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  1. Hey RoverDude thank you for the mods. I use the whole USI catalog, they are amazing. With how quick you have updated everything I am just going to assume that you don't sleep. I am really excited about the EPL addition, it was the reason I first tried to setup a Mun base. Will there be a rocket parts hatch for ART? Also, with the expansion to mining, will there be a resource that can be gathered for pure profit? There was a small mod a while ago that allowed you to mine precious metals. The extraction rate was extremely low for balance, but I really enjoyed it. Gave a nice side bonus to mining for EPL as well as a reward for building massive kracken attracting bases. Thank your work, Cheers!
  2. Hello! I love the concept of the mod. I have been wanting to use it for building a mun base. It appears that the super heavy jump drive issue is still present as all of my craft break when attempting a jump. On the up side, it is funny to watch!
  3. Hi! I am seeing a power drain on time acceleration. I have a ship landed on the mun mining precious metals with a base fission reactor for power. When I time accelerate, the power in the batteries goes down and then stops.
  4. Hello, I just wanted to say that I love this mod and I can't thank you enough for keeping it going. I love being able to use tweakscale. Wave, thank you for taking the time and making the effort to produce this. I love ksp and the fact that so many people who have the talent and energy to produce mods like this show how much fun this game can be. I have a few questions, some observations, and a few ideas. I installed the mod on a fresh 32 bit install and the only issue I observed was parts flying off the screen in the VAB. Installing module fixer is a solution. If you need it you can find a download link buried on the module fixer thread. It maybe because I used module fixer, but I can't see the stats for the parts in the VAB. Is it possible to put up a guide or wiki with the stats for the parts? Is there a better fix for the part issue? I was wondering what your thoughts would be on a second generation fusion reactor based on helium 3 that could be mined only off of Kerbin. Could be.a fun addition and you could return the helium 3 to Kerbin for profit! Just an idea. Are there any plans to add a microwave quantum vacuum thruster? Just some ideas. Thanks wave.