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  1. Thx for your answer @michal.don. What do you mean with LV? The refinery/mining rig? You can get the Duna STS-1 & 2 craftfiles here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cvL1Q6dfTOjfO7CjnZM42VM33S2yCOEu (hullcam mod needed) I've only used stock parts except the cameras from hullcam mod. Tbh I forgot mostly about them being there during the flight. They were ment to have some nice pictures during landing etc. but I was probably to busy handling Buran. All other mods are visual or informational. Regarding the WorldStabilizer Mod it's more a bugfix than game changing. I installed it when I tried my second mun mission and because I wanted to have some pictures flying around the base. I recognized, that everytime I entered physics range the Shuttle/Buran just jumped a few meters. Tried it with KJR but it didn't help. Since WS is installed I wasn't on the mun anymore. So I cannot tell if it helps or not. I switched over to Duna mission cause of a launch window. For Duna it doesn't matter if it is installed or not, cause it has enough gravity. But anyway my question is for the mun missions, will it be considered as modded with WS? The second part of the Duna missions will have to wait until my Laythe mission is accomplished... damn launch windows! Screenshot Gamedata: https://imgur.com/Izhdb1p
  2. Ehm... it's a SSTO every cost except fuel will be refunded when you land at KSC... am I misunderstanding this somehow? cause it's basically the same what Wanderfound did.
  3. It's been a long time that I partizipated in an efficiency challenge and some similar craft have been done before. Anyway here is my entry: https://imgur.com/a/YCjLO payload mass: 46250kg Costs for fuel: 4420 credits costs per mass: 0.0956 credits/kg This challenge has a lot of potential, but given the fact, that I squeezed in as much mass (Ore) into the cargobay as possible and optimized the fuel load, it's kinda irrelevant for usual gameplay. Maybe a useful payload like the Mulletdyne fuel tank from the Shuttle Challenge makes more sense. craftfile: https://drive.google.com/open?id=15iTKH8dBW2G6KmG0sPBLUjEmC96dBizV
  4. Hey guys, how is it going? I'm back with the first part of the Duna missions using Energija w/ Buran. Enjoy!
  5. After playing some KSP lately I realized, that subassemblies are still not manageable. I wish there would be at least a possibility to edit the name and description without resaving. One way to change these properties is editing the craft file, but do I need to leave the game?! Another feature I'm missing is the possibility to drag-and-drop subassemblies into subcategories or have a drop down list in an editor. In this regard having multiple subcategories assigned to a single subassembly, e.g "HabModule XY" in subcategory "station parts" and "KSS", would be nice to have. Imho this all should be stock but so far I'm addressing the experienced mod authors here, if I'm not missing a mod that is already out there. Any takers? P.S. And pls sb. fix that stupid SAS!
  6. Is there a way to disable the shadows of Jools rings? The dark stripes ontop of Jools atmosphere. Thx in advance.
  7. Yep, same findings here. I was checking flyby finder earlier to plan my missions to duna... there are some transfers which have around 1100m/s dV transevar injection burn and around 1400m/s kerbin braking dV. But these constellations only occure every 4-5 years. But I'm sure @Alchemist will find a way... In the meanwhile I've got a Mun STS-1 mission report with "Kandle Rider" for you. It's a Dreamchaser/Space Rider/Hermes mixture or simply a MiniShuttle: And a little teaser of my Energija/Buran, which just came out of testing and is ready for mun and duna missions. Even my Laythe orbiter has been tested already... *Note to myself: Stop building - fly that damn missions!*
  8. Thx for your answer, it's really weird. The link in the post above shows my gamedata folder. WS was already removed but the rest is the same. I'll test it with some mod configurations, but because it's related to time spend, not sure how long it will take. Edit: Btw I'm remembering now, that the text in map view (AP, PE etc') disappeared too.
