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  1. Auto-Rocket?

    Kerbal Co-pilots. You don't get the skills unless you take them along.
  2. KSP Weekly: The Alien Discovery

    The new 1.85 parts seem to be more in the direction of these parts than the current stock parts. Well at least in the unshielded versions. Tank parts shown for making history have all locked in on similar end style of bolt plate and insulated dome.
  3. Why would people be mad?* It's a game. If new rules make the game more fun, challenging, interesting and social then why be mad. You still get more replay value in an engine that can handle multiplayer and could well then be moddable to suit the rules you want. I mean the great joy of KSP is it's moddable so the stock game doesn't need to go over the top they can stop at a basic workable position and leave scope. As for Paradox well surely if KSP wants** to be space agency game then paradox is just a fact of life. I mean there are people wondering around NASA thinking about all sorts of contradictory futures right now and that works. Do you they hold off launching an ISS resupply mission because another mission is pre-scheduled for next year and something might go wrong with the docking port? As for 1.4 *some people just like being mad!? **I realise given the state of the game this goal has probably been redefined these days.
  4. More Nuclear Engines?

    Hoping we'll see a whole range of engines in the 1.8m size that already been shown as part of Making history. A nuc in that size should be equivalent to 2.5- 3 1.25m units. Plus 3 of them should still fit on MK3 tank.
  5. Automated Drones?

    I always hoped Kerbals could learn basic moves themselves. Even if limited to basic milk run type flying. So two trained kerbals in a space plane between could take-off from runaway match orbit to a spacestation dock and return after a suitable amount of player interaction. another two with similar training could work on a Minmus refining station getting ore pods off the surface on a regular basis and get them back to drilling points. So it's not a full auto-pilot but a reason to value trained Kerbals and streamline some of the more repetitive flying. Or miner Engineers could go out and do some of their own exploring. Scientist Kerbals on the look out for stuff of interest to tell you.
  6. This would add to the idea Minmus is made of ice cream if it had fog in the valleys.
  7. Jumper Cables

    A small extendable docking port and socket would be useful in these situations. Especially say putting rovers in cargo bays so auto-strut quartermasters the load.
  8. A new type of mouse

    I just don't get why people mug their mouse? I think there is a reason most 6DOF devices are more puck like. In that, it's just easier to use them if your fingers are free to push and pull in the required direction.
  9. Advanced RCS Question

    So this would allow a cluster of non-gimble engines to vector thrust? That would be very useful.
  10. KSP Weekly: The 9th Planet

    Given they don't eat, drink or make the air foul by breathing. I assume they get in the capsules as they are craned into place in the VAB/SPH. After all the crew selection tab is there.
  11. KSP Weekly: The 9th Planet

    If there is it should have a massive bandwidth requirement.
  12. Newb Forum

    Also once you're there you can use search limited to that forum which in the past has been very helpful to me for both newb and intermediate answers.
  13. As in a very quick way to get to the last used saved file....? Yes Please.
  14. Multiplayer

    LOL 3 & 10 are already proven not true by mods. 1, 2, 4, 8 & 11 are technical but solvable. 5,6 & 7 can't be solved without getting better friends. Still not expecting it to happen at this stage.
  15. New node tool

    This feels like it would be a better node for most burns compared to the current system. Maybe more teachable/discoverable in terms of mechanics as well. Could it use the rotation widget used for building craft?