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  1. Landertek creator here! I can't find time for KSP at the moment, but I'm thrilled to hear my mod's still got a couple of players interested! I'll update the original post if I can, but I'd love for you guys to do what you want with it, including continuing development and/or distribution. So let's just call it WTFPL license. Have fun!
  2. You could query or stream SpaceCenter.UT or the active vessel's vessel.MET at the same time to get a measurement of game time elapsed?
  3. Yeah, I've really just abandoned this one, and not had time to KSP at all this year. Sorry! Everything except the landing gear should work, though the cfgs likely need weight and aero tweaks!
  4. I'm working on some arm parts at the moment! Sorry that Gyazo creates such low res screenshots... but it's easy and fast... I'm planning to release them for Sirkut's plugin (in fact offering to let him release them with the plugin, if he'd like.) as wholly built single part arms, but also planning to release the individual pieces as IR parts, for people who want to assemble their own arms. There also seem to be some things that monolithic arms are better at, and some things that IR arms are better at... so there will be people that prefer one over the other. That's all by w
  5. Infernal robotics is quite easy, as far as mod making skills go. If you find your way through all of the other steps, making a part work as an infernal robotics hinge will be simple. A quick look at the .cfg file for the IR parts will show you that you can essentially copy the module from that file and insert the names of your two mesh pieces, as they've been labeled in blender or unity, and set the axis and call it good. If you get everything else working and want help with that part, feel free to shout!
  6. I'm not confusing mass with anything. I'm saying instead of tracking two numbers in software... track one, and scale it based on gravity (calculating weight in situ, effectively.) The person above me had suggested a mass limit and a weight limit be recorded... and I was pointing out that coding a weight limit would only make sense on one body... better to just say "You can move x amount of mass in orbit, and it scales down the greater the gravitation, since you're working against inertia AND gravity, when you're lifting weight. Mass is a function of the Higgs Boson, most likely, though u
  7. I just want to say that I love the irony that you got a snarky reply from a random user, then a straight and helpful reply from @Snark
  8. Darn... figured it out before I got here with my obnoxious answer. Oh, DeltaV is easy! Go ahead and grab 2 or 3 sheets of paper... then write down the wet and dry mass of every tank... and the isp of every engine... and then....
  9. I've thought about that too.... or rather, that the mass limit should scale based on gravity, when you're landed... Wrestling 500kg into place on the Mun is a different animal than doing the same on Kerbin... though... I don't want to have to break out the slide rule and look up gravitational parameters when I'm packing a container and need to know what I can lift on Duna... so I think not complicating it any more than necessary is the right call.
  10. @Munar Industries Thanks for the kind words! Yes, you've done a FANTASTIC job of balancing the urge to be complete with the urge to keep a mod from getting bloated. In my opinion, you've got it just right - there's not a single tank in your pack that doesn't have an obvious use case! They look better than the stock tanks, but without changing the style so much that they don't still 'fit in.' Really great work!
  11. But be careful. Alt-f5 is ANNOYINGLY CLOSE to Alt-f4.
  12. Not that you need to know for this application, but you can also move things heavier than 1000 kg if you have multiple kerbals in range of the part. Their lifting abilities stack! That's hard to use in orbit, but when base building it can be important.
  13. Ahh! That makes sense. Does it seem like it ought to be possible to have more than one controlled joint in a single part? I'm working on a pack of arms that will be compatible with Sirkut's arm plugin, but I thought it would be cool to make it work with IR too... if it were possible. I suppose I could cut the models up and release all of the different pieces, but that's not really what I'm going for with the part pack. I want to just give users a handful of arms that 'just attach and work.'
  14. And the Munar Industries tanks are one of the most gorgeous and useful sets of tanks available. They fill so many gaps in the stock tank lineup - all of the times you've said "I wish I had a tank that..." are suddenly realized. I'm a big fan. It's the only set of tanks I keep installed.
  15. There we go! Great work! I LOLed at the pictures!
  16. When you said 3 joint test, did you mean a single part with multiple servos built in? As in, a robotic arm that could be all one part, instead of requiring assembly? If so, can you post a module example so I can give it a try? I tried putting two copies of ModuleIRServo_v3 in a single config file to try to move two different segments of a parented tree of meshes... and... it did not work as expected. Multiple transforms were being rotated ,not just the one I'd named as the moving mesh.
  17. I've only been neglecting it a couple of years! lol. I'll take a look to make sure the new version still compiles, then I'll get a Github repo up in the next few days.. The core functionality works, I'm just slow at trolling my way through the whole Mechjeb API. If memory serves, the ascent, landing, maneuver planning, node execution, docking, and rover autopilots are all essentially there. If I get it up on the internet, maybe someone with more free time than me will jump in and do some copy / paste and find/replace to help implement the missing modules!
  18. That sure SHOULD work. Like I said, it's been so long since I've actually looked at it, that I'm not sure where the problem is - it could be a change in KRPC, or in MJ itself... Or it could be the .net version as you suggested? @djungelorm is way smarter than me, so I bet he has more useful input. I'll poke around later to see if I see something obvious.
  19. I'm about 80% of the way through totally rewriting the krpcmj plugin to use reflection... the code as it is is a couple of years old... so I can't really hazard a guess as to all of the ways it might be broken. That said...from that error, first question... the mechjeb service is separate from the space center service... and that error says it's not found in the SpaceCenter service. Are you sending commands to the mechjeb service at conn.krpcmj?
  20. Coupled with tweakscale, the IR parts can get small.
  21. I just tried out Vivero's mod last night and WOW. Docking two ships nose to nose from inside the cockpit was pretty incredibly immersive.
  22. Or KRPC. I enjoy writing software for my rockets as much as I enjoy building them!
  23. I'd have no faith in the physics repeating. Floating point errors abound in KSP.
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