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  1. Any chance an update is coming for this plugin to make it compatible with KSP v1.4.4? The warning message telling me to use an older version of KSP is becoming bothersome.
  2. Any chance an update is coming for this plug-in? The warning message displayed on startup saying Station Parts Expansion Redux isn't compatible with KSP v1.4.4 is becoming bothersome.
  3. Does anyone have any thoughts about this issue? I'm sure someone on this thread must have an idea.
  4. I am experiencing what might be a bug. I have both KIS 1.2.3 and KAS 0.5.5 installed on the most recent version of KSP. I can install and fly around with the parts no problem. I can even extend my winch without issue. However, when I go on EVA and try to do anything with the electro-magnet, I am unable to grab it. The last time I played (a year ago, maybe) I could press the G key and my kerbal would grab the item. Now when I approach the item, I am given the option to climb it, which does nothing useful: Does anyone have tips on how to work through this problem?
  5. Hi there, I have been trying to get Station Science to work for some time but have been unable to so far. I can successfully load the plugin when KSP starts, I can build rockets using the Station Science parts, I can dock all of the Station Science parts together into a space station, but that's where my success ends. Once I've docked everything together into a station, no kuarqs are generated, no eurekas are generated, and no science is generated. It's like the parts have no function. I've recorded a quick 2 minute screenshot demonstrating the situation I've encountered. I'd appreciate it if you could take a look at the screencast and let me know what I'm doing incorrectly: Thank you in advance for your help! -Charles Magnuson