  9. Hey, I've got a little issue with WS especially in SPH. After some time all text of the UI (craft title, description, buttons and all other text) just disappears. Leaving and entering the SPH fixes it. Less frequent it happens in VAB too. The log file doesn't show any exceptions or errors, nothing what would determine the culprit. But since I removed WS everything is working fine. I'm running a ton of visual and informational mods: https://imgur.com/wcogGYi KSP Version 1.3.1 64bit System:16GB RAM, 8GB VRAM, I5 Because it's not game breaking I just want to know if anybody experienced the same? Maybe it is just a RAM/GC thing... or a conflict with another mod?
  10. I'd some spare time last week, so I tried STS 5-8. I've struggled somehow to show all flights and maneuvers. Because I don't want to show you a ton of pictures I've made a video but it is shortened a lot. @michal.don, let me know if you need any further proof, I still have the footprints. I hope y'all enjoy! P.S. No one knows exactly what the last station part is for... Some rumors say, it might be some kind of kerbals-magically-shooting-for-the-stars-device...*pfff P.P.S. I've already accomplished STS 1-4 in v3 of the Shuttle Challenge. I'm confused now, do I have to do it again? https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/138059-shuttle-challenge-v3-the-11x-sts-thread-stock-and-mod-friendly11102016-closed-for-refurbishment/&do=findComment&comment=2621427 P.P.P.S. I've uploaded the craftfile of STS Space Shuttle "Eriksson 4.0" to kerbalx
  11. Hey Kerbanauts, back in v3 of this challenge I created a shuttle and did some missions. I always wanted to come back and do the rest, because I already have a design for the space station. But after the updates to fuel flow and auto-strutting I've lost track. Eventually I found some time to update the STS/Shuttle and I'm glad to see, that @michal.don is continuing this great challenge. So for the first test, mainly to check capabilities, I've done STS-1b again and brought the 40t beast back to Kerbin. STS-1b & STS-2b Space Shuttle "Eriksson 4.0" Installed mods: KER, RCSBA, EEX, PreciseManuever, BetterBurnTime, HullcamVDS, Realplume-Stock, MinimumAmbientLightning I hope I'll find some time to fly STS 5-8 soon...
  12. I've seen the same behaviour. I remember a squadcast from a few weeks ago, if I'm not wrong @NathanKell mentioned, that most of the stutter is related to old UI code and needs to be updated on the mod side. Maybe guys with more knowledge can explain it more exactly.
  13. Finally I finished the second part of the STS-4 video. I'll have to train a bit more with all the camera mods and learn more about video editing to get it done in less time. Sry for the delay... I hope you'll enjoy: When I have time and @Speeding Mullet is ok with STS-4, I'll go on with the space station missions. Not sure if I'll do a video again. Is it necessary to fly exactly four missions for the success of this mission, or could there be more?
  14. I'm using Thuds, cause, as @Alchemist already said, they have a good gimbal range and have low mass. The lower ISP is kind of negligible. For me the thrust is more than enough, in space you don't need high thrust. For angling the thuds, get RCS Build Aid and activate ACOM, then angle your engines that there is nearly any torque at ACOM (including payload). Then you could check without payload and low/any fuel, if the torque is in the limits. Last you can attach a probe core at the rear node of your craft and angle it, too. For that, use beams as indicators. Attach them to the probe core and offset them so that they're facing into the payload bay. Offset your probe core inline with your engines and then angle it that the beams are going through the ACOM. Then you can offset your probecore wherever you want it to be. So you can control your shuttle in space from this probe core. Keep in mind, that this messes up with RCS, if you use RCS direction settings. You might want to control from the cockpit for RCS maneuvers. There is no stall in stock KSP, just lift vs drag. Drag itsself is independent of lift. When you're entering lower atmosphere at high speeds the impact of lifting surfaces on your stability increases. So you might want to slow down before entering thicker atmosphere, but a high AoA/reentry angle is more typical for a shuttle. Here are a few methods to avoid/check instability, which I will describe