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  1. Yes, I do know that. Yet, there are multiple reports of people running it in 1.10 with little issues, and I kinda hoped that someone encountered that particular problem before and found a solution. O r at least the cause.
  2. I am experienceing a rather inconvenient bug: my SSTU capsules detach their service modules when I focus on them in tracking station/revert the flight to start. Does anyone have any idea what may be causing it? Some kind of mod conflict, maybe? KSP verion is the current iteration of 1.10
  3. Hello, can I ask for a bit of help? I don't seem to understand how am I supposed to scan asteroids with this mod on. All I can get is the total amount of resources on an asteroid, not a by-resource breakdown. And that is not particularly helpful. I mean, I can just check in savefile, but that's a bit inconvenient.
  4. Thank you. I fell a victim to the shortcut issue, physics.cfg was in order.
  5. Could somebody tell me, is it possible to place a strut between two points with this mod? If it is, how does one do it? Please, help a noob in peril.
  6. I'm using ubuntu 14.04 and I ran into a bug. Well, the title says most of it. Neither the visual affects, nor the actual heating are applied. The 32 bit executable, interestingly enough, works perfectly. Install is not clean, it was a heavily modded 1.0.3, now patched to 1.0.4 and with all the mods removed. The bug was observed from the very installation, prior to modding.
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