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  1. Thanks guys! I am using a very short craft in my recent save, only 7.4m x 4 x 4; I radially attached 4 science juniors each with a fuel tank underneath no struts just a simple technique i learned from a scott manley video :-p unsure if this makes my ships more wobbly but since i've done this from like day 1 and seen this issue every time eventually, it makes sense. I was also in a nearly circular orbit in the recent instance that made me log in and ask the question edit: i had a circular orbit at 20k within a few meters and the nodes were nuts as expected. I changed the apoapse up by 4k abnd things calmed down a lot, with only the last 2 digits bouncing around.
  2. i've noticed that occasionally an orbit track that should be stable, meaning no thrust is occurring and no other obvious things are happening to cause fluctations, will jiggle madly. the peri and apo apsis markers will swing back and forth rapidly and things like surface velocity are jumping around. is there any consensus why this happens? i'm running the 32bit version for the usual reasons..
  3. Thank you. since I could not switch via other methods it didn't occur to me to try keyboard short cuts.. weird, but it worked,thanks
  4. I have no problems getting into orbit and getting close to him. heck i'm at 61m right now, 0.2m/s relative velocity I had no problems when i last played in 0.24. I cannot switch to the kerbal to fly him the last bit and i cannot grab him via eva, I had the pilot fly out and try to get him that way,lol... how the heck do you rescue them these days? when i try to switch to target i get 'cannot focus an object we do not own.' ????? huh? any insights? Level 3 mision control, tracking station, launch pad level 2 vab, crew building, research
  5. Just want to confirm I also get 502 bad gateway at this time.
  6. I watched that video before downloading and installing this addon. In the current release all of the science modules except the engineering one bear the mouse-over description of meteorological Survey Package, is this somehow intended? the 'old' names are much cooler :-p
  7. I discovered that until CrowdSourcedScience is updated it also blocks this action (http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/102373-0-90-Crowd-Sourced-Science-Under-New-Management) apparently its also interfering with at least one other mod, Interstellar.
  8. I created and launched an inline habitable hangar intended as part of a station. it works great. I decided to eva Jebediah and look at it from outside, noticed a crew hatch on it and landed and entered the station. fiddled with controls (open close doors, lights etc) and then Jeb started to panic as he cannot figure out how to get out :-p perhaps i'm missing something obvious.. but how do i get him out? lol
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