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  1. Thank you so much V8jester! You just saved me much pain and searching.
  2. Well thank you for the quick reply. p.s Had i known this was a "bug" I would of gladly never posted. The known issues section in the OP states " SCATTERER AND CLOUDS DO NOT SHOW UP IN THE MAIN MENU. ".
  3. I can't get Kerbin to look as good as some of the posted screenshots. I installed the latest Scatterer and then SVE HR 1.1.4 on a fresh gamedata folder (to make sure I wasn't having compatibility issues). It does look a lot better then stock but it's no where near as nice as some of the posted shots. (even the one on the first main post). Am I missing something or have done something wrong? Please help. (I tried searching for a readme or post on the matter but could not find anything, so please excuse my ignorance) Here is a screenshot of what my Kerbin looks like.
  4. Is there a way to get the EIMFD to display on one of the ALCOR monitors?
  5. Is there a way to get the Engine Ignitor EIMFD to display on one of the ALCOR monitors ?
  6. First; let me just say Thank You for this great mod. Works so well with my hardcore career mode. Second; I see you had put the "Planned Supported Mods" and "*These will probably only be implemented if requested". So, if it hasn't been done already i would like to humbly request the implementation of FASA and HGR (Although HGR is undergoing a "Mod Reboot" so maybe best to wait on that one?). Either way Thanks again!
  7. Look in the README file for TextureReplacer. Right near the top, All the texture names/file setup (plus a lot of other useful information) can be found there.
  8. Having the same issue since the lastest update. Using Astronomers pack aswell. Skybox and the Kerbal Space Program title are blacked out, While kerbin has odd overlaying textures on it. All is fine once in game.
  9. Excellent mod! Very well done. Had an idea for it, not sure if this has been brought up already. But make a part for it thats added to the ship. Thus allowing it to be intergrated into the career tech tree as a unlockable later on in your career game. Just a thought. Either way thanks for the great mod!
  10. Just wanted to say thanks! Updated very quickly an with my requested option. Amazing work, Thanks again!!
  11. Is this outdated? Or not compatible with x64? I could not get this to work. I followed the instructions however a couple things didn't add up. First I could not find any setting relating to Anisotropic Filtering. Second I could not find any KSP_win folder, an instead installed all files (including the d3d9.dll) within ".../SteamApps/Common/Kerbal Space Program" Where my KSP _64.exe is located. Would really like to try this out
  12. Could you please add a option to disable the revert button? As much as its an excellent option to the default revert system, I like to play on a revert free game, and yes just not clicking it is an option however my toolbar is getting a bit crowed, and i'm not sure if i could resit the temptation (Those engineers better get it right the first time before they dare strap Jeb inside a creation ). Either way thanks for the excellent mod!
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