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  1. What the Dev's are going to make all the required interface widgets for the game without setting up UI standard and modularity that would lend itself to future unknown interface widgets? Also they aren't going to set up one widget that works both IVA and non-IVA screen modes. Isn't that what people mean when they say RasterPropMonitor? That sounds like a bad plan for a team hoping to develop the game for 10years.
  2. If it has a system for widgets in IVA could we have same widgets running in standard game views?
  3. If consoles don't want to play nice with others that is their problem not mine.
  4. I think the Mirco-transaction model might be a bad place to be once the Epic/Apple case plays out of the next 18 months or so.
  5. Would changing the activation style do the job? Change from linear to cam Ease-in Ease-out profile.
  6. So we will see gameplay when it's time to get excited.
  7. KSP2 might be a better target for Mobile Game. "Water it down" to just Kerbin, Mum & Minmus as a standalone game, but allow to team with Multiplayer server of your own hosting to expand out to the full universe. Lots of players had lots of fun and never left Kerbin Sphere of influence. Scene Graph takes care of loading the subset of the universe you are playing in. Parts could be then limited to suit and again hotsync from your home hosted instance. If say you have the game focused to Duna it would only need the parts you have access to in the colonies in that zone. Treat each Zone of Influence as a level and assets loading on thos platform can keep the app package size down. With access to your home game from mobile you could use a commute to set up a whole bunch milk runs for colony building or such...
  8. Uniformity between players becomes less of an issue if players have credible flight planning tools in game.
  9. These sorts of tech trees are in so many games you'd think there would be a standard app and file structure that would work across many many games.
  10. All the more reason to stand ground and make the PC version better because it's modable. If Consoles want to lockdown that is their business choice they shouldn't inflict on others.
  11. It’s a Wacom Cintiq Pro one of the many toys I wish I had a work reason to justify purchasing.
  12. I'd say here is where going toward realism would be fun. Model science on what happened in our parallel universe. Kerbal versions of any experiment the general public would probably be aware of and might take an interest in. Could be great marketing to get people hooked on the game as they'd come with the desire to recreate those missions and get over the initial learning curves to do it. A cardboard voyager probe model hangs as a bit of sculpture in a Sydney CBD shopping centre but making a recreation in KSP is next is only possible with mods or DLC.
  13. Let us see what happen with physic and multi-bodies interacting. for colonies and Kerbals walking on colonies. Colony runsways and such. Better physics might allow home brew space cannons, also might be more useful on colonies with low atmosphere and orbiting construction given you can make fun but not useful cannons now to de-orbit Kerbals.
  14. Other than redundancy why would any parts go away if new ones come in with more advanced options. So first build could still be the same but third or forth might then have a chance at a different teachable moment with the player by showing then how to adjust drag of tail fins to keep rocket pointing in the right direction.
  15. No because.... Fertile ground for mods. Especially good for mods to cluster around a conceptually different tech tree to expand the game. Yer but no, this doesn't diminish console players the console makers should just work-out how to allow modding.