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  1. BUG REPORT Quickload F9 seperates the parts of my vessel DATE SEEN 10/15/14 LogTime: around 00:45:00 VERSIONS Win7 Prof 0.25 DRE,FAR,USI-Mods,EPLP,TAC (LS,FB,SC),CLS,Contracts Window,KJR,Toolbar, Firespitter, NFP, KAS, MFT, Oblivion, SCANsat, RT, Alarmclock, Universal Storage, Tweakscale, TextureReplacer, Realchute, RCSbuildAid, Procedrual Fairing, Protactor, Infernal Robotics, EditorExtensions, Active Struts and perhaps some more BUG DESCRIPTION After rescueing one Kerbal from Orbit (Contract) my vessel crossed the hot zone (DRE) and I decided to quicksave, because i formerly recognized, that the parachutes were destroyed by heat, though i was in Atmosphere without reentry effects. I think it depends on velocity... To be sure that my kerbals land savely I did a quicksave at 12km height. After staging the parachutes (also for fullfilling a contract) they were destroyed as I expected. I did a quickload and my vessel comes in two pieces, see pictures at dropbox. The pod belongs to the gap between heatshield and the rcs tank with batteries. The chute should be at the rcs tank near the batteries, but it isn't. Furthermore on top of the pod, there have been some solarpannels... they are gone too. SEVERITY: Deadly, i think for the kerbals. STEPS TO REPRODUCE: I did multiple quickloads, with the same results, see log at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/byeh9pg50gfnsf1/AABfuVWRdhsE9zJ7AC4VtZ9sa?dl=0 I've looked at the Log and there are some entries might be related to the bug... 1. staging chutes... why are they deactivated short time after activating through staging [LOG 00:45:05.065] [RealChute]: parachuteRadial was activated in stage 1 [LOG 00:45:05.067] [parachuteRadial]: Activated [LOG 00:45:05.069] [RealChute]: parachuteRadial was activated in stage 1 [LOG 00:45:05.070] [parachuteRadial]: Activated [LOG 00:45:05.109] [RealChute]: parachuteRadial was deactivated [LOG 00:45:06.076] [RealChute]: parachuteRadial was deactivated 2. This shows up every quickload... more or less the same syntax [EXC 00:45:29.082] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object RealChute.Parachute.Load (.ConfigNode node) RealChute.Parachute..ctor (RealChute.RealChuteModule module, .ConfigNode node) RealChute.RealChuteModule.<LoadParachutes>b__20 (.ConfigNode n) System.Linq.Enumerable+<CreateSelectIterator>c__Iterator10`2[ConfigNode,RealChute.Parachute].MoveNext () System.Collections.Generic.List`1[RealChute.Parachute].AddEnumerable (IEnumerable`1 enumerable) System.Collections.Generic.List`1[RealChute.Parachute]..ctor (IEnumerable`1 collection) RealChute.RealChuteModule.LoadParachutes () RealChute.RealChuteModule.OnLoad (.ConfigNode node) PartModule.Load (.ConfigNode node) Part.LoadModule (.ConfigNode node, System.Int32& moduleIndex) ProtoPartModuleSnapshot.Load (.Part hostPart, System.Int32& moduleIndex) ProtoPartSnapshot.Load (.Vessel vesselRef, Boolean loadAsRootPart) ProtoVessel.LoadObjects () Vessel.Load () Vessel.MakeActive () FlightGlobals.setActiveVessel (.Vessel v, Boolean force) FlightGlobals.SetActiveVessel (.Vessel v) FlightDriver.Start () Last... does anyone have a quick solution to get my kerbals home... regardless rewards for contracts... just save my kerbals ;-) Edit: The vessel is frozen after quickload... if i warp twice it falls down and falls further in 1x timewarp, but instead of smashing at the ground it falls into kerbin until it reaches -1138m
  2. Thx for the fix, but I don't get it, why this is working? I changed the scantype in save file and it worked. It would have been easier for changing it in Scanresource.cfg. The numbers for scantype and sensortype should be the same, as they are 2^i, i=1,2,...,n. So if you want to add kspi resources, i would suggest to add new sensortypes with unused scantypes. Don't know much about KSPI... antimatter i think it's not planetary... just as an example SCANSAT_SENSOR { name = antimatter SCANtype = 1048576//2^20 //because 2^19 is the last used ColorEmpty = 0.9372549, 0.827451, 0.9058823 // should be rgb code ColorFull = 0.6117647, 0.1098039, 0.4196078 } and then you'll have to add scansat to your scanner.cfg (part) MODULE { name = SCANsat sensorType = 1048576//2^20 fov = 2 // your choice min_alt = 5000 max_alt = 250000 //meters best_alt = 50000 scanName = Antimatter Scan power = 0.4 } you will need an ORS sytem with resource.png Hope this works...
