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  1. Also, USI Asteriod Recycling Technologies ART has one as well. USI is basically stock in my book.
  2. Would it need to rotate? Why not spin the whole craft on that axis and keep most crew out of the central core of the craft.
  3. mattinoz

    Stock refueling solution

    Not only have they been invented they far exceed the abilities of anything mere humans have made.
  4. mattinoz

    Multiplayer in KSP 1.7

    After all hinted long along Delta-V has happened so the Dev's are the only ones who know what can be possible.
  5. mattinoz

    Stock refueling solution

    Quick poll of engineers would probably suggest adding a flexible fuel hose.
  6. Why not just “burn” it? if you’re going interplanetary once you know your ejection angle push your Ap out the orbit before to shorten the nuke burn.
  7. mattinoz

    Impossible Parts Ideas

    Engines that still face backwards when deorbiting so you can see where you are going. As sen on TV
  8. mattinoz

    A shortcut to lock brakes

    Unless you're in the Mac version. In that case the only way to lock brakes on is warp while the holding the B key and completely stopped. It's a version quirk, we get quit from anywhere. Windows gets brakes that work.*
  9. If you did want to add unlockable complexity then as shown (if I'm understanding it right) would be a great tier 1 where the setting apply to the readings for the whole craft. Next tier when we start flying a lot more orbital could let us set indended atomspheric conditions per stage. Final Tier intended body per stage. Tools would then follow nicely with the players progression. From sub-orbital, orbital, transfer and capture then landings
  10. Couldn't you use Bare Terriers and an engine plate to get a Poodle variant with as many nozzles as you want?
  11. If you also had a fog of exploration system you wouldn’t need do all computation for the system at the start. The act of observation could create the terrain as you go. Yes it would be valuable but would in be valuable enough. You’d have to be about to have different systems per save game. Which might open up other useful things but could be massive work. Id certainly pay for it as DLC.
  12. mattinoz

    A KSP Loading... Preview: Helmet Removal

    Yes the title of the update would look really bad if it's not to Vee until 1.7 or later.
  13. Yessss..... I guess v1.6 because 1.6kDv is a quarter of the way to anywhere?
  14. mattinoz

    Magnetic boots for EVA.

    Magnetic Cramps for cargo would also be good. Still feels odd you need a docking port inside a cargo bay.
  15. mattinoz

    Suggestion: "Parked" mode

    I did manage to get about 5 degrees of tilt out of a standard set of legs on 2.5m base by adding them individually, dialling up the dampers then adjusting springs.. Important to dial up the dampers or it's easy to launch craft. Couldn't the solution be both Invisble ground clamps and tweak the physics bubble to a much tighter radius when parked vessels are nearby. even as tight as 1m larger than the craft then at least you could get close and the engine only deal with the 2 that are close.