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  1. Shame you didn't mention Roverdude in that list. While I admit to being biased, I sincerely hope it was just an oversight considering how much Roverdude has contributed to the community as a mod author before becoming a NDA Developer. Personally, I have a negative experience with anything TTI has done with its' previous acquisitions, so I do not hold out much hope for the future of KSP. If it doesn't make money for them within 6 months, they drop resource allocation to something resembling absolute zero, then officially kill it citing "lack of demand". It would be fanFRIGGINtastic if my prognostications are proven wrong. Only time will tell. ~M~
  2. Indeed. I've mocked up a few of the ideas I had so far but nothing is working for me yet. Ideally I wanted to reuse the stock ore radial drill and/or MEU drills but they just don't work with the given size constraints or interfere with the landing legs / wheel placements. Keep in mind I'm an amateur and this will take me quite some time. ~M~
  3. Not to clutter up the thread with non-crp issues, but if someone else lands here from searching: SCANsat uses it's own method for determining what sensors can "see" which resource(s). You can get more information over in that thread, including how to add / remove resources from the part.cfg. ~M~
  4. Please don't feed the Goldenpsp troll ... he gets .. well ... cranky ... in after hour twitch streams .... ~M~
  5. Zeta, The Community Resource Pack is mainly for mod authors to collaborate to set a "definition" for a certain resource that stock KSP does not cover. It's a hive mind that tries to agree that X unit of Y resource is agreeable to everyone that uses said resource in their mod. Thus, when everyone agrees with the definition, they can make their mod so that they don't step on each others' toes with regard to 1.5m tank can only hold Z amount of the resource. It makes interop between mods very easy and virtually seamless to the "end user" when it comes to said resource. The resources that are specific (or created by a particular mod) are curated by that mods' author. If I understand one of your issues correctly, it is that the CRP list isn't alpha from top to bottom and you would like to see that done so that you can more easily compare your changes to the CRP list. So in essence you are asking all of the mod authors that use CRP to update their mod distributions with a new alphabetized listing, regardless of curation sublisting .... for your own benefit and no real change is made except for line numbers. The mod authors have no wish to re-release their mods with a new version number only because they need to bundle a new alphabetized version of CRP resources. It makes little sense to me to have 13 mods (arbitrary number) repackage their mods because CRP went from version z.b.c to z.b.d and now CKAN/ KSP_AVC / KSP start screaming at the end users to update to the newest version that is simply alphabetized and no real changes made. A lot of work for various people for not a lot of gain. As a "user" and not a mod author that has taken a dependency on CRP for your "modifications / additions" ... you are asking quite a few folks to make a change that in reality only makes your particular circumstance easier. I too make modifications to many parts of KSP ... in my own CFG files with module manager. KSP is fantastic in this regard, along with most mod authors making the variables changeable in the cfg files to suit your own playstyle. I will not debate the removing of X resource in CRP for whatever reason. I personally can't think of a reason why ~8 lines in a cfg file would make any impact on my game performance so I can't intelligently comment. What I do ask is that you consider the big picture here. The goal of CRP is well stated in the OP. "But what if I want my own resources?!" Go for it. CRP does not dictate what resources your mod has or how you use them, just that you don't create ones that conflict with ones already there in CRP. If you feel that an established resource in CRP is wrong, take it up with curator of that mod's resource. They made the mod, you might not agree with it at times, but ultimately it is their mod, their resource definition, and you can either work with it or mod it to your preference. If you mod it to your preference, don't expect it to be changed in CRP since that may break another mod that depends on the established definition in CRP. Respectully, ~M~
  6. I was watching some twitch streaming tonight and heard that RNW is super busy with a new job and that pesky Real Life stuff. Hopefully he will find some spare time to update the mod in the coming months. ~M~
  7. It's out just in time for the holiday gaming season! Thanks Roverdude! ~M~
