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  1. Might be good to be able to say certify a launch platform after doing a few of these contracts. So instead of excepting contracts offered you would say we have Platform X which will put n Kg to orbit and the milk run automation system will just deliver a recurring steam of revenue.
  2. It feels like the sense of achievement in KSP2 is going to higher because the scenery is going to be so nice.
  3. Hey @Nate Simpson any word yet if "PC" means all the personal computer platforms KSP 1 runs on or just a limited version of those platforms?
  4. At Warpx1,000,000 a Kerbal decade is 92 secs so say x100,000 15-16mins. Given the furthest extents of KSP 1 were a couple of hours at max warp in the earlier times of the game I don't think 4 to 5 decades is out of the question for the dedicated players. This can be done without increasing time warp max factor but still allowing engine burns at full current timewarp.
  5. Looks like we are get crawlers and launch towers with mass limits instead of odd ground breaks from to much mass of KSP1. Hopefully maybe some Construction time mechanic as well. No more starting a game at sunrise and heading for the Mun at sunset.
  6. I think some concerns can be backgrounded by saying parts are fit of purpose. Habitation Modules for flights or colonies beyond Kerbins protective shadow need to deal with Cosmic radiation so it should be assumed this has been taken care of in the part design and mass. Other times how much a how little life support becomes a design choice and can't be assumed to be embedded in the part. Green house grow food vs pack a bunch of freeze dried food either way needs lots and lots of water that can be recycled to some degree. transit craft or colony, presupply vs resupply all these choices can the craft(s) needed.
  7. A smaller size class still might be generally useful the full span of the game, sure yes bogging player down early game should be avoided but that is true of current KSP instead of random strange take temp here, here and contracts so you build a plane and then walk a bit. small probe rockets could be used to teachify landing accuracy. Late game your colony ship could then use them to set up a network of scanners and relays as you arrive in the new system.
  8. Mods still have a much easier time and can be compatible with each other if there is base system to expand on in the game rather than having to build it themselves or rely on another mod as base.
  9. I suggest the Kerbal model has way too many polygons if rendering engine is producing that photography phenomenon.
  10. They'd still need a capsule for radiation protection. Otherwise you'd have to space harden every one of the thousands of chips that would be inside..
  11. I think given the bulk of the mass used to keep organic live alive is water that ends up a bit dirty in the process then there is scope for a first tier that recycles that component to reduce the mass "consumed" but not replenish. Grey water + EC might say reduce consumption by 30% or the is assumption the basic life support kg/kerbal/day and EC/kerbal/day factors that is in. Sure these are prone to problems given they break down in every show about space travel. So might be better it isn't factored in. don't want kerbal drilling holes to get the water radiation shield to avoid dying of thirst.
  12. I think if you are going to talk LS look at which moders are part of team, see which systems they built or had a hand in and what that might tell about possible thinking. the one that comes to mind is Roverdude USI LS which was designed fairly late and reasonably simple and scalable. One exposed resource and waste that was hidden unless you had recycling parts to extend out the supplies.
  13. It would be great if those Containers just carried a single resource called Cargo (tonnes) that could be converted to any other resource of the same mass. Like that was the item in the container all along. Almost like someone had thought about prior to sending but also like if you change your mind and revert the flight prior to making a call you could do anything you like. Maybe if you have a skilled Kerbal like a quartermaster any empty cargo bay could be used as a mini-VAB to build things out of the cargo. Like the team didn't build the sub craft there they just unpacked and made it ready. Similar Craft should have a Passengers count who each have a baggage allowance. Adding before a tonnage of cargo to the craft overall but also a life support load as well. Once the craft arrives the Passengers spill out and become whatever the base needed.
  14. In a similar vain 3D printing with Lunar/Mars/Mum/Duna dirt would be cool addition to game for more advanced colonies maybe not super freeform.
  15. It is either as modable or more modable than the console editions. Scripted mods using a language entirely interpreted language within the app can be treated as "content" and can avoid app review process of the AppStore, similar parts mods. Which would put it ahead of console editions unless they have improved a lot.
  16. If SteamDeck is considered a viable option then surely iPad / Mac Hybrid version should be considered just as viable. Sure iPad version would need some fairly aggressive min. spec hardware support but still certainly the iPadPro and current models match re-exceed KSP 1 hardware.
  17. A long time ago in a forum far .... There was a workshopped plan if axial tilt was a game improvement and this is pretty close to recall as to how it looked. Only exception was Kerbin and the Mun were matched so in terms of player progression you still had a straight shot from equatorial orbit to an body. That makes minus the first body you need to learn plane changes for. Having Mimus on the solar plane make a great incentive to build a colony there, Fuelbase or shipyard. Then you can go further afield by diving back to Kerbin. Axial tilt could slow the game progression down a bit as it would be worth waiting for ideal launch times. No more first rocket at sunrise launch for Mun by sunset.
  18. Based on this I think sepia wasn't ever a thing of digitally transferred images it is a film/analogue tech thing so shouldn't be on the list. But yes have always been in favour of a fog in KSP even to the point of in multi-player games or even your own games not being able see realtime images unless you have access to a set of live eyes. Make setting up sat-networks around bodies encouraged* before sending Kerbals. I wonder if there is a neat trick with Image upscaling based on Machine Learning to allow the game to ship with lower res images,textures and maps then allow the host hardware to regenerate the the full res on device as a function of looking at the world. Sure each player ends up with a slightly different set of high res images but hopefully not enough to make a playing difference. Each level of tech causes an upgrade to the texturing resource files. A lot of that could run background while drifting in space which is let's face it a big amount of time in game. Would be a badge of honour to how big your texture file is in your game folder as to how much ground you've covered. *Let's face it's KSP there will be just times we just go and wing it against all good advice.
  19. Given the early video in which Nate tells the backstory of how he become involved..... Maybe he just had a better pitch for what KSP2 could be.
  20. Yes but like many of us we learned what we needed to know to stop getting it wrong by watch others who’d worked it out. That built buzz and community around the game. if there is no new challenges in the Kerbol system for advanced players and the notable streamers why would they play in the sand box and make new content. You’ll be on your own or following videos from version 1. The streaming will all be from interstellar stock systems or a mod system. To my mind tweaking the stock system is a must so players new and old are challenged in the same space. Axial tilt seems a good start it that it can be used to make some transfer easier and some harder. New outer planets also which will see lots of interesting gravity assists videos being made.
  21. These pods along with ScienceLabs and maybe some others should be chair-less the Kerbal in them would float or hold-on the hand-grip. Not just sit there like grinning idiots.
  22. It also make the game more modable if there is a base game system that makes a structure that is consistent. Gives the mods something to hang one without making a system from scratch. You don't need 6 competing life support systems with a vast array of mods compatible with half of them if there is a solid base. They don't need to go overboard either, concentrate on good game play then if a modder wants to make a process around making x-factor more realistic they can.
  23. Lets face if you are still going to push to limits as you get better and tutorials trigger based on failure then I'll probably still see all of them anyway and take a moment to enjoy.
  24. If you divide the universe in to manageable chunks for the physics engine when it seems odd to me ruling out using that mini-verse to create the local gravity playground. Assuming the system will include visible bodies then the central sun(s) of the system are likely to be included unless a long way out. Seems to me it would be less complicated long term to have a system handle it than to fine tune it be hand. Sure systems will be on rails and craft will be able to go on rails to avoid station keeping. I do wonder if it will be possible to get in such a low system gravity situation that kerbals will be sub-orbital to a colony ship when EVA.
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