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  1. full stock: 401 part module = 4010 points 400 science modeuls = 120000 points total = 124,010 points
  2. all these "challenges" that don't have any challenge in them.... You can also land on the mun with tier 0. and that engine is in no way overpowered, you don't even know which parts are overpowered and you think you can open up a challenge?
  3. yea maybe it was 0.8t, I don't remember because I quickly did it in 5 minutes. Also why I had two tiny tanks, just in case I don't get the perfect launch first time around. The secret is that dv counter is not entirely accurate when you do things like physics wrap, and fire engines at extremely low thrust just to turn because you have no torque. Contrary to poplar belief, the atmosphere ends at 69,000m not 70,000.
  4. if that's what you meant then why did you also make the same mistake in the votes? 0.7t
  5. below 20 tones is incredibly easy, try 2 tones instead.
  6. ok, so it's like who can press F1 at the most opportunistic moment contest? BTW the Navball G isn't showing a different number, it's just lagging behind because of the smoothing algorithm. Also this plane is partially jet powered. I got higher Gs without time control.
  7. 110G = 2200p 108m = 92p Mach 2.0 = 20p Total = 2312p
  8. Let's not forget that this is a game so the need for multiple people to work on one mission is negated by the fact that functional mechanics of component parts are already done for you, and many many other simplifications. Otherwise KSP ot Call of Duty and all other game would be pretty pointless. The same goes for avionics and navigation aids.
  9. No SSTO is useful for deliverer cargo to orbit because you never need to deliver cargo to orbit. And all designs are safe with the revert button.
  10. Seems like you already dictated 20 out of 30 pots we can have, why not just make a precision landing challenge instead? This has to be one of the most painful booring challenges I have ever done, the driving takes FOREVER and there's NO CHALLENGE WHAT SO EVER. Just BOORING GRINDDDDDD. Slingshot with any moon/Planet: 20p each x20 Duna orbit: 5p Land within 500 meters of the landing zone: 1p Reach the research zone: 5p Total = 411 Points
  11. define "best" the stock turbo jet is OP enough to make SSTOs easily, blindfolded, so I don't quite understand this.
  12. I'm sorry but a quick notepad edit is not an add-on.
  13. When a challenge requires me to use an OP mod to get full points, I just ignore it.
  14. Because mechjeb you could attach to your ship and gain additional benefits. Where as if you used RLA engines you no longer have stock engines with you. if you had a craft made with RLA engines instead of su-74s then you craft would have less performance. But if you have a craft and attach a mechjeb box to it, it doesn't loose any power. I'm sorry but it just doesn't turn me on, When I look at it I'm like, who cares? why should I be able to do that? It lacks epicness. You can't just say "make it entertaining", that's like saying, "make it good!". This is a game so obviously good is entertainin
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