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  1. All really good again but to play Devils advocate but why not go a bit harder and do some reorganising of where the parts are? Current layout has lots of both eye-tracking and mouse-tracking while doing similar things. Would be nice to reduce by rethinking the layout.
  2. Given the poor state of video game ui ux generally that sure seems like a dumb requirement to knock skilled people out on.
  3. The fact they have offered a generous amount of free updates is certainly part of the "Brand value" which makes is easy to recommend and gift sales to new players. Market forces cut both ways.
  4. There is very much to love about this. I think collapsible could be revisited if more things were grouped. Like say antenna status and fuel supply. I mean aren't they all resources and having them at the top together make sense. While having controls I want to get to near the bottom.
  5. Kerbals are more like ballast. Dead weight that keeps the craft upright. make the little guys valuable before more computer controlled action.
  6. Wasn't one of the Squad purchases / Key staff moving on type events to "develop the Kerbal IP into other assets"? I mean who wouldn't want all sorts of Kerbal fun and mayhem? Prequals (unlike Star Wars) would on the other hand be amazing and could be completely different beasts. Build you own -> race car in Kerbal Kart. Planes in The Wright Kruft. Roller coasters in Karp K-tect* *Clearly I'm not applying for a Marketing Job.
  7. It wouldn't think there would be enough scope along the similar lines to build a new game mechanic with Kerbals as masters of there own destiny, not just ballast strapped into seats. To justify this as a key pillar of a DLC.
  8. Could there be a Hybrid? So each planet type has a bunch of tiles that can mix and match to make a whole planet and a randomised system takes care of stitching them together. 4 Planets variations then become maybe 40 tiles making 100's of variations possible. Add community content to that mix and fun ensures.
  9. Still will be interesting to find out how kal and axis groups interact? one we have a walker set up can you bind the repeat interval to throttle control can have the legs of the beast on one side swing less to steer in that direction when key is pressed.
  10. Why not Procedural? Well, at least key based procedural for sharing and caring purposes. That would keep the download and storage size down and create a natural "fog of exploration" if the detailed terrain doesn't exist. Until someone is looking at it. Hopefully would also allow for lightweight ground changes, build features, in part by having game parts that can re-write the terrain file but also by changing how much the engine needs to know about the local surroundings at anyone time. (wishfully thinking I know)
  11. So... haven't seen this asked so far but then again 6 pages in. Will existing parts that have functions like the new robotic parts be able to be used in similar ways. So say landing legs have a piston-like function already. some have a hinge-like function could I use Kal1000 to use those function to make a millipede style rover.
  12. Each DLC has come with a general game update that improves the functionality of the core game to enable features in the DLC.
  13. Wait So.... Say can I have all solar panels match or anti-match the activation status of a toggling group like gear? ie Gear out ->Solar Panels away / Gear in -> Solar Panels out nevermind my mind is hurting trying to process this will just have to wait and play with it.