below in descending importance. Get your COM/COL right. COL behind/near to COM when fuel is nearly empty without payload. Because your fuel might be in the last third of your craft, it will tend to stabilize your craft if you have low fuel load. Check with empty Monopropellant! Angle your whole craft in the editor (pitch up, slightly rotated) and watch your COL moving. You can also angle your elevons within the limits in the editor to check if the COL will move behind COM. If you use the bodyliftfix or for further KSP versions, keep in mind that bodylift isn't recognized for COL in the editor. The "non-lifting" Parts can provide lift and move your COL additionally. Use bodyflaps. Imho it's the best way to stabilize a craft in lower atmosphere. As described above angle the bodyflaps to see their impact on COL movement. They will induce a pitch down momentum if used correctly. RCS/Vernors can help to fight against sideslip/pitch up forces, but use fuel, so it's a trade off. But if you don't know the limits of your craft yet, you could test it and when your craft tries to flip, just hit RCS and you can recover. Change Control Authority of the control surfaces during flight, it might help SAS to react faster, but needs to be adjusted during different situations. It's my way to compensate the messed up PID controller of the stock SAS atm. But for me it helps to fight the wonkiness of SAS. Claws stockbugfixes provide a SAS fix, which could help, too. I'm sure I've forgotten some things and tbh when I've built my first shuttle it was hard to get it right and I was lucky when it could fly "stable". It's a learning process and sometimes it needed other crafts to learn some techniques which could be adopted. Today it's easier to avoid issues by design or to counteract issues which could occur while changing other things. Sometimes it's just a feeling or call it experience and I'm glad, that you're willing to learn. So if you've further questions go ahead asking. If you could provide pictures in the future it could be easier to answer without all that general stuff.
  15. I feel your pain. I've had the idea of a video,too. I thought it would be nice to have a video of my STS-4 rescue mission which can somehow serve as a mission journal and as a user manual for my STS and SCTO (maybe the first of it's kind, at least the name) which I will upload to kerbalX soon. It took me nearly all free time last week to adjust KSP, OBS and so on to get a reasonable result. I decided to break with the rules, because I didn't want a video flying at Kerbin for more than an hour. My notebook was working at its limits with that part count and capturing. Note to myself: It's time for a new rig. So far I'm halfway through and decided to release it in two parts. So... here is the first part: I hope I can finish the second part at the weekend. @Speeding Mullet: If you need more verification. I still have all the raw files. I could provide a ton of pictures... @Alchemist: Awesome monster you've built.
  16. The HST mission shows why prelaunch training for astronauts is so important... Where is up? Where down? Where is my target? And first and foremost where is the shuttle? It took me some time to get used to the jetpack behaviour, but with fine controls it's really fun, and like the HST itself is giving us wonderful pictures, the mission is kinda eye-catching, too. Spoiler alert: Funkyndustries' engineers remembered some blueprints and prototypes of 1.04. They started to improve the design of an alternative Space Transport System...
  17. craftfile The landing gear isn't the rootpart. Edit: the craft is still work in progress, so there might be some issues by design .
  18. I've an issue which might be related to the bodylift fix or the LY-35 landing gear. Issue: When entering the atmosphere from space, the LY-35 landing gear creates somehow weird bodylift and negative drag even high in atmosphere. The gears cannot be deployed. In space all is working fine. Workaround: Quicksave -> Quickload... helps sometimes and the gears can be deployed. Maybe I'm paranoid, but it seems to be related to the orientation of the craft. How is determined if the gears are blocked? I haven't had this issue in 1.1, yet. Clipping shouldn't be a problem, because of tests and on other crafts clipped wheels don't have this issue atm. Log doesn't show any errors. If I can help to investigate, anyone tips where to start?
