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  1. I have a question about adding bases to kerbin. I am currently playing on 1.0.5 with 64x installed and kerbinside with kerbal constructs. Is there any way to give these bases the ability to connect with satellites? I've tried adding bases in the remote tech cfg file as well as adding an antenna to the bases in kerbal constructs. Thanks
  2. That is my question, if the answer is yes then I will get quite excited for this update. I'm not gunna lie I was sad when I saw no Unity 5 but props to squad for the right decision. Here's to hoping for a good 1.1 release in the hopefully near future.
  3. I have a quick question, what kind of mass should that huge command bridge have? The staggeringly large 5 meter one, it says some crazy low mass like .2 or 1.2. Is that right because that just seems ludicrously light weight for something that size and is way off from the other parts of the pack. Thanks
  4. You sir are amazing! I was literally just thinking (2 hours ago) "You know I wish someone would come up with a standalone or alternative warp drive. I like kspi but its just too much to deal with I just want something less complicated." This literally just made my day. Thank you for all your awesome mods!
  5. Hey guys I really love this idea! I just have one question, Sorry if this was already answered and I just did not catch it earlier. But If a mod does not support this will you still be able to use their mods with this tree? I would assume that you are building off the stock tree and if they don't want to support this their parts will just fall into the stock nodes. correct me if i am wrong but that's my understanding. Anyway this is a fantastic idea and I really hope this comes through and if you need some help let me know.