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  1. IDK, just because you're tired of hearing about it that dosnt mean they have to stop talking about it. As long as they do it in a civil and respectful matter I think they should be allowed to voice their opinions (where appropriate, dont go spamming all over the place). That being said I dont agree with that sentiment at all. KSP is being built to be easy to mod, people have torn out and replaced the whole planetary physics system so I doubt they'd be successful in blocking and one part from being changed or improved by mods. yes, almost anything that they plan to get
  2. Should (?) work in 1.3 as well though it's not tested.
  3. Yeah, but it seems that broken games on day 1 are more prevalent now that online distribution is the main way to get games, when the devs can push updates at whim they're more likely to decide to get the game certified with lesser quality and push fixes later down the line. We've seen this happen with several games (the arkham series is a notable one) and publishing houses, with so much money on the line for a release date that was locked down up to a year before you're might not want to delay the game and that means that you're very likely to get caught up in issues and have to release
  4. A) lol. B) I hope this extra funding will push KSP in a better direction, it's understandable that with slowing sales Squad saw no viability in maintaining the same level of development so they decided to slow it down and possibly go with the TT offer.
  5. I sure do hope so! Those stories are but a few cases in a large publishing house. Not all games are being treated the same and I hope KSP gets the best treatment possible (as all games and development houses) but sometimes there are hitches in the road, whether it comes from management or marketing or issues with developers or fans. I dont want to be a naysayer I'd love it if KSP will continue to grow under the TT umbrella.
  6. Those are personal conversation I've had with devs working in well known companies on well known titles under Take Two and 2K specifically. I'm sorry I cant provide sources out of respect to the privacy of the people I talked with. But be sure this is industry wide - look on all the half finished buggy games that are coming out lately.
  7. I've heard some stories from devs on how TT work, I wont divulge most of the details but let's just say that funding can be tight, quality is sometimes sacrificed for hitting deadlines and community support is not at the top of their priorities
  8. Knowing Take Two Interactive I do not trust them. This wont be the end of KSP as some will surely say and it saddens me to see this game go to the hands of TT but I guess if it means TT gets it or Squad shuts it down I'd prefer the game to continue existing (maybe now work can start on KSP 2? new engine?) Good luck to the devs and Squad! oh and to Take Two Interactive - Dont mess this up.
  9. IIRC from talks with NathanKell I've had about this water are actually around 1g/ml so normal density of distilled water (though it might be 1.5g/ml) it's just that some parts are very buoyant, I wasnt thinking about realism just about a general way to make it more viable and easy. I know how hard fluid dynamics can be (I've dealt with it...what a nightmare) just tweak the density of parts
  10. This really seems like the OP wanted to get banned or at least a warning, looking at the almost intentionally vague answers to simple questions make it seem like there wasnt much thought dedicated to this topic and the insistence of using what some called "annoying" spelling and accusing people of trying to "change their personality" make me think this wasnt a real concern of the OP. Now, on to the topic at hand, I do agree that some parts are just absurdly buoyant and that this needs to be changed. Fuel tanks can stay buoyant to fit their characteristics as LOX and RP-1/liquid meth
  11. cool new rover wheels but those seem kind of specialized and limiting, I'm sure the community will love robotics being integrated into the game. Other than that it's an overall Ok post. comparable to the average quality of notes from the old times Keep it going folks!
  12. Yes, and I payed the asking price for that product that was in early access and that had made promises to keep developing the game in exchange to me paying for it in advance. Now, I will concede and say that Squad has made more than it was obligated to with updates after 1.0.5 and I am thankful for that. and what about my bills? Just because I liked the game dosnt mean I'd like the expansion and if I am ok with not getting any extra content why should I buy it? would you be OK if every time you bought a game you were forced to by a 50$ Season pass in addition to your 60$ game? I d
  13. sure you can, you'll just have to build your own thermometer hinge.
  14. should have added /s .... it's a joke about all those conspiracy theorists
  15. It's what those "Big Planet" corps want to sell you mate! RESIST, Wake up sheeple!
  16. role playing is not allowed here mate, blame the rocket companies. /s
  17. Use the accelerometer. It's going to display any acceleration it notices. And please share your craft file
  18. It's not a Klaw K-drive, the Klaw is there to make it re-dockable. You are very much invited to test it yourself! Those were made in 1.2.2 Yes, they are quite easy to make now.
  19. I've been using the Klaw to do the attachments, it makes it much easier since i dont need to fiddle around with small docking ports or rotations (though a smaller version will need the 0.625m ports)
  20. This type of drive isnt affected from Krakensbane - I've produced 80+ G's of acceleration from 30m/s and it would just turn on and off when the aerodynamics kicks and knocks it out of alignment. this is great! a few suggestions- add an accelerometer to measure G's beyond 15 or use the F3 tab (there's a max acceleration tab), the core explodes due to overheating (you're traveling at 1.2+ Km/s in lower atmo- you're gonna generate a lot of heat) for optimal testing i use space (just warp it there with the cheat menu at Alt+F12)
  21. Yes. Both versions I have work via legs from one craft pushing on a different reattach-able craft. The second craft is a force mediator that makes the legs collide which creates a force on the original craft. The amazing thing is that with this tech it also works in atmo which makes it very powerful The inside is a 1.25m monoprop tank that is also constrained by panels inside. The bay is there to help constrain the tank and keeps it with the parent craft
  22. UPDATE: Now I have an even stronger variant- 80 G's! And it's reuseable! DOWNLOAD
  23. no...wait just a moment EDIT: it flies uncontrollably. Just not at 15Gs
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