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  1. Someone has the texture download from released source files? The two links posted (from Ven dropbox and the posted in first post) are down.
  2. CKAN updated the scatered and the game goes to 1fps, i think is the configs from SVE sorry my "english"
  3. I have a question and a sugestion. The 2 nodes in the engines (with and without the tank butts) is 2 different models? If is two different models, there is some way to use the b9partswitch to change the nodes model? this will fix the procedural fairing problem, the size of stock interstage if you use the custom node and it is more easy to use. Sorry my very bad english.
  4. Use the file from github. Here https://github.com/VenVen/Stock-Revamp/archive/master.zip
  5. Marvelous job, testing now. I found a little bug in MK 16-XXL Docking port, the bump deploy and retract automatic, the others ports works perfect. Sry my english
  6. others parts like decouplers, science and docking ports does not show up.
  7. thanks for the answer, i didnt know that post!
  8. With the 1.2 update and the most stable wheels, will be that we can see an update of this fantastic mod? Adjustable Landing Gear v1.2.0
  9. if you put // before de @part of all antennaes inside the Utility.cfg file, the mod will load, like: //@PART[longAntenna] ...
  10. The Sun lens flare is gone after update, it is just me or is because of the update? I get the last version of distance object but didnt work. Sry my english
  11. I make a normal map, but I could not put in the model, I tried to open it in unity, but not worked.
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