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  1. If it doesn't have a different file format entirely then it could be backward compatible or easy enough to write a convertor. Dev's have ruled out file transfer between versions 1 to 2 so safe to assume they think the new system is better for the game overall.
  2. So entirely on-topic for KSP 2 discussion thread then.
  3. I thought your average developer type hated co-operation and would take any excuse offered to go to their cave and write code without disruption.
  4. I won't call it a big problem... especially in the context of black market trade in toilet paper created by panic relating to medical misinformation.
  5. [~ snip ~] @Lisias has I think has answered the question well. Although it does seem odd you'd set up a contract to make a sequel and not give legal access to original. It's like making Empire but not allowing Luke. Leia and Anakin to be in it. Still good if it's fixed now.
  6. Trainable automation to me is one of those things that could keep the balance right between Fresh from the academy comical cannon fodder kerbals and a band of Kerbals I want to care about. Would love to see maybe a sliding window of training so baseline training starts higher as Kerbals a generally smarter. Ie. A late game 1 star Kerbal might be equally skilled to 5 start early game Kerbal if you keep a good rooster of higher star rated kerbals on staff. So the better you care the less grind there is.
  7. Could it be any worse than 8 players in Marathon map with lots of rocket launchers. (showing my age) To be honest no direct source, it was just mentioned in one of the community meets Nate interview summaries.
  8. Could be why multi-player is restricted to 4 players. Each must have a Squad Veteran on their roaster?
  9. Not replace, they'll still be Kerbin Squad but Duna team might get better gigs.
  10. If you consider Jeb, Bob & Bill all came from the original developers own trials and tribulations with rockets. It would fit the game sprite to me for players to able to have the ability to develop up our own set of veterans we care for. Allows for "red shirt" kerbals and the old seasons cliff hanger as one of the favorites is put in a risky situation. Tend to agree all Kerbals should start with a rounded range of basic skills. Specializations to me should crop up as missions, colonies, interplanetary ships demand greater complexity.
  11. A bit annoyed they still can’t commit to a Mac or Linux versions.
  12. Oh... Master you say this so neater and more elegantly than I managed.
  13. Actually KSP for a long time was billed as a Tycoon game in the making. Career mode was seemingly added in a hurry to get to version 1 because it couldn't tick the box as complete until there was some tycooniness like things in the game. I think the problem was to attracted customers with a promise that it didn't have a clear vision, but like the games mentioned it should be something that would give a logic structure the game and make them good for replay but also help push the player towards the next challenge without being heavy handed in a save but adds pressure to keep an eye on other things going on and keep them managed and it clearly doesn't constrain creativity in any of those game. Then it all fell over as the Team decided player must be able to single thread a mission from launch to landing and nothing could get in the way. Mean they avoided adding systems to help the player. KSP2 must break that curse or not both even trying to have a progression mode. Then again those games all hide difficultly in Maps or slider or some way to scale difficulty and throwing the player at different situations that is a path KSP doesn't have at it's disposal. Sliders and scales means the base systems never turns off a system, they are still reliable they just might not hit a point they become a constraint to the game play that save. Every Factorio Map has bitters, bitters always evolve and expand. The only binary is do they attack if not disturbed. Resources are allows somewhere just scale in spread. Agree fully KSP as it stands lacks a vision to make it a game beyond being a simulator. KSP2 needs game.
  14. If there is variations then Kerbals born in off world colonies should be different or at least be more likely to show certain traits based on the planet. So if there is a height range then Duna Kerbal would tend to be taller in the range, but Mun kerbals might be skinnier as food isn't going to be as mineral rich to support the extra height. Minmus kerbals plump from all the Icecream. and so on, etc, etc,....