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  1. ayyyo its my birthday in this timezone and the full release of the AS revamp is such a doozy big thanks
  2. Would it be possible for a nosecone door variant without a docking port? I'd like to use the benjee apas and bdb cads systems on this thing to nosedock with other vessels, and I couldn't figure out a solution that fits the default nosecone door. thanks
  3. Can the GU_Parts be installed in a game without using the GU Core or any of the systems?
  4. Is it just me or Tekto with 2.5x Rescale has the surface made of lava, instakilling everything touching down even at 0.1m/s? I first noticed with the Coatl Huygens, then further tested it out, the surface of Tekto on my install seems to be eating anything touching down on it.
  5. Awesome AARs man, but something I noticed with your pics and also previous posts... I seem to recall from my days of simming whole Apollo missions with AMSO in Orbiter 2006 and reading NASA docs, didn't the crew activate the LM (turning on stuff like antennas and comms, and extending LDG) before LOI to check if the LM is bad and they would go mission abort with the free return trj if so?
  6. made this last years man when they were starting to think of a wishlist for the Apollo-Saturn revamp, hope it helps
  7. oh hey that's kinda awesome what you sketched there man just what I'm really looking for, would be nice if plans for it also has a b9 switch for 1.5x to 2x length kind of like the adapter between the orion and SLS block 1a config in this old SLS concept image, so yeah that cylindrical CSM adapter looks really cool, and i for one, vouch for it to be implemented, thanks cheers
  8. Awesome work guys, however is it possible for the SLA to have an lengthened version, however fictional it may be? long tank Saturns with their humongous payload capacity are extremely awesome and interesting but i find it frustrating in how I am only limited to only functionally the LEM being put under the CSM, limiting what I can bring up with it and what to do with Apollo. yep i know about procedural fairings interstage adapters, or the stock proc fairings, but i'd like for more something more within the BDB art style or like BDB SAF fairings, even if they don't work like SAF, we have B9 partswitch for lengths even for tankages i mean. even a half S-IVB or S-IVB length extended SLA would be awesome, my 2c cheers
  9. Wasn't this the behavior of the SLA a few updates ago? I remember playing BDB on KSP 1.2.2 and the Saturn SLA could be closed and tweakscaled, allowing for Bird 1/You Only Live Twice recreations.
  10. https://www.orbiter-forum.com/threads/orbiter-is-now-open-source.40023/ think this may be relevant, the predecessor to KSP is now open source lads
  11. Holy smokes great stuff man! But me being a nitpicky guy and seeing that Orion high-gain antenna, can you make it animate that it always tracks Kerbin, like the Mariner 10 HGA in BDB and the Dragonfly HGA in the Bumblebee mod? I remember seeing renders where the HGA was pointed and was tracking Earth in that Constellation lunar landing render. But all to that, really great stuff shown here man!
  12. There was talk back in 2014 that NASA will use J-2X on the EUS before they settled on using quad RL10s in 2016. Would be nice to have that kind of flexibility with an x1/x2 engine mount for the current EUS model using the reDirect J-2X. thanks!
  13. Oh and one more thing may I suggest? Could the EUS have a 1x or 2x engine mount for us to simulate those EUS proposals that used either 1 or 2 J-2X engines? reDirect also provides a J-2X, so no need for a new engine just a new mount... cheers, man!
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