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  1. I've been trying to make a rover that fits on the lunar module. Nice work sir Any links to a craft file so I may take a look?
  2. Hey @Eskandere, nice mod man! Where could I get the craft files for the nice planes in the sample planes pictures?
  3. what should I do to make this work with 1.2.2? Just download the appropriate versions of the dependencies and go? BTW, this mod has serious potential man.
  4. So, I got a 8700k at stock, a GTX 1060 6GB, and some 16 gigs of DDR4. Why am I getting less than 20fps when I fly a ~500 part ship?
  5. The D5 might not be the Common Centaur, but it isn't the one that was planned to be used on STS. It's the Centaur-G/T, or for BDB the 2.5/short 1.875m Centaur.
  6. Something like it exists. I think in the extras folder because I have tanks called Inon-D, Inon-D3, Inon-D5. The Inon-D5 tank might be the Common Centaur tank.
  7. @Jhorigga I have a list of problems here..... 1. The chutes, when deployed, and the heatshield, still attached to the Aeroshell (on both Phoenix and Viking) cause a very bad vibration until the heatshield is jetted. This vibration is bad enough to destroy Phoenix's solar panels. 2. a. The Viking orbiter, does not have a Solar Panel config, causing the end user to fix the old config with something b. Once the you leave the Viking orbiter with the panels deployed, and come back to it after leaving it on rails, the solar panels are still detected, but can not be deployed (may be from my configs) c. The Viking orbiter's solar panels does not give any power output at all, even while unobstructed. (may be from my configs) may add a couple more by morning. high school is tiring enough and I'm here late in the night.
  8. I think you still haven't placed antenna configs on both the probes.
  9. Stephen Baxter's book Titan showed Cassini aerobraking into Titan orbit to act as a relay for the manned mission there, in 2008. *glares at Stephen Baxter*
  10. Are the Cassini RTGs another special part or will we use the default Coatl RTGs?
  11. @CobaltWolf, mind creating a (albeit fictional) straight burning 2-segment Titan SRB?....... My ICBM just tumble during launch and I'm forced to use the Titan-I straight SRB....please?
  12. @problemecium, sir, were waiting for a working efficient and balanced warp drive for KSP now. Is this mod dead or will be updated at some time?
  13. So the next update should work in 1.2.2 just using the 1.2.2 dependencies?