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  1. The parts are going to be removed though, yes? The orbital shipyard and the mobile launch platform? But perhaps I can just save them and use them later?
  2. Quick question, since I haven't really played KSP since Ground Construction replaced EPL in MKS: Isn't it possible to build things completely on-site? Is the giant box really required? It seems to (mostly) defeat the purpose when I have to ship in a 40 ton container to build a 100 ton vehicle. I really liked how EPL allowed me to do things with a hammer and a stake, and then just tons of resources and kerbals happily slaving away for my dark purposes.
  3. I'm having problems with only some of my crafts showing CommNet connections in map view. Those who do, work fine, and those who don't, have no connection at all. The ones who don't show anything include every newly launched craft, effectively blocking my progress. I've checked if the antennas are deployed, if there is enough power and so on, nothing seems to make any difference. Pics: As you can see from the pics, I have a very good connection basically anywhere closer to the sun than Otho, so I shouldn't have any problems. But still, I can't drive rovers around on the KSC. GameData screenshot: Any help is appreciated, thank you very much in advance! Edit: By the way, career save, level 3 tracking station, extra ground stations enabled.
  4. I'm trying to make a circle-ish connection using the construction ports, but it doesn't seem to work. I've tried to undock and redock, make changes in the snapping options, reset acquire and so on, but the result is always the same. What am I doing wrong? This is what multi-weld is supposed to do, yes? Thanks in advance. Edit: I got it to work by placing the sets of ports below one lab module, and the other set above. Still would like to know what's going on, though.
  5. ...Oh. Right. Then it's just me not paying attention, thanks for the help
  6. It's not dropping to zero, it's just very low, exactly as it has always been, at least for me. You can see it in the screenshot, 0.0040% concentration. I have previously mined karborundum with a similarly low concentration, I was just wondering why it wasn't working for me now. Anyways, I'll log a github issue, hopefully that'll help
  7. Sorry to "necro", I just don't really feel like I got a solution to my problem. I've mined karborundum on Eve before with no problems (although slowly of course), but this time around (in 1.2.2) I get the "nothing to harvest" message. If this is an issue that's being looked into, I'll wait of course, but if my miner won't be able to mine karborundum anywhere on Eve, I'll have to find another way to get it.
  8. In my head, that means I won't be able to mine Karborundum anywhere on Eve, which doesn't seem believable. I'd very much prefer not to change anything, and just find the right spot on the planet, but if anywhere I go, I'll be met with "nothing to harvest", there doesn't seem to be much of a point to it.
  9. So the Karbonite/K+ thread died in the purge, yes? I'm having an issue with mining Karborundum on Eve, since the abundance is so low, my drills are running into the problem of it being too low to mine - even when I manually edit the abundance in the CRP files. Is there a way of editing the minimum amount for the drills to mine? I imagine I won't find an abundance much higher than this anywhere else on Eve. I'm sorry if this is the wrong thread to ask for help, maybe there will be a new Karbonite/K+ thread up soon. My miner:
  10. Right, forgot that part, I'm still using, just haven't gotten around to updating yet.
  11. I seem to have an issue with pulling Machinery, and only Machinery, from the Planetary Logistics. I have a good deal of it in the PL system, I have a Pioneer module with pilots, "Ranger" Inflatable storage things, see screenshot. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? As always, thanks in advance!
  12. Quick question, I can't stick anything on the side of the Whirlijig Nuclear Reprocessor. Is this on purpose, to make radiating heat more difficult than just taping radiators on the side? Thanks in advance.
  13. @taniwha: The highlight thing doesn't seem to work reliably, but I'll be patient and stop pestering you, I should have enough games to play in the meantime Again, thanks a lot for the support, your mod really makes KSP worth playing for us basebuilders!
  14. All right, back with the same problem. I tried the brute-force approach, reinstalled EL and MKS and all related mods, reverting to previous saves and so on. Don't think I mentioned it before, but after disabling pad highlighting on other crafts, the broken window remains, with the green light off. If needed, I can put up a new ksp.log, though I can't imagine anything gamechanging has happened. After more testing, I noticed that I've only seen the broken UI when using survey stations and stakes, never when using the Orbital Dock (or the MKS equivalent). Maybe this is significant, maybe not, but I thought I would mention it.
  15. Okay we'll seperate the issues. 1. Broken window. I tried disabling pad highlighting from all the survey modules/docks/whatever I could think of, and nothing changed. But if you say you're working on it, that's all I could ask for 2. Button in the right-click menu. I haven't been able to find a pattern (Like only on MKS parts, only when using stakes or something), but that I can live with, just using the hotbar. I reverted to an earlier save, there doesn't seem to be any problems there, so far at least. I'll write back when I have some more time for testing. Thanks a lot for the support, really appreciate it