  3. I've an issue displaying overlay for water with ORSX. I also had it before I changed to the new versions of USI/ORSX and SCANsat. I thought this might be resolved. In the log there was something like 129 high value deposits found for water on minmus, so ORSX seems to behave like it should. Only Scansat isn't showing Overlay or abundance for water. After some investigation, i think i've found the cause... a while ago CRP went from aquifier to water... but in my save files there is still the SCANsat entry for aquifier (16384), so i will give it a try to change it to water (8192). Since aquifier isn't used anylonger in CRP, perhaps it could be changed... but i don't know about kethane
  4. Hi Rover, MM files are missing in some of the packs... not an issue for me, but perhaps for others. There is MM 2.4.4 which comes with latest B9 release.
  5. I've a problem with SCANsat doesn't show an overlay for water in MKS, though its origin maybe is interstellar, because the maps for water are in the interstellar folder of CRP. I haven't got the source code of SCANsat. It seems to use 0.1.1 of ORS. I think this is the cause of the failure. Is there a possibility to change this without coding? Edit: I use SCANsat 7rc4
  6. Very nice! It's a musthave mod. But I hesitate because I´m running DavonTS... though i think it doesn't controls gimbals i'm not sure if both effects each other. Is it iterative like DTS, or does it the math with linear programming?
  7. I thought of doing my first mod, but keeping things easy one of my ideas is hard to realize for me yet. It's just a thought atm, perhaps a fun mod... Would it be nice to have/to play around with (prestressed) springs or trampolines in space?
  8. @kujuman thx for the tips... I think I use them in design already. Except the small tanks around COM. I will test it. @Wanderfound thx ... downloaded!
  9. I'm searching for a method or mod to be sure, that center of trust is aligned with center of mass. It should show the differences between the CoT vector and position of CoM. It would be awesome if it calculates limited trust/trustratio between several engines to reach CoT/CoM alignment. Also if it consideres capabilities of RCS/SAS. I'm coming up with this, because when i design spaceplanes, it's hard to see if CoT/CoM is 100% aligned. During flight, there's mostly no problem. But in space small misalignment has significant effect. Spinning, consumption of monopropellant and so on... P.S. I know DavonTCsmod, but my purpose is to minimize its use during phase of design
  10. I use MJ for Surfaceinfo only... I tried to use RCS for testing on Kerbin... maybe its because the atmosphere? But didn't see this before, usually i don't use rcs on Kerbin ;-). Edit: It was my fault.... RCS Balancer was toggled somehow... thx for help...
  11. Yep, but this was SAS only. But a MJ module was installed on the badger.
  12. Great Mod... makes my VTOLs fly. Does anyone use the Keypad for the throttle controls? I've tried, but they are only responding to normal numbers. There's a profile file, which i tried to change to KeypadNumbers but nothing worked for me.
  13. Finally i have managed to fly these bastards. DavonTCS and TAC-Fuelbalancer help a lot... I love the textures on all of your mods rover, though the white circle on top of the command pod isn't placed in the middle. Another weird thing are the visual effects of the RCS ... they flash the whole monitor and cause massive lags. http://img4web.com/view/S48GEY
  14. !!!THX!!! Its another awesome Mod which increases my fun with KSP a lot. Nevertheless i've the same problem like others according to assymetrical fuel flow. I know it's an KSP thing in which order tanks and engines are placed. I've tried to put fuel lines on my badger but they don't behave like they should. Perhaps its because crossfeed dominates fuel lines. A while ago I've read a thread about intakeair flow (the way KSP handles it), but I don't find it again. In it something was mentioned about LFO ...perhaps someone could help me with that. Another thing i've noticed that the end caps are relatively heavy... 750kg for a little sheet. Heavy duty indeed.
  15. Today my Kerbal proved that Einstein was right, according to KAS/KSP. My Kerbal grabbed a Gravmax accidently, he should take the data. After the detector drifted away in space over mun (i think i tapped the wrong key), Bill did a spacewalk and rushed behind it to grab it again... Instantly, when he grabbed it, he was on a suborbital trajetory nearly perpendicular to the surface... Sry for not having a log, but if anybody has the same experience... could be a wormhole ;-)
  16. Is it possible to use this mod with "action groups extended"??? How can i access the editor?
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