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  1. Yes, that 700k funds really helped. Though that's going to get used up quickly if I am going to try to finish up the remaining contracts we have pending. Also I should probably rescue Bob too, he's stuck in a similar situation to Jeb. It's a shame you can't set a "mayday" flag on your ship and then get a contract to rescue them. Much more useful than some contracts I've been offered, such as a recent one where it asked me to "expand your base in orbit of the sun" where the base in question was actually a Jool mission halfway to Jool.
  2. Valentina managed to get that Class-C asteroid into Minmus orbit. That all went a lot easier than I thought it would. Now to figure out what to do with our asteroid mining infrastructure. And finally, after 10 years, Jeb made it home! He had been out to Duna, ejected by Ike, stranded in space, his first rescue mission missed and ended up on Eve, and finally had to ride home on the outside of a robot probe for 2 years. But he made it back, and had enough fuel leftover to attempt a targeted landing at the KSC. Pictures here:
  3. Well in the end we did decide to tackle that Class-C asteroid. Although we used somewhat nefarious methods to gather the funds needed. There was a lot of hassle, most of which involved tediously docking and undocking until we were firing through centers of masses. Made more fun when we forgot to put solar panels on our refueler ship. So now we have Valentina, the nuclear thrusters, and the mining ship all on the Class-C, and managed to get it into Kerbin orbit. Now to see if we can get it around Minmus without having to send another refueling ship. More pictures here:
  4. We decided we wanted that asteroid in a better orbit. Instead of sending up a lot of fuel, we thought we might send up a mining ship and produce the fuel locally. The problem being that we severely over-estimated the amount of ore available in a Class-A asteroid. Still plotting where to go from here. A class-C asteroid arrives soon, but we probably don't have enough fuel to intercept. We've also severely depleted our funds again with not much to show for it. Pictures here:
  5. OK, so the ore mission was a failure (and no, there doesn't seem to be any debris leftover from the landing). We did get Valentina back to Kerbin though, for which we had an ulteroir motive. It turns out the tracking station had recently discovered a class-A asteroid on collision course for the Northern continent! Valentina was our closest, best, pilot, and we needed her to fly a mission to save the world. It was an expensive mission too because we had no idea how much delta-V we were going to need. In the end we may have made some poorly thought out promises for a future Ike base to get the funds we needed for this mission. Valentina launched, and eventually matched orbits (would have been easier if we had realized in advance how inclined the orbit was). We had plenty of fuel, and the asteroid is now in a more-or-less reasonably safe orbit around Kerbin. No disasters, who would have thought saving the world would be so much easier than returning a few crates of rocks from the Mun. Although we did forget to provide an escape rocket for Valentina, so she's sort of stuck on the asteroid for now. Pictures here:
  6. I hadn't thought of that, but no, I think the ore containers themselves exploded. The lander flipped at the last minute and landed ore-first, and I think the small tanks can take 7m/s impacts and we were coming down more like 10m/s.
  7. A short update this time, with various disasters. It turns out there's a Jool launch window *right now* so we quickly threw a ship together. After the recent incident at the astronaut complex it was decided Luzor was up for a deep space mission. I had wanted to launch two rockets, one with some mining equipment but that was canceled due to budget constraints. Now to see what low-cost contract we could complete. 400 ore from the Mun? How hard can that be. Managed to land close to our base, top off with ore and fuel and some crew for rotation back to Kerbin. Took off fine, re-entry fine. Landing on the water a little hard... AND THEN THE ORE FELL OFF AND SANK TO THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN. Not one of our finest moments. Pictures here:
  8. Madchell finished her mountain climbing adventure and it was time to continue on in the rover. Ghost Daphty unwisely took a turn at 20m/s which didn't end well. However when loading the quicksave all four tires exploded and shot the rover in the air. Some quick thinking and we activated the rocket and then flew most of the way to the base under rocket power. At the base we dropped off engineer Madchell to help with drilling, then topped off on fuel to see if we could somehow figure out how to get the base and expansion joined up (they are 1.6km apart). Ghost Daphty was a little too eager trying to dock with the original base and knocked it over. *sigh* Though in the end that might have worked well. We attached the rover to the original base, and with a little rocket power managed to push it 1.6km across the surface and dock it with the expansion. Contract Complete! I am a bit jealous of everyone who posts their awesome looking bases. Mine always look like junkpiles. Pictures and more details here:
  9. Efforts to link the various munbases aren't going well, so we thought we'd try to design a rover capable of moving fuel around, which might help. After Luzor Kerman destroyed some prototypes (and a costly upgrade to the spaceplane hangar) we managed to get a rover that looked like it would work. And we launched it! Engineer Madchell was sent, and maybe she can help fix tires and run the mining equipment. The pilot seat was left empty in memorium of Daphty... but wait! The ghost of Daphty returned somehow! Creepy. Though apparently ghost pilots can still run the SAS so I guess we'll let her stay. We landed on the Mun in one piece (some flat tires but Madchell quickly sorted that out). We're only 10km out from our bases, but there's a major mountain and some large valleys in the way so we are going to have to choose our route carefully. Pictures and more details here:
