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  1. There was a brief and tantellising write up about the new "spacial graph" system that was part of allowing 3+ Body Physics for the twins. Not a lot of details but it seemed like a central system keeps track of everything in the games on rails. Then spawns sub-processes with just the information needed for the physics bubble. I guess it has further refinement as to what engages with physiscs calculations. Would seem like that would make it easy to have multiple of the sub-processes within a game for things like constant acceleration out of current player scope and I assume multi-player whe
  2. What if the functional restriction was that it started in one of the new other systems in a self supporting colony that had lost contact with KSC? It would be a like sandbox of only the parts that can be made from the resources of the colony.
  3. With any luck everything we know or suspect based on KSP1 tech tree will be wrong.
  4. Curious as to why Water doesn't get a mention as a resource. Surely the resource system will cover more than fuel for engines and extend to keep Kerbals alive and thriving. Would be nice to see distinct levels of mining a drill might get ore and water if sunk into ice or a lake. Special resources should present a distinct challenge if they exist.
  5. First time you use it it's a bit doughy second a bit toasty, third just dust.
  6. A DLC that adds Terrain modification to the game for better colony mechanics would be stellar and would seem a nice fit with Planet creation across a board range of players.
  7. KSP2 doesn't need to get everything right for everyone, it can let mods adapt play styles in the game. This seems to me to be a good summary of what they should get right give there is a solid example and they've been building from day one to include it. Would love to see if KSP2 for single-player and multiplayer might handle mods. If there are per-save mod set-ups would be great if there was mod syncing between players.
  8. Why would you want it for free? Free things are always worth less than you pay for them.
  9. Which includes building a shuttle to launch crew from Kerbin to rendezvous with interstellar craft which then burns to one of the new systems. Might need a few time-lapse montages.
  10. I do believe the Dev's have said a couple of times that mod support is a tent pole of the development, is important to building community for the new game and will be better than KSP. There was talk of documented scripting that part of the team is using to develop the game but not sure we've heard further as to what that looks like in the shipping product.
  11. You could then sell off excess capacity in the lift on an open market. Fun mechanic in multi-player, just maybe don't let your opponents use it in a space race they might plant low cost bombs.
  12. The AI in my computer is a bit of a CAD the point is I can learn faster with a visual that confirms or confronts my mental model.
  13. The whole games pretend anyway
  14. So if it’s hard for a computer to reason even thou it can run what 100s of simulations in a second then how is the player ever to learn? but the computer can run simulations faster than we can guess at it. So thinking mod design could I create fake paths with dV modified a known amount on one axis. Do that say 2 times per axis and should be able generate a line showing effect of each axis at that point. expanding from there it’s how many points can I quickly generate a shield of possibilities they could snap on . Yes not a magic answer just writing post still but still
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