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  1. Firing off to space was never my problem..... unplanned, uncrafted re-entry was always my problem.
  2. How do you know they don't die of old age by Kerbal standards in KSP1?
  3. Seems to me this combination would make 2 simple but effective hooks for mods to extend without needing to reimplement that core game function. Supplies is a single resource you either have enough or not and things happen. Mods could break this down to water, food, 3d printer ribbon and make a failure in anyone flick the switch to say not enough supplies. Other mods might look at qualities and introduce more subtle effects as supples become limited. Neither would need to know about each but could be better if they do. Habitation hook is similar. A health mod might tone the multiplier down over time due things happening. A radiation mod might be more immediate in it's effect. Again they could potential do this without knowing about each other.
  4. Given the Interface seems to have been completely re-done from scratch in the videos so far. Any guess / clues which system they might be using?
  5. For comments from Nat the current system isn’t sound and flys apart if they try and run it in the games new nish-body spacial graph. I assumed from that all the other new systems will be sound. I get that they want it to be familiar but seems to me it would worth having an option for a gravitationally sound starting system let everyone play a fresh.
  6. I do kind of wonder if Star Trek might have it right lots of smaller generators in a series, like a mother duck and ducklings swimming.
  7. Pre alpha could refer to a minimal build used to isolate part of the game the developers are working on in detail. the last series of videos included a collision and other mapping graphics you’d never expect to see in game
  8. This is why I hate / love KSP. Reading threading thinking if a had 2 Orions back to back to build a cargo cannon between planets? Aft blast accelerates the tug and the cargo which then seperate so a forward blast pushes the cargo up to speed and stops the tag breaking orbit.
  9. not exactly a convincing argument if most of the audience aren't traditional game players so own machines for other reasons.
  10. Yes the problem with modding is the overhead to get going and keep going. A good API that helps avoids boilerplate and eases the path to get your part into the game is the key. Then people have a big range the standard tools to use and a vast array of tutorials about the tools to draw on. that said subassemblies and ingame automation should be improved in any way that makes then a gateway to modding.
  11. Isn’t the sun in the local system going to be the brightest light source and create the white point for the view. So if light is a bit red would you even notice until late twilight with a lamp to take over whitepoint? well unless it is a binary with a brighter star
  12. KSP isn't like other games so few games have the player dealing with such a wide range of contexts potentially at the same time. Each context taking a bit to load then set up and render to screen each context shift taking a noticeable amount of time even when the contexts are close. KSP should have a tabbed UI - more like a productivity app less like a game. Each tab holding enough situational data running to allow fairly rapid switching of contexts. For instance docking 2 ships, each would be running in its own tab so you could switch effortlessly between them. Machine spec's dependant you could have a tab open for each crew member of a crafts IVA (or one for each camera if we get those) and switch at will. Map view could be a tab instead of a switched view. Further it would open additional tabs for zoomed in views of other bodies you encounter with on your journey. So you don't need to zoom dance all over the map view. This could lend itself to a Mission View that tiles the views into one tab once configured. I think as the game get vast even on the scale of KSP1 vastness it might be away to help players stay on target. Thoughts?
  13. Strikes me KSP is a game that would benefit from "Tabs" each running a micro instance of the game for the situation. Not just for multi-player but single player as well who might have missions running if different parts of the system, even entirely different systems. Very few games have this level of diverse contexts so it would seem to be better to take ideas from software that does than stick to the game UI designs that don't. If there is that level of thinking to the new game and it certain seems like they are thinking multi-actor as the game basis then mods per save seems like a fit.
  14. What about something like UB313? The sort of planet/body that is easier to find in other systems than it is in our own. Yep the sort of quote that sounds like denial but isn't.
  15. I'd like to see that quote as I don't think it exists as cleanly as you say. The one that comes to mind was challenging Steve Jobs in it was careful worded to sound like outright denial but is actually telling to what is planned
  16. I choose to believe they are using an incredibly loose definition of revamp. So a player with experience could rebuild a craft they know, launch, set sail for a destination in the system and get there to find a new moon and it would still fit the objective of helping player use the skills they have but still offering fresh content. It's Revamped, some additions* *That said I am Architect and we can bulldoze all but the street facing wall and still call it an alteration.
  17. Isn't it newer than new in that its still forming from the rings post collision.
  18. Would love to see both these ideas in the game as a bit of incentive to get colonies up and running.
  19. Same way I play KSP.... Badly... most the time.
  20. When I first started playing I didn't know there was a full throttle button so would hit space to activate the first stage then throttle up because well that seemed like the way it would work. Not until a watched Scott Manley (I think) till I learnt of a better way. To me nothing that mirrors the player initial expectations of how the world works makes their learning curve harder or the game harder. Bit of build up and excitement doesn't go astray either. Maybe an automated camera that zooms in shows the sparklers and pulls back as engines roar in to life would be good for immersion. just need to work in a launch clamp retraction.
  21. If Playing on an M1 iPadPro is considered far to ridiculously small a screen then surely Steamdeck is a not starter it's not even iPadMini sized.
  22. Yes a layer of ease in ease out curves is needed in the game generally. I think a little smoothness would make things more controllable not less.
  23. Now we just need a stock alike big jet plane for getting up past the thicker atmosphere for Pathfinder type launch.
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