  10. Well we got a contract to expand our Munbase. We decided to combine it with a mining setup. The end result was an 85 ton monstrosity which required a new booster made out of the XL engine parts we had recently developed. Needless to say the first launch did not go well, and our poor pilot, Daphty Kerman, did not survive Revert-to-VAB wasn't happening because an attached rover core survived the explosions. After a period of rest and mourning, plus some time with the rocket equations, Valentina led the return-to-flight efforts and we did get the base to the Mun. It was a harrowing process, not the least because I foolishly removed all of the oxidizer from the final stage. So to get there we had to transfter just the bare minimum oxidizer to the underpowered landing engine, then do a suicide burn with a last-minute stage switch just meters from the surface. All while trying to land vaguely close to the existing base. In the end we sort of did it (we did lose a hitchiker container). So we tried to mine, but got the dreaded "no contact with surface" message despite being flush with the ground. We had to raise the landing gear so the drill was sticking more or less in the air, and then for some reason it happily drilled some ore out of the vacuum of space. And the rover that caused all the troubles? Flat tire, nearest engineer on Kerbin. Oops. Next goal is to try to move the base expansion the 1.6km to the existing base, though that is a job for another day. More pictures and details here:
  11. Well, we were having too much success. The Jool mission didn't end as well as it could have. Due to some poor planning our initial Jool orbit was polar and very eccentric. We needed to get to Pol, and were too impatient to wait for a good alignment and so burned way too much Delta-V getting there We managed a flyby, but Robert and Viremma are going to be (hopefully) stuck in an odd Jool orbit until we can mount a rescue This did generate enough funds to finally upgrade the R&D center though! Meanwhile, Macie (who had been on the first Jeb rescue attempt) ended up at Eve. For some reason it's a lot easier to get Eve encounters than Kerbin ones. It also turned out we had lots of excess fuel (we had forgotten to install fuel lines) so we were able to get into a really ellipitical orbit. We tried to aerobrake to make it more circular, which was a mistake. Brave Macie gathered some amazing science, including tramsitting some last results as her ship was breaking up around her. In the end she's now stranded on Eve, just like Desktop. Finally, after many many years, our very slow Dres probe arrived. We even managed to "land" it in the pitch dark. This completed a very lucrative contract from the early days. We now have a nice buffer of funds and some interesting new science discoveries, so the next update might be pretty exciting. Pictures and more details here:
  12. Finally some interesting things happened! Valentina and crew made it safely back from Gilly (after 10 years) The rescue robot made it beyond Duna and picked up stranded Jeb Finally, on the third try, we managed to get our Ike-station expansion to Ike, and installed it before it got flung into solar orbit like the others Our various bases are furiously churning out the science and finally, our Jool mission has entered Jool's SOI. They are our last hope to getting enough funds to expand the R&D Center. Pictures and more details here:
  13. Haven't had much time to play so this update is a little light. Launched a new Jeb-rescue ship (he's stuck in a Duna-sized solar orbit) after the last one failed. Couldn't get a good orbit though so might wait a few hundred days to see if we can get a better encounter. A Duna window opened, so we sent yet another attempt at getting the Ike-station expansion contract. We have a contract for a Munbase, so we sent a probe to scope out the area Then we actually launched the Munbase. Our friends Herely and Kacy went along, as well as Kacy's very expensive Hawaiian/Norse twin sister Leaukiki This was all going too well, so the problem du jour was I couldn't get the two rovers to detatch from the base. I even tried editing the quicksave but that made alarming things happen (such as the entire solar system disappearing) so I guess for now they are stuck to the wall. All things considered that's a relatively minor issue compared to others we've faced. The next update should be more interesting, as I'm going to have to fast forward a bunch so we can try to get some funds. We really need that R&D expansion so we can get drilling tech, but in-system missions without returns are not helping the budget at all. Pictures and more details here:
  14. OK, we decided to try to salvage the Minmus base expansion, despite the fact that it was stranded in orbit of Minmus without any probe cores. After some initial failure, an attempt to send dual claw-equipped-probe-cores more or less worked to get control of the various parts. However, the attachment system of the expansion exploded off soon after, so back to square one. We landed the expansion anyway so that the Kerbals at the base could stare out the window at it gloomily (well, happily. The scientists on board are a bit too cheerful) A final attempt was made, we landed a universal adapter node near the base, and had the expansion come, attach to it, then drag it over to the rest of the base and hook everything up. Success! After that it was time for Herely, who was orbiting uselessly while all this was happening, to head home. He made a detour to the highlands to get some science before heading back though. Full pictures here: Next I'd like to try out the mining techs, but that requires 1.8M of funds which is going to be a bit of a reach. Hmmm.