  8. RoverDude, I was playing my (mostly) stock career save tonight and got irritated with some power requirements. I decided to drop in USI_Core for the reactors and they show up fine. However, I did discover Kontainers don't show up at all. As currently configured, they still require USITools to put them in their own tab. This is not a big issue for me as I simply made a MM patch to put them into Utility. New users may find this confusing and be unable to fix it themselves if they aren't using any other USI mods that include USITools. So I was wondering if this was intentional or just an oversight? I realize the tanks are mainly useful for USI resources but can still be helpful in stock. I can think of a couple of solutions such as including USITools with the download, adding a quick blurb to the first post about needing USITools to be able to use the Kontainers, or just adding in a MM patch similiar to what I made for myself. I'm willing to make up a MM patch to move them around the stock tech tree nodes, hide the KIS Kontainers if KIS is not installed, etc if you would prefer to go that route. ~M~
  9. Yes, for quite some time now. edit the settings.cfg file LIFE_SUPPORT_SETTINGS { SupplyTime = 324000 CausesDeath = false ECAmount = 0.01 OrangeImmunity = true HomeworldAltitude = 50000 }
  10. I must admit, I'm confounded on this one. You want the parts to show up in Utility, instead of the custom defined MKS tab? Many people I've seen post of the past months I've been playing want more filtering to find parts easier and resort to mods to help them do this and not clutter up the utility tab further. To be clear, you are asking for the opposite ... to put everything into Utility and add more clutter?
  11. [quote name='Sequinox']For some reason I can't find the download in the dropbox?[/QUOTE] [url][/url] Downloading from the Github repository is normally a safe bet for all of Roverdude's released mods. ~M~
  12. [quote name='Venusgate']It may be my playstyle, but a trip to minmus and back takes dangerously close to 15 days. But a snacks for one for 15 days is way too little to use the 1.25 tank, or even an asymmetrical radial tank. Any chance of a wee tank, or procedural parts cfg?[/QUOTE] Use one or two life support mini paks? the 1.25 holds 500 and the mini paks hold 100 each. They should be right before the 1.25 inline tanks in the list. ~M~ [COLOR="silver"][SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE][/COLOR] [quote name='GokouZWAR']Ok no sweat. I've already rolled back to 1.5, but if it won't make a diff i'll put it back to "1.6" and roll with it. [/QUOTE] Using the previous version will cause all kinds of exceptions to be thrown. At least it did for me when I tried the same thing while testing. [COLOR="silver"][SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE][/COLOR] [quote name='GokouZWAR'] ... This apparently has worked perfectly, because now she's back to engineer status. :) Are there any other places I should modify?[/QUOTE] If you can recall what each one was that you hired, it will work for you, certainly. You could even change all of the orange suits to be pilots if you felt like it. However, I will stand by what I said earlier ... give RD a chance to fix whatever is causing the problem. He'll find it and drop a MKS base on it to squish it permanently. Doing a "workaround" to solve your immediate issue is completely legit, but let's not take this too far and assume it will not get fixed pretty fast. ~M~
  13. Rolling back USI-LS to 0.1.5 in KSP 1.0.5 will not work. Give Rover a chance to look into it and get a fix out. He has been made aware and I logged the issue into Github already. ~M~ [COLOR="silver"][SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE][/COLOR] [quote name='Legendary Emu']Is anyone else getting something where there is two USI-LS toolbars and duplicates of all the parts? It's getting quite frustrating trying to figure out why.[/QUOTE] My first thought is that you have it installed twice or have nested gamedata folders. Make certain you only have one install. ~M~
  14. [quote name='Lalwcat'] .... but from that point on when I look at his job he is "Tourist". I've not tested if this prevents him from doing his previous Scientist job or if it's just a visual thing.[/QUOTE] I didn't even think to check if it was just a visual thing. I looked at the save file and they do have their professions still, along with tour = false. It may well be a glitch in the matrix ... EDIT: Ok, correcton: The type = crew does change from tourist back to crew. The Trait = Tourist is what is not being updated apparently. I just checked the difference between a quicksave before starving the poor things and the persistence file after recovering the vessel from orbit. I may have been looking at the one that doesn't change previously by mistake instead of checking all 8 of them. ~M~