaceX Merlin 1D):
  11. try this: -MODULE[BioGen]:HAS[#tag[Photosynthesis]] {} Note the space before the {} ...
  12. You're correct, assuming you're searching for a value. If its a node, the negation is !nodename
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