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  1. Hey @Linuxgurugamer, thx for these missions, I started to play with them in a new career and recognized some things which might be interesting for updating this pack. 1. The rover missions request a wheel module, which causes some NRE in the the log. After deinstalling the rover missions all was fine. I'm not sure, if it's a CC thing. I haven't the log atm but could test it again, if needed. 2. As mentioned I just started a new career and haven't been to orbit yet. There are already two offers for grand tours. Might be a little early to visit the inner planets and all planets. Will they pop up again? Could you link them to some progress, e.g. Duna flyby?
  2. @eagleXT I've rebuilt your small rocket. As a basic design hint, you should have your center of pressure/lift near or behind your center of mass in all circumstances. The force due lift creates torque at the COM to flip the rocket. You can overcome this torque through control surfaces, reaction wheels or negate the overall torque through spin stabilization. Here are some pics of your rocket in the editor, watch also the movement of COM while fuel is draining and movement of COP with different angles of attack:
  3. Hey @Whitecat106, I've seen that you created a new issue on github for stock decay rates this morning, I wasn't sure if it is bug or just the result of an exponential formula. I've had some troubles to get consistent results in my tests, so I went back to vanilla KSP with OD installed only. Fresh install, after loosing trust in steam integrity check... I think I will use KER for future tests to get some information about the vessel mass. First thing I've found are two NRE while loading the game. Do I need MM? Orbital decay isn't working as you can see at one of my pictures below. It doesn't matter if it's 64bit or 32bit. Full output.log here. First results from my former tests in a modded game (only reproducible issues, cause I think sometimes it's just a buggy KSP thing). The descriptions of the pictures explain the issues. I will extend this album with whatever I will find. Suggestion: Is there a wiki anywhere? I'd like to see the formula you're using as well as a description of the settings. How is planetarium / debris updating working?
  4. Ok, glad to help, results later... I was suspicious, because the contract vessels are rated like asteroids. For example the vessel with the kerbal onboard was rated as size A in the tracking station. Maybe you're assuming the max mass for size A vessels/asteroids until the mass is determined when entering physics range?
  5. I'm in a new career save, so rescue a kerbal was the first rendezvous, maybe it's just because you cannot focus this vessel. The decay rate of the contract vessel was around 50km/day in LKO while my rescue vessel showed only 10km/day in a similiar orbit. Imho when the decay rates are similiar rendezvous shouldn't be that hard. Btw I finally brought the kerbal home savely, due to incredibly chasing behind him. After entering physics range the first time the contract vessel was suddenly 11km away, but I didn't recognize a difference for the second entering.
  6. Same here, 50km per day... Hurry! But It's nearly impossible, cause the target orbit isn't updated. When you enter physics range the target is suddenly 15km away scratching the atmosphere. General question: Is the orbit updated for unfocused vessels, or do I have to switch to the target before planning for example for a rendevouz?
  7. Usually when anyone is using these mods you will have different other mods which come with MM... so just FYI. I'm not sure if I was clear enough, my main issue is the thrusting of SRBs. I've set LimiterEnd to 100, but the SRB is thrusting back, same for LimiterEnd=0. Am I missing something? Suggestion: It would be nice to have the possibility to throttle back at a specific moment and for a specific time in future versions. But I'm aware it would address realism only... After a long time I'm playing with FAR again, and my purpose with this mod was to manage maxQ transitions with boosters.
  8. Thank you for updating. I have an issue with Variable Thrust Limiter. It is thrusting back no matter what LimiterEnd is set. I tested it in stock KSP with VTL installed only. For this test I recognized, that MM is missing in the download.
  9. Thx @linuxgurugamer for improving and updating the mods. I have an issue with selectRoot and the docking ports KSPver: KSP_64x.exe Windows 10 64bit 1) attach a docking port to another part. 2) select Root and try to switch to the docking port as new root part. Result: There is neither highlighting nor can you select the docking port as new root part. Further you cannot select a part as new root which is "beyond" the docking port. In stock it's possible to select the docking ports as root part. I'm running other mods, if you cannot reproduce the bug, I'll test what's going on. If needed I'll provide the logfile. edit: same for fairings
  10. Thx for the credit. Maybe I came up with it prematurely, but thx for all the work @Alshain did in his thread. And as he mentioned, we both just saw, that a small addition would have a huge improvement to usability. I would be happy to see this in stock KSP, otherwise maybe @Sarbian might pick it up .
  11. I've read the rules more than once and no gimbals as well as asymetric thrust seems to be a hint. There's probably room for improvements of this design. But I'll leave it to other players to use more and bigger engines or boosters. It might be more challenging regarding timing and decelerating, but it should be possible. Nvm I like the mass shifting idea,too. I've also thought of airbreaks as control surfaces, but imo they create too much drag. Maybe the design ideas can be combined. P.S. My signature isn't just random.
