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  1. Having had a mis-spent youth with a good hand me down lego collection the whole Procedural parts aren't lego like still confuses me. I mean if I make a shape like a tank profile I can repeat that profile in one block high increments until I run out of blocks and It become one things as far as I'm concerns although it still could fall apart. Well just adapt to the changing situations on the fly. ie Bring it on as far as procedural goes for me . Tanks, booster, solar panels, wings the works. Have an off thread structural test in the part that might deform the tank in a future (milliseconds later) physics frame so the slow down happens as things go pear-shaped and you can watch the full glory of the explosion.
  2. Would assume most major theme updates and DLC will each have a new system to well offer challengers specific to the each new game mechanic.
  3. I am excited for the Mac edition
  4. Steve Jobs showed the the first Halo demo seen in public at Macworld New York last century.
  5. Who does that leave given the Mac/Linux 15% were dumped 6months ago?
  6. I assume the Mun lander is caller R2-Detour?
  7. Sure as long as we at the same time don't underestimate the time skill and vision of KSPs community content creators and their willingness to share tip tricks learnings with each other and interested newcomers. The free publicity alone from foresting the community would sure cover maintenance and improvements of a tool that is used in house anyway.
  8. Unless what you are trying to do is put the Kerbal back into orbit without a vehicle.
  9. In terms of game play it would take many months even years in game time for something happening at duna to travel back to Kerbin. Then even with in the system thing happen far apart that getting them together to interact is a skill in it's own right. How dense a game play situation are you expecting for this to be a real problem? Oh well can always be a mod - might even be one before offical multi player once we get a look at the game save file structure.
  10. Don’t most of the current mars mission plan involve sending ‘rescue’ missions prior to the crewed mission? supplies and tools not found in the original ship. Whole complete extra ships to come back to earth on. the difference here is Ksp is a game it can be fun to find your crew in unintended consequences then be able to work backwards to avoid or add an escape route. Sure Kerbals have the luxury of time that humans don’t so you can just launch a rescue seconds after the accident fully customised a decade later the survivors are just sitting waiting. Still it would be more fun to work on incremental success instead of progressively failing.
  11. Why not have different branches and just use one of the commonly available versioning systems to run it? It looks like GIT anyway so why not use those tools. Solves the transport issues of remote low interaction multiple players by using a well known system and game can then concentrate on close and live multi-player interactions in game. Ok so you need an editor that stops the merging with the main timeline to cause a paradox but in theory that could be as simple as blocking merges that paradox the timeline. Add say a system to that allows a contract to be issued in the past that solves the paradox if completed. or the player gets reverted to last stable position in their branch. I call it ground hog day mode. Crash and brake something "its Groundhog Day again" and you find yourself back before last burn or change in sphere of influence. Yes I'm a big fan of this idea. Let me plan by the seat of my pants. In the same way KSP wanted us to fly by the seat of our pants, crash, rinse, repeat, learn, laugh. Edit to add: Would love full "momento" mode ie have scenarios with say a capsule in reentry to KSP splashdown with 3 kerbals and bunch of science data on board from Mun or Duna or such and have to work backwards to put the mission together. Make great forum content as people post speed or efficiency runs.
  12. The terrain system has from what we have been told been rewritten, restructured and rebuilt. So frankly we don't know what is capable of or could be capable of given the stated gaol of the new game was to set up for another 10 years of continual game play and Sales revenue (facts of life). Sure what is being shown is a first step to take it from minimal product to system that could eat each of the bodies in the system to make a Dyson sphere would still be a massive under taking. overload this with multiplayer and it is certainly interesting. If they even want to take it that far is also a big unknown but it would allow a decade of interesting scope maybe even 3. So understand if they are thinking that sort of overhaul is KSP3 in 2040. I think it could be multiple DLC's not just one along this path. with say procedural (but still on rails) Planet generation in between before simple deformation of surfaces and caves and Kerbal made cravens for colonies.
  13. Didn't the orginal Mk1 cockpit look like this before it was replaced with the GA style Mk1 Cockpit? Agree they should have added the new one to the game instead of replacing.
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