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  1. It works, but for some reason breaks right-click menu even for unrelated parts in VAB. Still pretty impressive. That\s me first time with the mod and it's awesome! By the way, has anyone requested adding button to start uninterrupting rotation for all the centrifugal needs? EDIT: Found this thread: I will investigate the matter, it's possible that your mod works nicely in 1.6 and I just encountered totally unrelated bug.
  2. At the day of release I tested the replica R-7 with minimalist Vostok. Today I did it vice versa. Well, earlier this morning I mostly failed trying to get fairings and new engine mount plates to work as custom shroud, and only now I got it right. Rocket: (this thing is still an overkill; I really need the KER! And perhaps Korolev cross should be ditched untill I go to larger payloads... Third stage is also intact, mainly because for me it is the part of what makes Vostoks Vostok) Craft itself: (too bad radiators do nothing useful) The next step will be making a counterpart to Soyuz, may be not in exterior, but ideed in functionality. Too bad that there is no habitation part akin to Hitchhiker or that twho-man plane cabin in size 1.5, but overall I really like the parts side of expansion: they are done exactly how I wanted this parts to be done in mod or othervise.
  3. I'm honestly more interested in the behavior of it as an airlock, because expandable docking part wasn't something new - we have Claw that is basically the same thing.
  4. Will airlock functionality be limited by extention (i.e. no EVA while retracted)? Also does it work like crewed part, or said new extra bits of code are for non-crewed airlock parts (attach and you can EVA from here)?
  5. I'd like to say that Expansion's approach to the stated theme is more pleasing to me than mods covering the same theme (early spacecraft replicas). Somehow rocket parts, LEM and CM, Vostok and Voskhod's airlock look simultaneously more lego-like, more unique and more, er, kerbal - and also pretty similar to what I wanted - than their existing analogues in mods.
  6. I'm not really in the position for comlaining (I have other reasons to purchase the expansion), but it still worries me that Apollo command module is basically Mk. 1-2 but better. I would so much prefer it as a replacement of Mk. 1-2 - both because that would be non-ugly 2.5m pod and because if not than the will be basically two identical parts (or even worse - two parts for one niche, and one of them is better).
  7. Not commenting about the necessarity of this function (as other pointed out, doing anything in different SOIs makes dubious the whole concept of different players playing simultaneously), I just want to share one possible solution for keeping spirit orbital mechanics while breaking their rules for the sake of nontime-wrap multiplayer. It will still be not realistic, but somehow preserves transfer windows. Here it is. Suppose we have two players, Alice indulges in tomfoolery on the Mun with trying to make hanging base on the Mun arc and launches dozens of crafts with components of it, with lots of docking operations in low munar orbit, and really don't want to wrapping anytime of it, and Bob is going to Laythe. So Bob puts the vehicle of his dream in LKO and creates and moves nodes. Now Bob has a very complex path, with gravity assists, aerobraking at Jool et cetera et cetera. And then Bob pushes two buttons: 1. "Set Target as the trajectory Reference" (exactly what it says on the tin). 2. "Multiplayer-Warp to the next Node according to the Reference". Here goes the tricky part. If you go by that trajectory with Insane Magical Speeds, more often than not any intermediate maneuver will be in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes inside of other body. So here we need to incorporate partially the DMP approach: untill the vessel in question is not in the SOI of the Target (or Bob hits "Abort Multiplayer-Warp maneuver"), it goes in own sub-universe, with bodies in future places. When maneuver is finished or aborted, vessel's position is adjusted in Real World relative to the Target's position. It's still the magic way, but you can handwave that as "it really was launched long ago". If any life support mod is iinstalled in this multiplayer session, they can deduce the appropriate amount of consumables. This solution is both tricky and can open gates to lot of time paradoxes (like the ship gets supplies form orbital resupply station and then goes to distant destination that places the misson long into the past - way before resupply station was even launched), but, really, who cares? We preserved large-scale multiplayer AND orbital mechanics. It still the problem if Bob aborts the maneuver at such place that after adjustment the vessel will ram into other Alice's one, but it requires the sheer luck (or lack of luck, to be more precise). Hope at least someone understand me.
  8. I would say that 1.2 runs better on my PC than all the releases from 0.90 onwards. I even set up render quality and texture resolution in settings from my usual everything-at-minimum.
  9. I just wanted to say that you made a really astounishing effort. Good job!
  10. You know, the KSP style wasn't very consistent. Well, the style that was in 0.23, at least. I do like the overall look of "classic" parts. But as for "rockets start look a lot like real"... They are basically supposed to. You want to have your rocket aerodynamic and your spacecraft spaceproof, aren't you? Yet I'm all for making rockets short and not seamless. I like orange-black stripped decouplers, for example. Something like this. Smooth, looking as whole in any combination, but distinguishably modular, with some user0friendly markings (like decouplers) and some funny elements (like sticker on engine's nozzle "don't look inside while working"), and overall - rocket, but smaller.
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  12. This mod is incredibly great and I want to thank author for it (and also the other author's creations). I hope the things that keeping author from updating it are good ones Oh, sorry, I have some troubles with expressing my thoughts. Just, you know. Wish Oreionkermin best.