  12. Here is my attempt without control surfaces. Full stop time is 3min 10/11s. At first I thought, it cannot be that hard to replace the forces of the control surfaces with engines, but for landing it is hard to get things right. Craftfile: Funkyndustries - NoControl
  13. Hey! Do it crazy challenge! Who needs heatshields - Or pods? Kickback and Dawn is what I need. Then you can relax during reentry. The first orbit around kerbin was around 150k, due to heating and timing reasons. I hope you will see all maneuvers in my video. Unfortunately it seems I cutted the moon insertion and some small mid-course corrections. But after playing 2.5h and making the video I had no more patience, sry. Plus I wasted a lot of dv at the end, because I underestimated the dark side of the mun. But I had more than enough fuel left, so it was ok. As it was ok to do the second Kerbin circularization in a oneshot, more or less. With more careful planning and time the craft should have more than 1000m/s left. craftfile here: KerbalX - Funkyndustries
  14. Hey, nice that this challenge was restarted. Because I lost all my saves and crafts a few weeks ago, I'm waiting for 1.1 to be released. Last week I thought it might be a good idea to update my shuttle to be ready for 1.1. *hype* Ok it wasn't an update, it needed to be redesigned. Happily I found this challenge to test its capabilities. STS 'Eriksson' is ready to fly and tested in default usecases. Now it's time to test its limits and Funkyndustries is proud to present our testflight data. First test: At least double the nominal payload and see where the shuttle can get and if it can be controlled precise. Thankfully we could earn some money fullfilling an contract of Inigma Industries to lift a 42t fuel pod into a circular orbit around Kerbin. Here are our results: (including a hazard nearby the landing site) I'll share the craftfile after 1.1 is released and when some more tests are done. If anybody cannot wait :-) don't hesitate to ask. P.S. Sry for the mass of pictures.
  15. I'm recognizing a conflict with RCS build aid and non-appearing clouds. Same behaviour and log entry as mentioned in this post in the RCSba thread and as an issue on github: https://github.com/rbray89/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/issues/46 I'm reporting this here because I'm using this mod and it's mentioned some posts above that SVE has been updated to the latest EVE development version.
  16. I've the same issue with SVE which uses the latest dev build of EVE, maybe that's why you cannot reproduce.
  17. Nice to see you, as an expierenced add-on writer, are interested in it. I know that 1.1 will change all UI background processing and it's not necessary to do the work twice... Maybe you can keep it in mind for the time after 1.1.
  18. Whoa... this seemed to be dead but I'm glad that Skylar pushed it! I'm not familiar with rules for user interaction, but I think the best case would be copying the behaviour of the original gizmo for easy adaption. There are a lot of mouses out there e.g. I`m using a Logitech G502 which has a feature for increment mousewheel steps, but there are also mouses with two buttons only. So there might be room for optimization for the following description. Besides implementablility, I would use the gizmo like this: click on the imcrement slider defines increment steps [0.01, 0.1, 1, 10, 100] in m/s - alternatively [1s, 10s, 100s, 1000s, orbit] prograde, retrograde, radial in/out, etc. handles Hover over > highlight left click or mousewheel upwards > increment step forward right click or mousewheel downwards > increment step backward left click and hold > dragging (like the original gizmo) ring or cycle in the middle is used for time steps Hover over > highlight left click or mousewheel upwards > increment timestep forward right click or mousewheel downwards > increment timestep backward AP/PE/AN/DN handles are used for "snap node to" features maybe there is a possibility to switch to next/previous node somehow without using an extra button - suggestions welcome! delete node with the (X) of the navball As mentioned before, I'd be glad seeing this in an add-on...
  19. ModularFlightIntegrator is in your modlist... Perhaps it's a relic of an old FAR or DRE install, don't know if another mod is using it... Have you tried to rebuild the craft? Maybe it's broken!?!
  20. Fairings and cargo bays have sometimes weird occlusion behaviour. You might have to enlarge your fairings. It's described as occlusion bug in this forum. It's mainly caused by wrong reference points of the non-occluded part and faulty meshes of the fairings.
  21. Approach to solve the connection problems: There is a hint to use active vessel very carefully... e.g. you've a longe-range RelaySAT around Duna pointed at a longe-range CommSAT around Kerbin, a short-range Network around Duna and a short-range Network around Ike. If you've set one dish of the Kerbin LR-CommSAT to target Duna and another dish to Active Vessel, there might be the possibility that your Duna LR-RelaySat can be controlled while active, but when you switch to a craft in low Duna orbit there is no connection to Kerbin because the Kerbin LR-CommSat beam doesn't cover the DunaRelaySat anylonger or if pointed direct at kerbin, it has no sight, no range or the beam doesn't cover targets at Kerbin. Solution: Point both, Kerbin and Duna LR-dishes to each other. And/Or prove your beam to Duna(-SR-Network). I'm building my networks mostly with dish to dish connections to avoid uncovered "hubs". Aiming for minimized black out time...
  22. It's just because I've reused my shuttle, but I use them also when switching to closed cycle to have more thrust or balance thrust.
  23. Another way to lift a shuttle into orbit... see Space Shuttle Carrier 'Hermes' on KerbalX.com
  24. New and improved version of my SU-27 Replica ... I'd like to see people equip it for BD, because Im not familiar with it... see Sukhoi SU-27 'Flanker' on KerbalX.com
  25. All-in-One Minmus base designed in career mode with lowest resource abundance, nearly self-sustaining with additional KIS/KAS production by OSE and a sciencelab... expansion planned...
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