  19. FUNKyndustries has successfully sent two spin-stabilized ComSATs to KSO: For new missions, I remember a reddit challenge in 2015, which would fit perfectly and can be improved, e.g. deliver a satellite into LKO (<250km) and retrieve another one in a single orbit. https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/3g8mlm/weekly_challenge_week_97_satellite_snatch/
  20. Since the bodylift bug is fixed with stockbugfixes it's time to fly a shuttle. Funkyndustries needed to design it from scratch, ...again..., thx to updated colliders in 1.1. But our engineers are getting better and better. So here is my attempt for delivering the cargopod in Kerbin orbit. Craft specifics: Mission: STS-04 Space Shuttle "Eriksson 2.0" STS at Launch without cargopod: 852.386t / 328 parts / 288,228 Kredits Final circular orbit with cargopod: 1672.8km In fact it was my second mission with the cargopod, the first one was some kind of simulation, and it went so well, that I'm going for the rest of this fantastic challenge. Sidenote: Why can't I make a screenshot of the flight results (F3)?
  21. There are different types of PV-Cells and nowadays they're mostly light-weight thin-film cells of different amorphous/cristalline material combinations. They seem to be black. Here is an older studie of NASA from 1988, I think: http://ntrs.nasa.gov/archive/nasa/casi.ntrs.nasa.gov/19890016670.pdf To show todays layouts you can find several providers, e.g. http://www.azurspace.com/index.php/en/products/products-space/space-solar-cells
  22. As far as I can tell from looking at the cfgs Spacey has a thrust curve defined now. Changelog: Version 1.12.5 for Kerbal Space Program 1.1.2 Released on 2016-05-08 1.12.5 (2016-05-08) - Tweaks. Refined the primary launch clamp's internal layout, to use as a template for later projects. Added basic thrust curves for SRBs. Flat profile, however thrust tapers off during last 5% of remaining propellant. In the cfgs you can find something like this: MODULE { name = ModuleEnginesFX thrustVectorTransformName = thrustTransform engineID = SYSRB0L5 powerEffectName = running_closed throttleLocked = True exhaustDamage = True ignitionThreshold = 0.1 minThrust = 0 maxThrust = 150 heatProduction = 300 useEngineResponseTime = True engineAccelerationSpeed = 10.0 allowShutdown = False fxOffset = 0, 0, 0 // Possible EngineType values: // Generic, SolidBooster, LiquidFuel, Piston, Turbine, ScramJet, Electric, Nuclear, MonoProp EngineType = SolidBooster PROPELLANT { name = SolidFuel ratio = 1.0 DrawGauge = True } atmosphereCurve { key = 0 220 key = 1 175 key = 7 0.001 } thrustCurve { key = 1.00 1.0 // full fuel, full flow rate. key = 0.05 1.0 // 5% fuel remaining, full flow rate ends key = 0.00 0.1 // 0 fuel remaining, 10% flow rate. } } The weird thing is, as described above, that VTL seems to change the thrust key to something like key = 0.80 1.5. But it seems it has nothing to do which LimiterEnd is set. Edit: At ignition the thrust is nominal, but then it starts to increase beyond atmospheric limits.
  23. Nice work @Claw! Thx. I've FAR, Realchutes and Dynamic Deflection installed. Do I need to remove the dlls for ControlSurface, BodyLift and Parachutes to avoid issues or are the mods recognized/will they override your settings? Will there be issues if I remove these dlls?
  24. I've recognized a bug/incompatibilty between SRB Thrust Limiter and SpaceY SRBs. There's is something going on I can hardly explain. Not only that LimiterEnd seems to do nothing, it seems that VTL adds additional thrust to the thrust of these SRBs. I've used both mods before and it was fine. I think it has something to do with the update of SpaceY to version 1.12.5. There have been changes to the thrust curves of the SRBs. They throttle back, when only 5% of propellant remains. Tested it in stock, only KER was installed additionally. Stock-SRBs and VTL are fine. SpaceY-SRBs without VTL is fine, too. Logs don't show any issues.
  25. Yep, using Grand Tours, forgotten to mention it. I've looked into the configs, they are linked to: REQUIREMENT { name = ReachSpace type = ReachSpace } That's why they can be offered early. Leaving atmosphere ...dream big! I will try to reproduce the NRE in stock and notify Nightingale...
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