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  1. Is there any guide or craft file on instructions on building the recon satellites like the KH-7 in BDB?
  2. @Rodger, very impressive work on this mod man, I appreciate the versatility of to probe core to be either a drone body or a rover hahaha. Would you mind adding a interior decoupler for standard sizes with the Bumblebee aeroshell? like a 1.25-1.875 diameter interior decoupler truss? This would enable making Viking/Phoenix type standard landers very easy to make.
  3. I'm using the spacedock version of BDB in color....guess I'll have to check some cfgs out hehe
  4. Guys did the Kane parachute get nerfed in the latest dev build? I don't know but my Apollo and Orions are smashing in the water at near 150m/s hehe.
  5. Nice to see the foldable rover wheels from Making History DLC fit into the ballistic aeroshell and probe core like a glove. As this Bumblebee can't fly on Duna yet....I might have to bring this rover there haha
  6. Any craft files for this man? Kinda having trouble building it myself hehe
  7. same to me in 1.8.1 running 157 various mods also with OPM. Thing is, everything works fine until I open the tracking station. After that creation of maneuver nodes and EVA are disabled. Only opening the Tracking Station produces the bug; the astronaut complex, mission control, admin building do work rather fine. My current workaround is to close the save and open it again from the main menu, though. edit: I can also EVA without problem using Ship Manifest though, even when bug is active.
  8. I've been trying to make a rover that fits on the lunar module. Nice work sir Any links to a craft file so I may take a look?
  9. Hey @Eskandere, nice mod man! Where could I get the craft files for the nice planes in the sample planes pictures?
  10. what should I do to make this work with 1.2.2? Just download the appropriate versions of the dependencies and go? BTW, this mod has serious potential man.
  11. So, I got a 8700k at stock, a GTX 1060 6GB, and some 16 gigs of DDR4. Why am I getting less than 20fps when I fly a ~500 part ship?
  12. The D5 might not be the Common Centaur, but it isn't the one that was planned to be used on STS. It's the Centaur-G/T, or for BDB the 2.5/short 1.875m Centaur.
  13. Something like it exists. I think in the extras folder because I have tanks called Inon-D, Inon-D3, Inon-D5. The Inon-D5 tank might be the Common Centaur tank.