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  1. Same way I play KSP.... Badly... most the time.
  2. When I first started playing I didn't know there was a full throttle button so would hit space to activate the first stage then throttle up because well that seemed like the way it would work. Not until a watched Scott Manley (I think) till I learnt of a better way. To me nothing that mirrors the player initial expectations of how the world works makes their learning curve harder or the game harder. Bit of build up and excitement doesn't go astray either. Maybe an automated camera that zooms in shows the sparklers and pulls back as engines roar in to life would be good for immersion. just need to work in a launch clamp retraction.
  3. If Playing on an M1 iPadPro is considered far to ridiculously small a screen then surely Steamdeck is a not starter it's not even iPadMini sized.
  4. Yes a layer of ease in ease out curves is needed in the game generally. I think a little smoothness would make things more controllable not less.
  5. Now we just need a stock alike big jet plane for getting up past the thicker atmosphere for Pathfinder type launch.
  6. Think about KSP is that you spend a lot of time either drifting in space or thinking about how to drift in space. The intensive bits with engines firing are actually shorted lived. The longer lived the better obviously. So I'd think there is an awful lot of background processing time to load stuff that'll be needed probably soon. I'd think with multiplayer spacial grid there could be a way of having fairly efficient sub-saved games that could be loaded quickly an add to a shared pool of in memory assest as needed so a couple/few of these could be in memory to switch between.
  7. Wouldn't regolith and water cover most starting points for other resources add to that rich gas or just gas for hydrogen/Helium. Most things that are needed would be found together would be in one of the 3. Each makes for interesting challenges in the games both in terms of getting to the obvious locations and scanning finding less obvious places. Each kicks in new options without stopping more basic processes with out them. ie Water for early colonies could be recycled to maintain LS the colony couldn't product fuel for export till it had a water source.
  8. I just like it to load fast enough for that not to be worth while. If not Loading screen should screenshots of me playing the game, either screen shots I take or have the game take them at various times that might be interesting. Like EVAs near other bodies and flag plantings or rovers returning to base,....
  9. I'd assume if there is multi-player (and we know there is) then multi-monitor should be there unless it's some split screen deal.
  10. Could be done in the blue print mode. Allowing screen shots of each stage configuration if wanted.
  11. Would love a payload building that was at a scale suitable and finer grain controllers. Would be good at KSP and bases to have a Hanger for sloting payload in to reusable craft to go with that payload building. I always thought it would be great if buildings weren't replaced at upgrades they added to the centre and could be upgraded internally for special functions.
  12. After the first Kerbal to land at that spot. Orbital will body name - station or city if self dependant in terms of running own supply missions.
  13. You send them both to die, what about the kids?
  14. Well at least all those born on Kerbin. Maybe those born elsewhere could have could be mash up of body name and first Kerman to set foot on the body Mundrin or Valinduna for instance.
  15. That would mean they require a particular amount of sunlight to stay healthy and Oxygen scrubbers so they don't drown while in suits or capsules.
  16. Yes but there are a lot of players already on 13 inch laptops and it's still fun and workable and might tempt players to larger screens. Plus the Newer iPads can drive a larger screen on USB-c. Would be great for multi-player to have portable devices that are playable even if not big screen joy.
  17. My Eva skills aren’t so good so I spend a lot of time looking at the back of the kerbals head trying to hold targeting point steady. I’d be in favour of first person EVA for a more interesting view.
  18. As a gut reaction I'd agree to me MechJeb is the wrong fit for the base game. I think there is a call for some automation of MechJeb and similar. Lots more good information in the UI turnable to the situation. MechJeb just seems like a glory box of everything automated but also a bit of a black box that doesn't encourage exploration. I wonder if KOS would be a better starting point for a KSP2 automation system. Nothing in that would stop players sharing scripts building out basically a full mechJeb if they see the need or even shipping a mod. To me the advantages are it would allow some beautifully complex interesting and expressive automations of the game for those inclined. Players get a journey that could grab a bunch of magic button scripts that do things for them but if interest takes them break them open see how they work. Change them to suit something they want to do different. Then share that.
  19. To my reading the second model only considers pairs of objects considered likely to collide at a time in the future using the first. So not sure it so much switches but distributes the calculations. As the first pass finds a pair that might collide in a second or so it can ask the other algorithm if they do. Even maybe async it the task and have the answer ready before it happens. Assuming the first pass has some awareness about changes to the situation happening like craft acceration then you'd think it should be able to heavy filter the situation down to to critical pairs very well.
  20. Does this mean no more wheel catapults?
  21. Yes but what he’s busy on is KSP2 so whoever is doing game design in the team would know he’s there to talk to about issues and balance.
  22. With USI-LS craft that can get a lot of Kerbals to a planet to start a colony is pretty much* able to be self sustaining on the ground. This assumes you basically have no return craft if they get there, then they'll survive. Mostly.... Seems to match the comment that once you get there and set up camp then it's not a concern. Although I'd think to grow a colony we need to make a green house for each x number of habitation module.
  23. Kerbals as Ballast - They should either be there because they provide function or just use a probe core.
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