  15. I'm glad others are enjoying this story too. So year 13 is ending on many annoying notes. We launched a rescue craft to Valentina's crew around Eve, with a rover we plan to airdrop to Desktop on the surface. However partway there we realize we forgot any sort of heatshield for the rover. While waiting for the rescue to get there we took on some more in-system contracts Our first mission, a combined satellite launch/mun-orbit-rescue went poorly. After we got to the crazy -140 degree inclination for the satellite it turned out the separator was missing and we couldn't get the contract because we weren't unmanned. I later realized I could have just done an EVA for 10 seconds and we would have been good. To try to salvage the mission we went and ore mapped the Mun, which was interesting I guess. Not enough DeltaV to rescue anyone, so back to Kerbin where we somehow managed to land with a huge scanner still attached. We re-tried this launch, this time launching retrograde directly. But we started the gravity turn too early and solid rocket separation knocked off part of our engine stack. We recovered and still made orbit though. Satellite launch went OK, and we did rescue Kacy Kerman from orbit this time. Next on the list was a Pol flyby. We went to Jool space to look for our Jool orbiter, to find that the Kraken had eaten it at some point without notice. Weird. Instead we tried yet another ill-advised Minmus expansion, but we forgot to add critical probe cores to various parts so that was a big waste of time/money. The Eve rescue did happen! In theory Valentina and crew are on their way home! The Jeb rescue, not so great. The orbit was never good to begin with and nowhere near enough deltaV. So now we have to rescue Macie too. Anyway, full report with pictures here:
  16. Finally time to clear out some contracts. We have a Mun orbit rescue (not one of mine for once) and maybe we can get that missing science lab to Minmus Base at the same time. Launch went OK, very wobbly. Having a load-bearing probe core didn't help. The Munar rescue of Herely wasn't too bad, although of *course* he was in a retrograde orbit which I found out after I was already prograde. He and Daphty landed at Kerbin's North Pole, which had surprisingly little science. The probe took the science lab on to Minmus. This was hard as I forgot to put any SAS or RCS on the stage. Landing went OK, I learned my lesson and put landing gear on *all six sides* that way it's not possible to land upside down. And wheels are much better than sliding. Now docking, that was a pain last time, and we don't have any extra docking ports, so *dual claws* and *ramming speed* it is! Here's that science lab you were asking for, and we're delivering it in the most alarming way we can think of!
  17. Yes, I should probably look into kerbal alarm clock. I tend to like playing things as stock as possible. I had a little bit of time to play again and I thought I'd try to sort out the mess around Ike/Duna. The rescue craft was docked in low Ike orbit, attached to a ship that held the 3 Kerbals from multiple previous rescue attempts. We managed to get them from a low polar orbit to IkeStationZebra which was in a high-equatorial orbit! We thought we should get a station expansion contract completed, but forgot it was yet *another* ship in Duna orbit that had the expansion parts (and had run out of fuel) Switch to the expansion ship... only to find Detrix and Bill had been flung out of their parking orbit by Ike at some point and were now orbiting the sun. Great. We wanted to grab the plant-a-flag on Duna contract, so Merrie was sent down and he managed a nice landing. So once again Ike is the source of many problems, and IkeStationZebra is quite crowded with 6 kerbals now. See full report with pictures:
  18. Thank you for the card, with the cartoon nurse... Good news! After three tries we finally successfully made a Moho landing! Not coming back any time soon though unfortunately. Desktop Kerman, who had been on the aborted previous Moho landing, re-routed his ship so he could be the first Kerbal on Eve. That went surprisingly well (for him anyway) but due to some lack of planning his capsule didn't have a transmitter so none of that glorious Eve science made its way back to headquarters. Also in this update: The Eelo probe finally made it to perapsis. Recently returned Robert was quickly debriefed and has been launched on a mission to the Joolvian system. An attempt to re-use a refuel rocket to do a mineral scan of Kerbin failed (it has to be a polar orbit? really?) The launchpad has started exploding on every launch for some reason, even though I don't think the ships I am launching are significantly different than previous ones. The little ones in the family wanted to make a "Kermal" spaceplane. It only occurred to me later that I should probably switch to a sandbox save before attempting this. Full report with pictures can be seen starting here:
  19. After two years travel time Merrey's recuse finally made it! A lot happened in the interim. We established a Minmus base, but forgot to send a scientist so our lab was useless We sent a scientist and some more rooms for a base expansion contract, but forgot to include the auxiliary lab. This involved a lot of dangerous sliding around the surface of Minmus under thrust, would have been useful to have ski-landing parts. Two failed Moho missions, mostly due to serious lack of Delta-V. A third one is now on the way that hopefully will fare better. We're Moho bound! From Kerbin it's up but to Moho we go down! As said, Merrey did arrive at Ike and docked with the castaways. We'll see if we can get them to IkeStationZebra without incident. Robert, captain of the first ill-fated first Moho mission, made a dramatic re-entry over Kerbin at 5000m/s with a perapsis of only 10,000m. Most of his ship exploded (it took KSP over a minute to process 5s of explosions) but he landed successfully after some last-minute panic when the corner of the parachutes were stuck inside the cargo bay and had to be manually deployed. Desktop, captain of the second ill-fated Moho mission, is possibly now on a collision course with Eve. A rescue planned mission was sent to get Jeb from his 5-year deep-space expedition. Our Eelo probe arrived, but it's going to take it 200 days to get to perapsis. More adventure is in store, although a Jool launch window opens in 10 days so maybe that will take precedence. Pictures and more details can be found continuing here:
  20. Well, the Ike space station addition lacked sufficient deltaV, trying to use the lander to enter orbit ended up blowing all the RCS and solar panels off, and the ship finally ended up in an orbit inclined 90 degrees to Duna. So we're going to mark that as a "partial success". In the meantime we went to a Canadian LOTR cosplay convention and hired Kerbalnauts Merrey and Luny. Their only goal was to get some "quick" funds/science by planting a flag on the Mun. They ended up landing sideways on a crater rim and rolling a very long way to the bottom (but from the looks on their faces they were having a great time). The Jool probes were more successful, now have a small probe in orbit of all the smaller moons in the Joolvian system. We forgot to include batteries on them though so trying to return science is a very slow process. While waiting for the Eelo and Dres probes to get anywhere we've designed a Duna super-booster with excessive delta-V and we've sent Merrey out to see if he can clean up the giant mess on Ike, though I suspect he might just make it worse. Full writeup with pictures continues here:
  21. So after a long break from the game, I'm playing Career Mode for the first time (on v1.0.5). After 10 years of game time: Valentina and friends are stranded on Gilly (due to a contract and mis-estimation of deltaV) There's a massive (and still growing) space station around Ike, due to various inscrutable contracts. There was a manned mission to Ike, and three successive rescue missions have gotten them at least to high orbit though not quite to the station yet. Currently probes are being launched to all remaining major objects in the system. We should get getting good science soon, all except for Dres which is confounding attempts at getting an encounter. A massive space station has just been put around the Mun (as per contract it has a *huge* amount of fuel for some reason. Are they planning to sneakily take off to Laythe at some point, ALA 2010?) Jeb was calmly hanging out in a "stable" parking orbit near Duna (though out of fuel) until he got too close to Ike and got ejected into interplanetary space. We're sort of at a science bottleneck until the probes get in. I guess we could start exhaustively science-mining Minmus instead. If you want a full report including pictures you can start reading here:
  22. I'm sure this has been done before, but the collision of an upcoming birthday of a space obsessed child, a random "free photobook" coupon that came in the mail, and too many consecutive evenings reading children's books, has led to me making a silly book of my own using KSP screen captures. Part of the challenge was I only wanted to use pre-existing screenshots I had already taken; I did not stage any new ones even though that would have made for less graphical artifacts and fewer continuity issues. Anyway it can be seen here:
  23. The young kids enjoy helping play Kerbal, though they mostly jostle my arm, press random buttons at inopportune times, and complain that "dots and line" mode (maneuver nodes) is boring. It does lead to a different playing style. Some random explorations, including getting a rover stuck in the pool: A trip to Duna:
  24. No far-flung adventures this time, just the joys of seeing a decades-old rocket plan finally implemented! We'll get back to rescuing Jeb next time.
  25. The Jool mission returned! Though only half of the initial crew made it back, and they had to be rescued from deep-space Kerbol orbit. The rescue was made difficult by the upgrade to KSP 25.0 as my standard refuel ship was too heavy and destroyed the launchpad. At least the explosions were pretty while sorting that out. Of the initial 13 crew, the following made it back safely: Bob: returned safely Al: returned safely Herlong: returned safely Lodfrey: returned safely Aldley: returned safely Ading: landed on Pol, returned safely Lenburry: commanded the rescue craft Please remember the following brave Kerbonauts did not make it back: Alfrid: crashed on Tylo Billy-Bobry: crashed on Tylo Milford: crashed leaving Laythe Derler: stranded on Laythe Jenwin: landed on Bop, got lost, ended up on Eve? Kenney: with the Kraken on Bop Kellas: stranded on Pol Complete mission logs and pictures can be found here: