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  1. That's cute. Some of us here bought directly from the KSP store YEARS AND YEARS ago, and freely converted over to Steam when 1.0 hit. So nice try but... So is your point here that there's no good reason to have KSP on Steam, or are you simply anti-Steam?
  2. I'm Commander Shephard and this is my favorite subtle Mass Effect reference on the Citadel.
  3. In Career I frequently have more of an issue getting an intercept and capture with Minmus than I do Mun, however for a long time now the community has been pretty solid with the "Minmus is easier" party line. Without a concrete example right now (sorry for that), are there any fundamental issues that would cause someone to have difficulty with Minmus juxtaposed against little difficulty with Mun? I have a suspicion that for me it's an issue with Minmus' inclination... When I was last playing regularly I didn't have quite an issue getting an intercept for Minmus, however w
  4. I think the confusion may lie in the definition of "dead." First, depends on your settings pertaining to connection, whether you have it set to no connection = truly dead or no connection = limited. Second, a hibernating probe can still have some functions able to operate while hibernating. In my current career, since I have come back to KSP after a long while and comms networks are new to me, I have mine set to no connection = limited control. And I discovered even in that instance, my one probe that was too far out could still fully (Z key) ignite its little engine or fully (X key)
  5. Now in my head, it doesn't seem like it should make much a difference, but I could just be ignorant of some details so I want to make double-sure. When your intent is simply to reach a fundamental prograde equatorial orbit over Kerbin (in my title I say LKO but it could be high too), is there any reason/s one would prefer the default orientation of north on the launchpad and do a traditional gravity turn east, rather than orienting yourself east and interpreting an eastward gravity turn as a negative pitch maneuver? I do the later. I just feel more comfortable making it a function of pitch. Th
  6. This. It's on the very first page of settings, top-left side, either first or second option. You can turn the little clones off.
  7. No that is not the point. People were doing this same thing with the same mod with another splash screen a while ago, and it had nothing to do with April 1. Some people just think it's amusing to stir people up and hope for a bunch of "omg but I don't see it how can I see it?!" comments. Annoying.
  8. You people need to STOP THIS. That screen is from a VERY SPECIFIC MOD. There was no stealthy silent download from Squad for an April 1 only splash screen. This is the second time this has been brought up that I have seen and the insistence on PURPOSELY IGNORING THAT IT'S ONLY WITH A CERTAIN MOD is obnoxious. Stop.
  9. Oh seems it was .16. I always thought I started at .18. Guess I didn't.
  10. So one of my Kerbonauts has accumulated quite a history of extremely poor performance. No amount of coaching, mentoring, retraining or administrative action would fix this. So it was time for him to die. I figured it would be an easy affair; brace a Kickback longitudinally right on the runway. Give Jeb the honor of controlling it. Plop the problem Kerbal right behind the nozzle and LET 'ER RIP! Except those suits must be made from dwarven mithril coated in adamantium and vibranium because the little ba****d just stood there with a smug look on his face as the Kickback burnt out.
  11. Did you "accidentally" kick a Kerbin out 10s of thousands of meters in Kerbin's atmosphere? Turn on their pack (RCS control, I am sure everyone knows that), and give continual upward thrust. Live.
  12. Our loss but excited for you @sal_vager. Enjoy your wanderings! Pop back in time to time when you can!
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