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  1. Holy smokes great stuff man! But me being a nitpicky guy and seeing that Orion high-gain antenna, can you make it animate that it always tracks Kerbin, like the Mariner 10 HGA in BDB and the Dragonfly HGA in the Bumblebee mod? I remember seeing renders where the HGA was pointed and was tracking Earth in that Constellation lunar landing render. But all to that, really great stuff shown here man!
  2. There was talk back in 2014 that NASA will use J-2X on the EUS before they settled on using quad RL10s in 2016. Would be nice to have that kind of flexibility with an x1/x2 engine mount for the current EUS model using the reDirect J-2X. thanks!
  3. Oh and one more thing may I suggest? Could the EUS have a 1x or 2x engine mount for us to simulate those EUS proposals that used either 1 or 2 J-2X engines? reDirect also provides a J-2X, so no need for a new engine just a new mount... cheers, man!
  4. Great work man! I'll asking if we could get segmented versions of that like the reDirect SRBs and the BDB UA120X, specifically one with similar length to Space Shuttle 4-seg SRBs, to add a fictional payload improvement on the SOCK shuttle. Also saw your past work on Shuttle-C, it's great. cheers man!
  5. Sorry guys, but I don't seem to have an attachment node at the bottom of the rocket to add a MLP launch platform. Anybody also having this with the latest version?
  6. goofing around with the Shuttle and due to experience with scenery DEMs used in FS2004/FSX, I was wondering if anything we have now in the KSP mods that would allow for an SRTM radar payload that can be used with SOCK, preferably with Scansat functionality. Or has someone built an analog of it once?
  7. @Alcentar, man I am having issues with the latest version of this. When you open the cargo bay, the wings also seem to swing out in an extremely weird way... I have tried to fix this by installing each wing individually, but it seems the right wing does not have an attachment node on the side. The left wing however, seems to attach normally to the cargo bay, and does not swing out when installed that way. I had hope someone will have an attachment node config for the right wing, and/or a fix for this....
  8. Guys, would like to know what you use as Reentry Vehicles (that look realistic?) when using BDB rockets for less peaceful purposes. Jupiter MRBM and Titan II I can make things that look real up, but idk what to use as a nosecone with Atlas and Thor...
  9. After further tinkering, with the common mods everyone uses here all variants of the USAF Space Launcher System can be recreated to some fidelity here... All payload described use the referential values of an 100x25° orbit in 2.5x Kerbin, which is what I use in trying out launchers.. SLS A-388 "Phoenix" - SLS-A core, 2x UA1205 SRMs - ~11t payload SLS A-410 - SLS-A core, 4x UA1205 SRMs - ~17t payload SLS AB-825 - SLS-B 1st stage, SLS-A 2nd stage, 4x 2-segment SSRB - ~25-30t payload SLS BC-2720 - SLS-C 1st stage, SLS-B 2nd stage, 4x 2-seg
  10. I was lurking on Cobalt's stream last night here and some random dude on the chat went on about making the USAF Space Launcher System with the Fatlas tanks switched to LH2, J-2 and UA1205s, complete with an Orbiter add-on pic about it. Figured I might post this here first... Lycus L02 (SLS A-388 Phoenix)- ~11t to 100x25° in 2.5x Kerbin Core stage was lit up after booster separation like the everyday Titan... used the Titan I engine shroud tweakscaled to 2.5m to house the J-2...all in BDB
  11. Would be great man if both the Shuttle and Saturn launcher platforms get the same horizontal leg position alignment like the Atlas pad, where you can align the platform legs as you choose. Right now, the Shuttle MLP legs are kinda misaligned and funny when the External tank is aligned towards the VAB Door, which is the optimal usage when using Tundra LC-39 statics.
  12. All done with BDB, SOCK, and Photon. Used a S-1C engine mount with more procedural fairings engine mounts to be able to fit the RS-68Ks. I did not use a 3rd stage, after the ET and the RS-68s it was a 5.625m tweakscaled S-IVB and a S-1C Flat bulkhead using LH2/LOX fuels powering 5 HG-3s, as I find fitting either Restock or reDirect J-2X not be able to fit in place. Also, can anyone create something like a MM patch to make a RS-68K part variant to have ~50% more performance, to simulate for the lack of the RS-100 engine?
  13. How about 10x RS-68Ks for a guaranteed ~195-200t to 100x25° 2.5x Kerbin? hmm, shuttle tank decoupler also didn't work on this boi
  14. gonna wait for a few BDB hotfixes, which I'm totally certain will follow, now that the public can access and experience bugs instead of us dev version users, before I make the jump to 1.10.1. Really nice job guys, the increase in quality is noticeable in both the parts, and should I mention, the doubling of the filesize from bdb 1.6.x to now XD
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