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  1. State aim of developers - is 10 years or more of continued, paid, profitable development. Whos to say what that will include over time, or what it'll include version 1 to make ground work for things over time. She is indeed - everyone wants to hug her.
  2. High and low tide do orbit the planet, ok fine circle the planet in response to a gravity rich object orbiting the planet. hey I didn’t say they kick off the same additional physics just some additional physics That is the beauty of it. One system expands as the game get more complicated and system to run them get better.
  3. Or does it become a stealth opportunity to teach people about exactly how the controls work? like say having snap planes colour coded to the sliders.
  4. To me both are torus like objects in the scene orbiting the planet that apply a visual effect and kick in additional physics when the craft is inside them.
  5. Is a tidal Ocean and a set of planetary rings versions of the same feature? Visual Rings are confirmed on the feature list use the same code to create a body of water that is the right shape and period. Doesn't do highland lakes or such but still but gets someway. If that does work could be used for lava on the twins, rings of various planets, even layers within gas giants.
  6. Could we also have super low tech tethers that precede jet packs for Kerbals?
  7. The eyeball planet would be amazing if it had tidal effects from another body.
  8. Is this the first time Roverdude has been acknowledged as part of the project even thou his finger prints are all over it since the first video?
  9. I would think Fog of exploration would be good if applied to planetary surface as well. I mean pluto surface was only photographed in detail a couple of years ago. Mars and Moon surface fully mapped only in the last couple of decades. Yet KSP unlock tracking station you can zoom and see everything but scatter. Only thing stopping you is the clunkly interface. Add the possiblity of one more planet that we only now think to look for because of seeing is so often in other systems. I think there is room in KSP 2 to hid things and require exploration, just needs mission planning tools to hit them once found.
  10. Agree personally it's a massive but KSP1 Producers don't, they would (I'd suggest given comments over the years) push for short game transit times and favour playing out missions concurrently. So if KSP2 team do favour and promote simultaneous flights that is a (to me much welcomed) shift in the games style. Certainly feels like they are giving a lot of love to making a progression for the game to tease the player further and further out to space as they get more comfortable with the mechancis of the game.
  11. Why get out? Surely the point of a construction rover is to allow the driver (engineering skill) to automate the process from the Cab. Also things that hang from the structure tend to have a lighter looking frame and track to hang from than sitting on top of an elevated structure.
  12. 2minute games time to travel interstellar would negate the need for acceleration on rails while not focused, which has been confirmed as a feature. Even 20-40minutes seems to short. I think the set-out will be more leading towards multiple play sessions. Say EP1) manage launch colony up to scale, build craft, Ep2) Point and shoot, ..... some time later after doing some stuff.... Ep3) Arrival. Maybe Sandbox will be different and more like no current KSP that doesn't stop you wasting time. But it sounds like Adventure mode will have the tools and demands to drive the game along as a program.
  13. Like a hyperloop without the need for the loop given the low air resistance.
  14. Just like that but without the engine for thrush and the RCS for steering.
  15. Isn't that rover driving off colony landing ramp then on to terrain? Well at least we have seen landing ramps suggesting some part to part traction effects and some reason to build a ramp instead of just landing on the surface. So Hopeful. Would also love to see scatter for locally rendered for things that would slow you up like tall grass on the planes of Kerbin and other goldielocks planets that might be in the game.
  16. Yes fully support all litho-encounters controlled or otherwise creating suitable soundscapes.
  17. Yes - a CAD programme user were symbols (sub-assemblies) are the life blood of the system I'm very much looking forward to improvements
  18. In Australia we have 2 seasons - Things are burning and Things are flooding. Sometimes in the same week. We know not of this winter you speak of.
  19. Tuesday, unsure which Tuesday but everything in Tech happens on a Tuesday. (which is well Wednesday here)
  20. Even with all those advantages a good percentage of my spacewalks still end in what should be panic. (In the immortal words of Jimi - Excuse me as a kiss the sky) Good to see it will now be an option.
  21. I'm hoping for all things spacial graph - LOD, Big Craft, Multiplayer and sig-body physics.
  22. Flipside of that is Kids who'll play KSP2 in the actual thousands and start to wonder and research where on the scale of real each future tech is. You really want to give them one that is way on the edge to really inspire them to think and dream. They'll need some options that are at the magically end. This one the basic science of thrust is still valid not like a warp drive or magic portal just here is an idea on how to get higher ISP. Frankly If Politicians get taken seriously saying things like "lets do this thing I saw in a computer game" then the problem isn't KSP.
  23. Shouldn't be any Krakens* with the new spacial graph** should just be beautiful unique snowflake explosions as ship exceeds structural design. *famous last words ** assume spacial graph means ship doesn't move the universe moves around it.
  24. At release or so hard coded in to the game it could never be any different?
  25. The developers want to keep developing KSP2 for 10 years surely over that time there would come a point procedural systems. Don't think it will be soon but could be lots of fun. It will be very interesting to see what be under the hood in term of fine level detail terrain generation and if the system allows (first by mod) scaling of the stock system so they could repeat the systems but scale them up each repeat out the spiral arm of the galaxy.
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